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May 2012 Parts Bin

May 1, 2012

Ultra HP

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A total of 30 new features and upgrades have been engineered into Holley’s new Aluminum Ultra HP carburetor. Most notable are the all-aluminum construction, which makes them 38 percent lighter, and totally redesigned fuel bowls that increase fuel capacity by 20 percent. The fuel bowls incorporate 10 new features including internal baffling to help control fuel slosh, a fuel trough to direct fuel to the jets, and a fuel shelf, which minimizes aeration and promotes more consistent metering. The air bleeds have been moved outward for a smoother transition of airflow into the venturi and contoured hex-head squirter screws have been added for streamlined airflow as well. They’re available in an all-new Hard Core Gray hard coat anodized finish with black billet for superior corrosion protection. They’re also available in natural tumble-polished aluminum with your choice of black or red metering blocks and base plate and come in 600, 650, 750, 850, and true 950 cfm. For more information, contact Holley at 270.781.9741 or visit them on the web at

Locked and Loaded

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From the broad range of products by Chris Alston’s Chassisworks comes a selection of billet quick-release steering wheel hubs that feature a unique polygon-indexing mechanism with a positive-locking collar latch to create a hub system that eliminates play and is much easier to use than pin-lock designs. The billet steering shaft adapter is designed for welded installation with 0.75-inch ODx0.049-inch wall steering-shaft tubing and features an engraved orientation arrow on the indexing post. A broad spring-loaded hub collar must be manually compressed as the hub is placed onto the shaft adapter and provides a positive click, indicating that the hub is correctly latched. Multiple hub styles are available. Billet hub and adapter sets start at $69. For complete details visit or call 888.388.0205.

Quick-Release Extinguisher

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A portable fire extinguisher doesn’t really make sense if you can’t use it quickly and safely in an emergency. Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs’ new Quick-Release Fire Extinguisher Bracket combines Mac’s trademark rugged construction with the convenience of a quick-release tab and the ability to accommodate most standard hand-held extinguishers. Like all Mac’s products, the quick-release bracket is made in the USA and features CNC-machined billet aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware. The bracket is available with tubular or panel mounts for use on rollbars, cages, floorpans, or motorhome interiors within easy reach. The aircraft-style ball-detent pin maintains a snug fit for maximum security but can be removed with one hand. Simply pull the pin and you’re ready to put out a fire. Order yours at or by calling 800.666.1586.

Drop-In Fuel Pump

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It’s here! Fifth-gen Camaro in-tank Stealth Fuel Systems from Aeromotive. Hot Rod magazine listed the fuel system on these modern muscle cars as one of the “top 10 weak points.” In fact, it’s recommended that you upgrade your fuel system at 550 hp. The new Camaro system is a complete drop-in, single fuel pump assembly for ’10 and later Camaros. The system provides a single A1000 or Eliminator fuel pump capable of supporting big horsepower, and it drops right into your factory tank. It still incorporates the factory jet siphon system, includes an integral 100-micron pre-pump filter, and an ORB-08 return line port. Now you can plumb a true return-style system into your Camaro to support extra power without the worry of the siphon system while maintaining your factory fuel tank. For more information, go to or call 913.647.7300.

Victory Lane

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Introducing the New V Forged lineup of wheels for performance-minded enthusiasts only. Featuring the VF 105 style in three-piece rim construction with the unique V-shaped spokes. These wheels are designed to fit big-brake kits and staggered stance applications. Sizes available range from 18- to 22-inch diameters and widths from 7 to 14 inches. A variety of finishes include high luster, chrome, powdercoated colors, and brushed-satin two-tone. All wheels are custom-built to the customer’s requirements and are made in the USA. Visit for details or call them at 877.965.1506.

Aerosol Injected

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The Eastwood Company launched its patent-pending and award-winning Aerosol Injected System. The two Eastwood Aerosol Injected products include a specially formulated lubricant and cleaner, each designed to work in conjunction with the engineered tapered nozzles. The specialized two-piece injection nozzles allow the formulas to penetrate deep into tubing, recesses, and fluid paths without spraying back at the user. Both products feature a 360-degree aerosol can that allows application at any angle and are ideal for paint guns, brake tubing, fuel systems, and pneumatic tools, among many other applications. Both the Eastwood Injected Cleaner and Lubricator formulations are 50-state compliant and meet federal VOC and MIR regulations. For more information on this or any other Eastwood product, call 800.343.9353 or visit them online at

Super Controller

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Dakota Digital is proud to release the DCC Series Digital Climate Control system designed for Vintage Air Gen-IV systems. Created to interface directly with a Gen-IV air-conditioning system, the DCC Series provides the convenience of full climate control. It also offers a full-character vacuum fluorescent digital readout to match VFD Digital Instrument Systems or an LCD display matching the popular, new VHX Hybrid Analog/Digital Instrument systems. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are available with the unit sized to match the Vintage Air controller for a simple migration. Installation is nearly effortless with the addition of a series of temp sensors, while plugging directly into the Gen-IV wiring. For more information call Dakota Digital at 800.852.3228 or visit their website at

Fifth-Gen Street/Strip Converter

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The performance and reliability of TCI StreetFighter torque converters are now available for ’10- 11 Chevy Camaros. Built tough enough to handle more radically prepared street/race applications, furnace-brazed components increase the unit’s strength to withstand high-horsepower and nitrous applications. The extra-durable, heat-treated splines, sprag races, and hub will stand up to harder launches off the line, while the aftermarket billet front and clutch assembly stop the chance of converter clutch slippage under heavy throttle racing requirements. But with its combination of strength and drivability, the StreetFighter torque converters offer excellent performance for street use as well. The StreetFighter torque converter is a must whenever horsepower has been increased. For more information visit, or call them at 888.776.9824.

Ultra-Light Timing Light

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The new Ultra-Light Timing Light (EETL500) from Snap-on is more than a device to set timing. It is a multipurpose tool capable of measuring engine rpm, checking battery voltage, and measuring secondary firing voltages and burn times. The new timing device not only features a diamond plate underside and large backlight LCD screen, it also has a dual LED flashlight in the patented, pivoting head. “Our timing light is a new classic. The Snap-on EETL500 is perfect if you work on older muscle cars with distributors, and has some late-model applications as well,” said David Brekke, category manager for Snap-on. “The new Ultra-Light Timing Light not only provides measuring and timing functions, it also measures and displays kV readings, and performs ignition timing and systems tests.” For more information, visit or call 877.762.7664.

Read All About It!

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Eddie Motorsports has recently released their latest catalog of custom billet parts for street rods and muscle cars. The full-color catalog is filled with their specialty products, most of which are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum in their Southern California facility. Their custom billet products, which include hood and trunk hinges, serpentine pulley kits, valve covers, and air cleaners are available in raw-machined or highly polished finishes as well as a variety of Fusioncoated colors. Order your free copy of Eddie Motorsports’ 2012 catalog by calling 888.813.1293 or visiting their website at

Plus-size for Performance

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Wilwood Engineering announces new, heavy-duty 14-inch diameter iron rotors in two styles for increased braking performance on today’s vehicles using larger-diameter wheels. These rotors are cast from premium-grade, long-grain carbon-iron for extended wear and thermal stability for increased resistance to distortion. The SRP rotor is zinc-washed, cross-drilled, and slotted for an aggressive high-tech look for the street, while the GT rotor handles the higher temperatures encountered in track days and serious competition events. Both the SRP and GT versions are available in a choice of two thicknesses: 1.10 inches and 1.25 inches, and are cast with Wilwood’s staggered, directional vane technology to improve airflow for cooler running. A choice of 12x9.18-inch or 12x8.75-inch bolt circles will accommodate a wide range of hat options. For more information call Wilwood at 805.388.1188 or go to

Consistent Performance Coil

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Viking Performance is proud to unveil its new line of ultra-lightweight, high-travel, high-performance coil springs. Viking springs are manufactured in the USA to precision tolerances from high-tensile spring steel and are engineered to provide the ultimate in consistent performance. They are also lifetime guaranteed to remain within two percent of the original free height and rate. Based on actual material used, Viking springs are very competitively priced. Visit or call 800.236.6001 for more information.



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