January 2012 Parts Bin

No Distortion Discs

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AP Racing’s Strap Drive System has been developed both for street and race applications. The standard fitment brake discs on many performance cars can suffer from brake vibrations caused by disc distortion. This generally occurs on fast road and track installations. Offering a new take on the floating systems already in the marketplace, AP Racing’s Strap Drive System uses a series of stainless steel straps to locate the disc to the mounting bell, producing a flexible coupling between the hub and the disc faces. This allows the disc to run true in the caliper under all conditions without brake vibration and also permits the disc to expand and contract without restriction. For more information call Stillen at 800-508-6012 or visit www.stillen.com.

X-Gen Front Suspension

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Detroit Speed’s X-Gen series of front suspension systems allow you to integrate Detroit Speed suspension technology into any vehicle. This complete suspension module is available with a 59.5-inch track width and is ready to be subbed into your application through their 2- x 4-inch rail sections. These are the same suspension systems found in Detroit Speed's bolt-in front frames, so they have been designed, engineered, and developed to provide the ultimate in performance on both the road and the track. For more information contact Detroit Speed Inc. at 704-662-3272 or visit their website at www.detroitspeed.com.

Now Read This!

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Pro Touring musclecar builder Mark Stielow has just released an all-color, 212-page, 1200 photo publication detailing how he builds his wild Pro Touring musclecars. Stielow shows you everything from how he plans for a project, builds his one-off components/systems, and how everything comes together in a great looking, super-quick package. The car buildup shown throughout the book is the Stielow-built “Mule” ’69 Camaro. Pick up this excellent technical resource exclusively through Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center by calling 800-456-0211 or go to www.sdparts.com.

Bolt-In A/C

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The all-new Camaro Gen IV SureFit systems now feature Vintage Air’s proven Gen IV technology. These systems utilize their exclusive microprocessor control and servo motor drives to eliminate cable or vacuum operation, and their patented Cable Converter potentiometers convert your standard factory lever controls to fully electronic operation. Additional features of the Gen IV include a separate plate and fin A/C coil and their Cuprobrazed heater coil with a SPAL permanent magnet blower motor to deliver maximum performance and “just right” temperature adjustments. SureFit Systems come complete with evaporator kit with standard cable converters, compressor, mounting brackets, condenser kit, safety switch, and all necessary refrigerant lines. Contact Vintage Air for information on these systems, and to find your nearest authorized distributor, call 800-728-2413 or visit them online at www.vintageair.com.

Have a Seat

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Make room for the best seat in the house, garage, or shop with the new counter stool from Royal Purple. This stool is made from heavy gauge steel construction with a dual-ring design and can be ordered with or without a back. The stool ships easily in a flat box with some assembly required. Order yours today at 800-392-5050 or online at www.royalpurple.logocompanystore.com.

Starvation Protection

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Improved Racing’s oil pan baffle was designed to improve oil control and reduce oil starvation in the ’10-present (fifth-generation) Camaro. The GM LS-series small-blocks have a history of being prone to oil starvation during long, high-g turns, especially at higher rpm where oil aeration is more prevalent. This drop-in trap door baffle system from Improved Racing provides effective and affordable protection against oil starvation for road racing, autocrossing, and drag racing. For more information call 407-494-3278 or click on over to www.improvedracing.com.

Zink Up

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Created for hot rods with modified and non-modified engines, Motul Performance 20W50 oil is formulated for pushrod and high-lift camshaft engines with high zinc content requirements including cars that aren’t driven frequently. Motul Performance oil is specially designed for hot running engines using shear stable polymers to maintain optimum lubricating film and ring seal. The detergent-dispersant additive prevents deposits from forming and keeps engine parts clean. Your engine will benefit from the anti-foam additive, two levels of extreme pressure additives for longevity of high-lift camshafts (with or without roller bearings), and enhanced engine break-in efficiency with increased levels of zinc, plus phosphorous to reinforce engine protection levels. For more information call 760-731-8303 or visit www.motorspot.com.


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