July 2012 Parts Bin

Cooler Hose Ends

Camp 1207 11 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 2/13

Not everyone likes the traditional red and blue anodizing on -AN hose ends and adapters. That’s why Summit Racing Equipment has introduced its own brand of -AN hose ends with a black hard-anodized finish. They are ideal for use in street-driven and race vehicles and will increase the underhood “cool factor” exponentially, especially when used with stainless steel braided hose or black-finish braided and smooth hose. Summit Racing offers two types of -AN ends and adapters: Swivel-style hose ends and Twist-tite hose ends. Both types are available in straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree configurations and are available in the following sizes: -4 AN, -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN, -12 AN, and -16 AN. Summit Racing offers its own brand of Braided Nylon and Twist-tite hose in black to complete any plumbing job, and has a large selection of black-anodized -AN hose ends, adapters, and hose from Russell, Fragola, Aeroquip, and Earl’s. For more information, go to summitracing.com or call them at 800.230.3030, source code 1205CF.

ZL1 Flexplate

Camp 1207 12 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 3/13

When retrofitting the ’12 Chevy Camaro ZL1 for racing with an automatic transmission, the TCI GM LSA Flexplate is a must. Engineered to prevent runout, ring gear bounce, and other damaging problems, these flexplates offer unmatched strength and protection. Thicker than factory flexplates, the SFI 29.1-approved TCI plates are precision-ground from ultra-durable A36 steel. They are dynamically balanced for performance and electro-coated for protection against the elements. This is the perfect upgrade for any increased horsepower ’12 Camaro ZL1 that has been converted to an automatic transmission. The flexplate is also a valuable tool for vehicles other than Camaros with LSA engine transplants and automatic transmissions. Visit tciauto.com, or call 888.776.9824 for more information.


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