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October 2011 Parts Bin - Camaro Parts and Accessories

Oct 1, 2011

LS9 Supercharger Kit

GM Performance Parts’ (GMPP) LS9 supercharger kit enables engine builders to use the power-adder behind the Corvette ZR1 on any engine with LS3 heads or the LS3 port configuration – including some engines using GMPP’s LSX-LS3 or LSX-LS9 six-bolt heads. The supercharger uses Eaton’s advanced Twin-Vortices Series (TVS) four-lobe rotor design for a broader, more efficient performance range. “Enthusiasts have been asking about this exciting performance component since the Corvette ZR1 debuted,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, product integration manager for GM Performance Parts. “Our LSX376 crate engine was developed specifically for forced induction, so the LS9 supercharger kit complements it perfectly to create a robust and very powerful engine.” For more information on the GM Performance Parts LS9 Supercharger, go to

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Lighten Up!

As any racer will tell you, to add performance to any car, subtract weight. The original steel body panels of the ’69 Camaro are heavy. These aluminum panels from Classic Industries drastically reduce weight and improve performance while maintaining an original appearance.

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Each kit includes L/R fenders, hood, deck lid, header panel, valance panel, and both front and rear bumpers for ’69 Camaro models. These beautiful new panels are available in your choice of anodized finish or EDP coated and with either a 2- or 4-inch cowl-induction–style hood. Order yours today by calling 866-656-1707 or go to

Get Framed

Chassisworks’ ’70- 81 Camaro frame system is made up of three separate subframe systems that can be used individually with the factory subframe and rear frame rails or used collectively to form a bumper-to-bumper full-frame assembly. The system uses Chassisworks g-Machine front suspension, which can accommodate front tires, 295 to 351 max, and the Chassisworks g-Bar rear suspension system makes room for rear tires of 335 on up to 365 max (when available), and bolt-in subframe connectors. For more information on Chassisworks’ Second-gen Camaro Frame System, call Chris Alston’s Chassisworks at 888-388-0205, or go to

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Precision Ported

Engineers at RHS have recently designed a 23-degree aluminum head for small-block Chevy applications that is CNC-ported from the factory. The precision, accuracy, and durability of the new RHS Pro Elite 23-Degree Aluminum Cylinder Heads are derived from the precision CNC-porting of the intake and exhaust runners, as well as the combustion chamber. The CNC-ported 228cc intake and 82cc exhaust runners optimize volume, atomization and velocity, while the 69cc combustion chambers are CNC-ported to relieve valve shrouding that occurs in “as cast” chambers when the edge of a valve is in close proximity to the combustion chamber wall. For complete information on the RHS 23-degree aluminum small-block Chevy head, call RHS at 877-776-4323 or visit them online at

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Custom Valance

Anvil Auto now has available a much-anticipated custom part for ’67-68 Camaros. This ‘67-68 front valance with integrated grille opening and ‘69-style running light recesses is molded from a custom-built pattern supplied by It’s available in paint-grade fiberglass, carbon fiber/fiberglass and 100-percent carbon-fiber price points. Carbon-fiber versions can be had in either high-gloss or satin finishes. All versions bolt on without modifications to the car. Call Anvil Auto at 888-723-8882, or check out their complete product line at

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Pump You Up!

Holley’s new HP and Dominator In-Line Billet Fuel Pumps are designed to be the perfect companion to your carbureted or fuel-injected street vehicle, race car, or any engine that needs fuel. These fuel pumps feature OEM gerotor technology, which yields lightweight, quiet operation and 100,000-plus mile durability in a cost-effective, attractive package. The HP fuel pumps are capable of supporting 1,050 hp and Dominator pumps up to 2,100 hp to fuel just about anything. The twin pumps can be used simultaneously for big power, or the second pump can be used when needed as a back-up pump, or for power adders such as nitrous or boost. For more information, call Holley at 270-781-9741 or visit them on the web at

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Billet Bezels

Eddie Motorsports has released their latest piece of billet aluminum jewelry: taillight bezels for ’67-68 Camaros. Machined from a solid chunk of 6061T6 aluminum in their Southern California facility, the Eddie Motorsports bezels are a direct replacement for your stock die-cast pieces. They are offered as stand-alone parts, or complete with a replacement LED taillight to fully upgrade your Camaro’s stoplights. The bezels are sold in pairs and can be purchased with a brushed or highly polished finish as well as a variety of Fusioncoated colors. At $398 for the pair, all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners are also included. For more information, call Eddie Motorsports at 888-813-1293 or visit their website at

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Third-Gen Struts

QA1 is pleased to introduce its all-new Camaro Struts. These struts are now available in either single, or double adjustable, or drag race “R” series adjustable configurations for ’82-92 Camaros. QA1’s double adjustable struts provide 18 positions of compression adjustment and 18 positions of rebound adjustment, for a total of 324 possible valving combinations. Drag race “R” series struts are designed specifically for drag racing and feature a fixed firm compression with 18 positions of rebound adjustment to control how quickly the weight is transferred to the rear of the car. With simple on-the-car adjustment, a quick turn of the knob(s) provides precise valving changes to go from street to strip to road racing. For more information, call 800-721-7761, or visit QA1’s website at

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Cooler LS Juice

ZEX has designed the new LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System with three advanced nitrous technologies, each of which gives LS applications a significant power advantage over conventional plate systems. Adjustable from 100 to 250 hp, the complete, race-ready ZEX LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System uses three cutting-edge technologies to provide optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution for both cable and throttle-by-wire engines. It is a direct fit for all 90mm and larger, 4-bolt style OEM and aftermarket throttle-body/manifold combinations, as well as the new FAST LSX/LSX 102mm Intake Manifolds. The ZEX LS Perimeter Plate routes nitrous through a series of internal passages, which causes the nitrous temperature to drop to 127 degrees below zero. For more information, or to purchase the LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System, call Zex at 888-817-1008 or go to

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LS Space Saver

The new LS MAF Conversion Kits from Spectre Performance make LS swaps easy and can save up to 4 inches on the front of the motor thanks to an LS7 blade-style drop-in MAF. Designed for use with Spectre’s 4-inch Muscle Car Cold Air Intake Kits, or any aluminum intake that the sensor pad can be welded to, the MAFS conversion kits are recommended for applications which require more airflow, additional space, or are highly customized. Spectre blade-style MAF kits offer a more robust design and are less prone to flow sensitivities than the standard boot-style MAFS and are available in both 3-wire and 5-wire configurations. For more information, call Spectre Performance at 909-673-9800 or click on over to

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Read all about it!

GM LS-Series engines produce copious amounts of horsepower and do it very efficiently, therefore LS engines have been transplanted into hot rods and multitudes of muscle cars. By adding more cubic inches, these engines produce much more horsepower and torque. Author Stephen Kim’s latest book Big-Inch GM LS-Series Engines, guides you through each crucial step of building a stroker or big-inch LS engine. This is the only LS book that specifically addresses increasing displacement as a means of gaining real-world, usable horsepower. A former staffer at Source Interlink, Kim has been a long-time contributing writer and photographer to Hot Rod Magazine, Popular Hot Rodding, Chevy High Performance, Camaro Performers, and scores of other magazines. Pick up a copy today at your favorite bookseller, or call CarTech at 800-551-4754. You can also order online at

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LED Mirrors

To make your '10 Camaro really stand out at the next cruise night, Showstopper Accessories now offers LED side view mirrors. OEM mirror housings are used to create a unique look yet retain a stock appearance. LEDs inside the housing are flush mounted and illuminate as both side marker lights and turn signals. Tinted or clear lenses are available along with a variety of lighting colors to accent your style. For more information and updates on future products call 888-588-4067 or visit

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