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Totally redesigned and reformatted, Classic Performance Products’ newest product catalog (#17) is now available. CPP’s brand-new catalog features full-color images, technical information, invaluable reference materials, and hundreds of new parts and accessories for classic GM, Ford, and Mopar cars and trucks. CPP, a leader in the steering, brake, and suspension industry for many decades, is proud to offer one of the most complete parts and accessory reference guides available on the market. This catalog is overflowing with all the up-to-date parts you’ll need to improve the ride, handling, and performance of your classic vehicle. All of CPP’s parts are guaranteed for life. The catalog is $5, or free with purchase. Get your CPP catalog today by calling 800.823.1299.


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Flaming River is proud to introduce its all-new Electro-Wizard Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch. This heavy-duty 12-volt battery switch ties into your vehicle’s ignition to control and operate the vehicle’s battery system. When the ignition is turned to the “off” position, the battery is automatically disengaged and becomes non-operational. This system uses Passive Magnetic Solenoid Operation, so as long as your vehicle is turned off, the battery system is automatically turned off as well. Kits come available with or without a three-minute time delay relay. For more information, call Flaming River at 866.798.8058 or visit them online at flamingriver.com.

Family Tradition

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The technology of the LS pushrod engine can now be mated with the impressive multi-carb look and performance of the muscle car era. The Holley GM LS1/LS2/LS6 2x4V dual-plane manifold was designed in the tradition of the great dual Holley 4160 induction systems that competed on dragstrips, in Trans-Am, and at Le Mans in the ’60s. The dual-plane, equal-distribution layout produces great mid-range torque without compromising top-end power. The LS engine architecture does not use an intake-mounted water neck or distributor so it’s perfect for two Holley carburetors or throttle bodies, and this intake manifold design takes full advantage of that opportunity. Carbureted (PN 300-120) and EFI (PN 300-121) versions support a 1,500 to 7,000-rpm powerband, making it appropriate for any street/performance, muscle car, or street rod enthusiast. For more information, contact Holley at 270.781.9741 or visit them on the web at holley.com.

Powerful Steering

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Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) now offers a heavy-duty direct replacement power steering pump for the ’10-12 Camaro SS that has been dyno- and track-proven to withstand the additional loads generated by driving the supercharger with the primary accessory drivebelt. The LPE Camaro SS Power Steering Pump is a direct replacement for the stock pump—mounting in the stock location, using the stock mounting hardware, and the stock power steering fluid hoses. The LPE heavy-duty power steering pump features a roller bearing-supported shaft with an internal shaft-retaining clip for added durability. Lingenfelter designed their pump to solve an issue with the factory Camaro power steering pump, which can fail prematurely with the higher accessory drive loads caused by adding a supercharger. To order, call 260.724.2552 or visit lingenfelter.com and click on “Camaro Parts” in the toolbar.

Out of Sight

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Now you can eliminate the unsightly wiper motor from your Camaro’s firewall and place it out of sight, inside the air plenum. Pacific Western Design’s new state-of-the-art Raingear Systems for ’67-69 Camaros will do just that. You can fill the wiper motor hole in the firewall or use the supplied block-off plate. Finish that engine compartment the way you want while keeping your Camaro safe and legal. An optional two-speed variable delay switch is also available. For more information on Pacific Western Design’s first-generation Camaro wiper motor, call 800.686.1955 or visit them online at pacificwesterndesign.com.


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