February 2012 Parts Bin

Refined-Look LS Valve Covers

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Holley’s cast-aluminum valve covers for GM LS engines provide a fresh, refined look without the need to relocate the coils. There’s no question the factory “coil on cover” design gives the LS that signature high-tech look, but the factory brackets and coil location leaves room for improvement. Clean up that look with Holley’s LS valve covers. They incorporate a radiused shape, angled coil mounting, and a billet fill cap. The coils mount directly to the cover with no need for a bracket in between. They fit most popular LS series engines and come in black krinkle, satin, natural cast, and polished. They can also be painted to match your vehicle’s theme. For more information, contact Holley at 270-781-9741 or visit them on the web at holley.com.

Brilliant Billet

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Eddie Motorsports has released their latest piece of billet aluminum jewelry: taillights and bezels for ’69 Camaros. Machined from a solid chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum in their Southern California facility, the Eddie Motorsports bezels are a direct bolt-on replacement for your stock die-cast pieces. Available in both RS and SS versions, the taillights come complete with custom lenses. The taillights are sold in pairs and can be purchased with a brushed or highly polished finish as well as a variety of Fusioncoated colors. The bezels come complete with a new sealing gasket and all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners. Prices start at $225 for the pair. For more information, call Eddie Motorsports at 888-813-1293 or go to eddiemotorsports.com.

Pro Coil

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QA1 is proud to announce additions to the line of spring rates for their QA1 Pro Coil Systems. Today, many GM muscle car vehicles are being restored and driven in a number of racing and street applications. The expansion of spring rates adds an additional three spring rate options to the existing four spring rates. The newest springs include 300-, 400-, and 500-lb spring ratings. This allows the user more options when selecting the ideal spring rate appropriate to his or her application. All Pro Coil springs come in a powdercoated chrome-appearing finish for excellent longevity. All QA1 springs come with a lifetime guarantee to remain within five percent of original free height under normal operating conditions. For additional information or a catalog, call 800-721-7761 or visit QA1 online at qa1.net.

Sustained Life

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The R&D guys at Eastwood have been hard at work creating a number of new products, including the company’s two new exclusive Battery Sustainers. Unlike typical trickle chargers, the Eastwood Battery Sustainers maintain the charge of any 12-volt battery without the risk of overcharging or causing permanent damage. Both units also have an LED display that shows the charging cycle and battery status. The microprocessor-controlled technology cuts off when the battery is fully charged. The battery sustainers are spark-free and temperature-compensated, with short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection. The Eastwood Battery Sustainer offers 2.0 amps output and the Eastwood Battery Sustainer Plus offers 2-10 amps, with a built-in 10-amp charger. Both units offer enough power to bring a dead battery back to charge and then sustain that charge during storage. For more information, call Eastwood at 800-343-9353 or visit eastwood.com/cp212.

Raised Runners

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RHS has released the aftermarket’s only high-performance LS7 head that features a raised intake runner design specifically engineered to accommodate production and aftermarket LS7 intake manifolds and valvetrain setups. The Pro Elite Aluminum Cylinder Heads for LS7 applications are designed with a 12-degree valve angle and unique 0.220-inch raised intake runners to provide a better line of sight into the cylinders and allow for an improved short turn. In addition, custom CNC-machined runners optimize volume, atomization, and velocity. Engineered from 355-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the heads also feature the popular LS six-bolt head design, making them compatible with both the RHS LS Race and GM LSX blocks. For more information, call Racing Head Service at 877-776-4323 or visit them online at racingheadservice.com.


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