May 2012 Parts Bin

Plus-size for Performance

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Wilwood Engineering announces new, heavy-duty 14-inch diameter iron rotors in two styles for increased braking performance on today’s vehicles using larger-diameter wheels. These rotors are cast from premium-grade, long-grain carbon-iron for extended wear and thermal stability for increased resistance to distortion. The SRP rotor is zinc-washed, cross-drilled, and slotted for an aggressive high-tech look for the street, while the GT rotor handles the higher temperatures encountered in track days and serious competition events. Both the SRP and GT versions are available in a choice of two thicknesses: 1.10 inches and 1.25 inches, and are cast with Wilwood’s staggered, directional vane technology to improve airflow for cooler running. A choice of 12x9.18-inch or 12x8.75-inch bolt circles will accommodate a wide range of hat options. For more information call Wilwood at 805.388.1188 or go to

Consistent Performance Coil

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Viking Performance is proud to unveil its new line of ultra-lightweight, high-travel, high-performance coil springs. Viking springs are manufactured in the USA to precision tolerances from high-tensile spring steel and are engineered to provide the ultimate in consistent performance. They are also lifetime guaranteed to remain within two percent of the original free height and rate. Based on actual material used, Viking springs are very competitively priced. Visit or call 800.236.6001 for more information.


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