April 2012 Parts Bin

New Gen Wheels

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Many of today’s wheels look like they would be more at home on a late-model Mercedes than a classic car. Finally, there is an alternative! New Gen Wheels brings back classic styling using modern manufacturing techniques. These designs are 3D-milled out of 6061-T6 forged billet, which differentiate them from any “flat spoke,” two-dimensional wheel, and are far superior to any similarly designed cast wheels. A three-piece constructed wheel means availability from 18x7.5 to 18x15, in 0.50-inch increments. And for a custom-built chassis, these can be ordered to fit the most common modern upgrades, such as aftermarket big-brakes, mini-tubbed muscle cars, and all other chassis upgrades. Finish options include powdercoat, brushed, clearcoat, and custom. For more information, call New Gen Wheels at 866.694.5940 or click on over to newgenwheels.com.

Stealth AntiRoll bar

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The newest innovation in rear suspension control is Chassisworks’ ball-end antiroll bar with integrated framerail mounts. The unique design provides maximum exhaust clearance by placing the antiroll bar close against the vehicle’s underbody with no bulky mounts placed along the framerail. The key to the tucked-away installation is the threaded weld-in mounting sleeves installed directly through each framerail. Billet bushing housings screw in from the outside of each framerail to capture the ball ends of the bar with low-friction polymer bearings. The antiroll bar assembly includes a 7⁄8-inch road-handling or 1¼-inch drag race, heat-treated torsion bar with splined ends and billet aluminum arms. Complete kits start at $459 and are available for purchase through cachassisworks.com or call them direct at 888.388.0205.

Spring Locators

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COMP Cams introduces two new valvespring locators for LS valvesprings with 0.520-inch guides. Older standard shims will not hold up to the extreme spring pressures and high rpm found in today’s engines. COMP Cams offers a simple but effective solution to this problem: a thin, hardened steel alloy seat that will not only protect the head and shim but will also locate and hold the spring in place. Adding to an already extensive line of locators, COMP engineers have created two new ones specifically for LS applications: The first set of locators (PN 4872-16) are designed for COMP Beehive Springs with 0.520-inch guides (PN 26918). The second set (PN 4873-16) fit COMP Dual LS Valve Springs with 0.520-inch guides (PN 26925). Designed with an inner diameter locating shoulder, these new spring seats will keep your LS springs seated perfectly for a more stable valvetrain. Get more information at compcams.com or call 800.999.0853.

Charge it all!

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Optima Batteries adds an all-new product to their roster with the Optima Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger. This battery charger enhances the performance of Optima and other AGM batteries, recovers deeply discharged batteries, and extends battery life. It also features a tri-color LCD display for charging and offers one of the best user interfaces on the market. Other innovative features include an integrated LED work light with ergonomically designed DC charging clamps, quick-set selections that prompt users with a quick and easy selection of charge profiles by battery type, of battery maintainer, by connection type, and USB charging for iPads, iPhones, and other devices such as cameras and phones. “This is our brand’s first truly new product in years, and the Optima Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger is something the market has been asking for and is something enthusiasts need,” said Cam Douglass, director of product development and marketing for Optima Batteries. For more information, call Optima at 888.867.8462, or visit them on the Internet at optimabatteries.com.




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