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July 2012 Parts Bin

Jul 1, 2012


Camp 1207 01 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 2/13

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks brings a new level of chassis stiffening systems to ’67- 81 Camaro/Firebirds. This system is designed for vehicles equipped with OEM or Chassisworks' front frame clips. The complete g-Connector system includes mandrel-bent 2x2-inch box-tube subframe connectors, weld-on adapters (for OEM subframes), optional tubular center g-Connector support, and driveshaft safety loop. With the exception of the OEM subframe adapters, the g-Connector System is a 100 percent bolt-on product. Frame connectors and center supports are model specific and designed to fit closely along the undercarriage without having to notch or cut into the floor structure. G-Connectors are available separately for $259, or with a substantial discount when purchased as a complete system with the optional connector support and driveshaft loop, $487 and up. For complete details visit or call 888.388.0205.

Gold Rush

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COMP Cams is revolutionizing valvetrain performance again with the next generation of Ultra-Gold ARC Series Aluminum Rocker Arms, featuring an arced, recessed, contoured design. Using cutting-edge design techniques and manufacturing processes, Ultra-Gold ARC rockers increase engine power, enhance valvetrain stability, and improve oiling while fitting under stock valve covers. Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., these rocker arms feature a spring oiler channel through the body for improved lubrication. Trunnion retaining clips have been replaced with an ultra-durable spira-lock type clip, similar to what holds a piston pin in place. Stress relieving radii have also been added to areas of the body, trunnion, and pushrod seat insert. For more info, visit or call them at 800.999.0853.

Batten Down the Hatches

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Eddie Motorsports leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dressing up your car’s engine compartment. Eddie’s latest piece of custom hardware is their billet hood latch assemblies for ’67 -81 Camaros. Machined from a solid chunk of 6061 T6 aluminum and 304 stainless steel in their Southern California facility, the Eddie Motorsports Hood Latch assembly is a direct replacement for your stock stamped steel piece. The hood latch kit comes complete with a billet aluminum base plate and stainless steel pilot bolt, pop-up spring, and retaining cup. Stainless steel fasteners and billet aluminum finishing washers are also included. The hood latch assembly can be purchased with a raw machined or highly polished finish as well as a variety of Fusioncoated colors. Prices begin at just $140. Call Eddie Motorsports at 888.813.1293 or visit them online at for more information.

Regulators … Mount Up!

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Holley billet HP and Dominator fuel pressure regulators and filters are part of a complete line of fuel system products. Like the new billet HP and Dominator fuel pumps, they are precision-machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum for strength and durability and feature a black bright-dip anodized body and a clear bright-dip anodized top for corrosion resistance and good looks. The regulators are available in a variety of configurations for fuel-injected and carbureted applications. The matching billet HP and Dominator fuel filters complete the system and come with NPT or -AN inlets/outlets, three filtering levels, and three flow rates up to 260 gph. Call Holley at 270.781.9741 or visit to learn more.

Cool Coating

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Eastwood’s new Internal Exhaust Coating features an exclusive formula developed with thermal coating properties to cover the inside of exhaust system components that traps heat inside the tubing in both new and used exhaust systems. The results offer reduced radiated heat from headers and exhaust manifolds leading to lower underhood temperatures and less heat absorption by nearby parts and surfaces. Eastwood’s Internal Exhaust Coating also prevents rust and corrosion from forming on the inside of the exhaust system, thus extending the life of the components. Included is their exclusive 2-foot-long extension hose with a wide-fan, 360-degree aerosol extension nozzle, which allows easy application. For more info, call Eastwood at 800.343.9353 (source code CP 712) or go to

Swivel Mount

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Flaming River Swivel Floor Mounts have been expanded to include even more styles of classic vehicles. They are an attractive option for installing a Flaming River tilt column in your classic vehicle. The machined aluminum ball swivels for easy positioning and installation at virtually any angle. Each floor mount comes in a polished aluminum finish with satin back plate. For more information on the correct Flaming River Swivel Floor Mount for your car, call 866.798.8058 or log on to

Fast Track

Camp 1207 07 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 8/13

The Roadster Shop is proud to introduce their all-new ’67- 69 Camaro Fast Track IFS/IRS chassis system; adding yet another groundbreaking chassis to their current lineup of ultra-modern, performance-engineered chassis. The new Camaro Fast Track chassis utilizes Roadster Shop’s proven Fast Track front and rear fully independent suspension systems. This chassis is specifically and uniquely engineered to incorporate modern suspension technology into your vintage muscle car for an unbeatable combination. Based around proven C6 Corvette spindles and hubs, RS employs their own unique suspension geometry offering increased negative camber gains and controlled roll center. The large-diameter tube control arms bring an increase in strength and additional clearance to run up to a 10-inch wide front and 12-inch wide rear wheel. Visit or call 847.848.7637 for more information.

Quick Shifting

Camp 1207 08 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 9/13

Drivers looking to get the most out of the factory TapShift feature in their ’10- 12 Camaros will appreciate the new paddle shift kits (PN 5385430) for automatic transmissions from performance legend, Hurst Shifters. Easy-to-install aluminum paddle shifters are available for both V-6 and V-8 Chevy Camaros and add ease and ergonomic convenience as well as an F1-inspired look and feel to any automatic transmission-equipped fifth-gen. Hurst Paddle Shifters put transmission control at the tips of the driver’s fingers and are easy to operate and require no removal of the steering wheel, airbag, or wiring to complete the installation. Each Hurst kit includes a set of adjustable paddle shifter levers, which can be placed in a custom position for increased driver comfort, and all mounting hardware comes standard. For more info, go to or call 800.544.4761.

Clearanced Cooler

Camp 1207 09 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 10/13

Improved Racing has released a low-profile oil cooler adapter for the GM LS series engine. Designed to clear large-diameter long-tube headers, the adapter provides nearly half an inch of additional clearance over competing products. The unit’s angled cutout maximizes clearance where headers typically interfere. To further maximize clearance, the traditional aluminum gasket has been eliminated in favor of Viton O-rings, and the mounting holes are counter-bored. The adapter features two 1⁄8-inch NPT ports for sensors or a turbo oil supply line. It is machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and is anodized in black for durability. Anodized aluminum O-ring adapter fittings for -10 AN or -8 AN lines are included. For more info, call Improved Racing at 407.494.3278 or go to

Float On

Camp 1207 10 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 11/13

Designed to be used exclusively with the Speed Tech torque arm rear suspension system, The Speed Tech Chicane 9-inch Floater for ’67– 69 and ’70– 81 Camaros incorporates the Corvette ZR1 rear drive hub and factory park brake kit along with a NASCAR-quality 9-inch housing with floating axles. The housing end is precision CNC-machined from billet steel to ensure the highest strength possible. The ZR1 drive hub uses a forged housing and dual bearing packs with 33 splines. It also incorporates the ZR1 active wheel speed sensor. This feature allows the addition of anti-lock brakes and traction control. Unlike other floater assemblies, no regular maintenance is required. Priced at $5,499, the Speed Tech Full Chicane 9-inch rearend will make a great addition to your Pro Touring Camaro. For more information, call Speed Tech at 888.457.1625 or check them out online at

Cooler Hose Ends

Camp 1207 11 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 12/13

Not everyone likes the traditional red and blue anodizing on -AN hose ends and adapters. That’s why Summit Racing Equipment has introduced its own brand of -AN hose ends with a black hard-anodized finish. They are ideal for use in street-driven and race vehicles and will increase the underhood “cool factor” exponentially, especially when used with stainless steel braided hose or black-finish braided and smooth hose. Summit Racing offers two types of -AN ends and adapters: Swivel-style hose ends and Twist-tite hose ends. Both types are available in straight, 45 degree, and 90 degree configurations and are available in the following sizes: -4 AN, -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN, -12 AN, and -16 AN. Summit Racing offers its own brand of Braided Nylon and Twist-tite hose in black to complete any plumbing job, and has a large selection of black-anodized -AN hose ends, adapters, and hose from Russell, Fragola, Aeroquip, and Earl’s. For more information, go to or call them at 800.230.3030, source code 1205CF.

ZL1 Flexplate

Camp 1207 12 Z July 2012 Parts Bin 13/13

When retrofitting the ’12 Chevy Camaro ZL1 for racing with an automatic transmission, the TCI GM LSA Flexplate is a must. Engineered to prevent runout, ring gear bounce, and other damaging problems, these flexplates offer unmatched strength and protection. Thicker than factory flexplates, the SFI 29.1-approved TCI plates are precision-ground from ultra-durable A36 steel. They are dynamically balanced for performance and electro-coated for protection against the elements. This is the perfect upgrade for any increased horsepower ’12 Camaro ZL1 that has been converted to an automatic transmission. The flexplate is also a valuable tool for vehicles other than Camaros with LSA engine transplants and automatic transmissions. Visit, or call 888.776.9824 for more information.



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