June 2012 Parts Bin

Spoiled Sport

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Customers have asked about it … and now Maverick Man Carbon delivers! Finally, a carbon-fiber spoiler for the ’10 Camaro. Like all Maverick Man Carbon products, this spoiler was designed to flow with every angle of the rear of the Camaro. It’s more aggressive than the stock spoiler, but not overbearing or gaudy. This is 100 percent real carbon fiber; not a vinyl sticker or water transfer for a carbon-fiber look. For more information on the Maverick Man’s high-quality carbon-fiber products, go to maverickmancarbon.com.

Power to the People!

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For most enthusiasts, powering their project with a crate engine saves time, money, and hassle versus locating and rebuilding a suitable core powerplant. YearOne has recognized the important role crate engines play in the hobby today. Fittingly, the company has just released two new 400-plus-horsepower small-block Chevy crate engines that provide the power levels enthusiasts crave. Streetable compression ratios allow the use of today’s fuel with no problems, and the engines make suitable vacuum, so accessories such as power brakes will function correctly. Each engine is fully dyno-tested prior to shipping and includes a dyno data sheet showing the specific power made by the unit. Backing all this are 12- or 24-month warranties with pricing that is exceptionally aggressive. For more information, call YearOne at 800.932.7663 or visit yearone.com.

Ground Control

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QA1 is excited to announce the addition of F-body upper and lower control arms to its expanding line of suspension components. Upper control arms are available for first- and second-generation F-bodies, while lower control arms are available for first-, second-, and third-generation F-bodies. These F-body control arms are designed to work in conjunction with QA1 front coilover kits. Both the upper and lower control arms feature tubular construction, polyurethane bushings, a QA1 Low-Friction Ultimate Ball Joint, and a highly durable black powdercoated design. The upper control arms’ offset cross-shaft allow for easy camber adjustment and add approximately 2-3 degrees of caster and 0.5-1 degree of negative camber. A new sway bar link is included with the lower control arms. For additional information, call QA1 at 800.721.7761 or visit their easy-to-navigate website at qa1.net.

Stronger Binders

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Wilwood is pleased to announce their newly redesigned FNSL6R six-piston and FNSL4R four-piston model radial mount calipers. This newest revision adds strength and durability to the caliper series through the use of superior stress-flow forging processes and technology. Stress-flow forged calipers add internal strength through improved material grain alignment within the caliper body. The new FNSL calipers have also taken on the style and robust appearance of their bigger brothers in the W6AR and W4AR caliper groups. However, all mounting dimensions and the 7416-type pad applications remain the same as the previous BNSL series calipers and can be ordered with Wilwood’s signature logo and either black or red gloss powdercoat, and are now available in their new nickel-plated “Quick-Silver” series. For more information, contact Wilwood Engineering at 805.388.1188 or visit them online at wilwood.com.

The Big Drags

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Late-model American muscle cars with giant rims are a perfect match for Mickey Thompson’s 19- and 20-inch sizes of the popular ET Street Radial II tires. The ET Street Radial II is built using the latest in high-tech steel-belted radial construction and an R2 compound that is exclusive to this tire within the Mickey Thompson line. Although it is a true D.O.T. street-legal tire, it is only recommended for dry highway use on the street, and it delivers the ultimate handling, performance, ride quality, and maximum grip you want on the strip. All ET Street Radial II tires are designed for drag racing use. For more information, call Mickey Thompson at 800.222.9092 or go to mickeythompsontires.com.


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