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July 2011 Parts Bin

Jul 1, 2011

Classic Look – Modern Performance

Camp 1107 01 Street Fighter Kit Wilwood 2/12

Wilwood is pleased to announce their new D154 direct bolt-on replacement caliper for most ’68-to-present GM muscle cars and passenger vehicles that were originally equipped with iron single-piston D154 pad-type calipers. The calipers are specifically designed to mount in the stock location, with stock-size rotors, using regular Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) type or aftermarket compound replacement pads, and fitment anywhere the OEM calipers were used. The D154 caliper represents the latest refinements in modern caliper design and manufacturing including forged aluminum body, stainless steel pistons for their slow heat transfer properties and high corrosion resistance. The caliper comes in a single piston 2.50-inch diameter as well as two 2-piston configurations, 1.62/1.62 inch and 1.12/1.12 inch for vehicles that have been converted to four-wheel discs. Calipers are available in black or red powdercoat. For more information contact Wilwood Engineering at 805-388-1188, or visit their website at

Swirl Away

Camp 1107 01 Street Fighter Kit Golden Shine Swirl 3/12

Having set a high standard for automotive care for the past 21 years, California Car Cover is proud to now offer a line of wax and automotive appearance products that it can put its name on. The new Golden Shine Swirl Remover machine polish is the perfect way to remove stubborn paint scratches and swirl marks without risking damage to the vehicle’s paint. Designed for use by both the casual and seasoned detailer, Swirl Remover is specially formulated to provide the best and safest paint correction possible. Using only the finest alumina abrasives that work longer and provide superior lubrication in order to safely remove swirl marks, water spotting, light scratches, and oxidation. For more information, call California Car Cover at 800-423-5525 or click on over to

Full-Pressure Fitting

 camp 1107 02 Street Fighter Kit 4/12

To cure the all-too-common problem of “spongy” brakes, noted chassis builder Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a special through-frame fitting that eliminates any fluid air pockets that can occur with other designs. These fittings can be employed by builders of street rods, race cars, custom trucks, and “resto mod” vehicles where aftermarket brake systems will be used. CNC-machined from stainless steel billet material at Morrison’s Fife, Washington, facility, they can be used with any frame rail up to 2 inches in width. Designed to accommodate standard AN–3 brake lines (male fitting on one end, female on the other), the AME Full-Pressure Fittings can be retrofitted to most any existing hydraulic brake system. The new fittings have been incorporated into the complete brake line kits that Morrison offers for its various GT-Sport chassis, and are also available individually or in pairs. For more information, call AME at 866-558-1652 or visit them online at


Camp 1107 03 Street Fighter Kit S Drive Serpentine 5/12

Eddie Motorsports has recently introduced their new line of S-Drive billet aluminum serpentine pulley systems. The compact S-Drives feature pulleys and mounting brackets that are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available for LS, big-block, and small-block Chevrolet engines. The kits are available in configurations with or without power steering and/or air conditioning. The S-Drive pulley systems include all of the necessary billet aluminum pulleys and stainless steel fasteners as well as the highest quality, name-brand components. The S-Drive pulley systems are a great compliment to Eddie Motorsports’ complete line of billet aluminum accessories and engine dress-up parts and are affordably priced with kits starting at $1,725. For more information, call Eddie Motorsports at 888-813-1293 or visit them on online

Second-Gen Street Fighter

Camp 1107 04 Street Fighter Kit 6/12

Looking to transform your second-gen Camaro into a corner carving, street or track g-Machine? The Speed Tech Performance Street Fighter Kit upgrades your stock subframe to an extreme-handling performing suspension system. You’ll benefit from improved suspension geometry, increased camber gain, decreased bump steer, adjustable shock dampening, and much more. You’ll get a complete upgrade kit for your sub frame and specifically designed high-clearance tubular upper control arms and tubular lower control arms. Transform your front end to a true coil over system that incorporates single adjustable QA1 coilovers, or upgraded Ride Tech coilovers and HyperCo springs. AFX Tall forged spindles with GM C5/C6 hubs are also included along with a tubular front sway bar and hardware. Enjoy the benefits of ATS 670 NASCAR-inspired 12.7:1 steering box and rag joint coupler, and all-new steering linkage. For more information, call Speed Tech Performance at 877-566-3855 or visit them on the World Wide Web at

Self-Tuning EFI

 camp 1107 05 Street Fighter Kit Holley 7/12

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce the release of its complete line of Avenger, HP, and Dominator EFI systems for those wanting to make the switch from a carburetor or upgrade from their factory ECMs. These systems cover everyone from entry-level users all the way to professional racers. All include Holley’s revolutionary self-tuning fueling strategies to take away tuning fears from novice users or save time for the experienced user. For complete information on Holley’s new line of EFI systems, call them at 270-781-9741, or visit

Billet Brackets

 camp 1107 06 Street Fighter Kit Billet 8/12

Anyone who has ever struggled to line up the sway bar bolts while installing an aftermarket bar will appreciate the new billet sway bar bushing brackets from Hotchkis Sport Suspension. Hotchkis’ new billet sway bar brackets are CNC-machined 7075 aluminum and feature a cut-out relief for easy centering of the bolt during installation. All components are hard anodized and come complete with greasable bushings and quality fasteners. These CNC sway bar brackets are available in a wide range of sizes to work with almost any Hotchkis sway bar application and add visual appeal along with improved longevity and performance. Call Hotchkis Sport Suspension at 888-735-6422 or go to for more information.

Positioned for Power

 camp 1107 07 Street Fighter Kit Ls Cylinder 9/12

Mast Motorsports, the leader in Gen IV LS hand-built crate engines and performance products, is extremely excited to release their most engineered aftermarket LS cylinder head to date: The LS7 CNC Splayed Valve Cylinder Heads (PN 510-208). The splayed valve head uses completely redesigned valve locations. This technology produces greater flow numbers at lower valve lift with less port volume than their highly successful 12-degree LS7 Black Label heads; this combined with the improved air/fuel mixture tumble characteristics of the splayed valve positions results in their most efficient cylinder head design to date.

The splayed valve six-bolt cylinder heads are designed for any new Gen IV LS engine with 4.125-inch or larger bore. For more information, call Mast Motorsports at 888-417-8334 or go to

Rack ‘em

 camp 1107 09 Street Fighter Kit Power Rack And 10/12

Classic Performance Products is excited to be the first to introduce an all-new power rack & pinion for Mustang II front suspension. CPP’s power rack features all-new parts – not remanufactured. No need to worry about rebuilt cores with stripped fitting threads and bent tie rods. The new CPP system will work with Mustang II–type independent front suspensions. CPP’s new power rack comes with AN fitting adapters and hardware. Retail price is $299. For more information on this or any other products from Classic Performance Products call 800-823-1299. You can also find them online at

Tribute Time

 camp 1107 10 Street Fighter Kit 100th Big Block 11/12

General Motors celebrates “100 Years of Chevrolet” with a special limited-edition watch from Equipe Watch Company. Named after the famous Chevrolet engine, the “100th Big Block” Chronograph watch is in limited production and made from surgical stainless steel with a black tire tread band. Each watch carries the Chevrolet 100th anniversary logo with serial number. “Equipe is the perfect fit for Chevrolet because all our watches are designed with an automotive theme,” said Jeff Freedman of Equipe watches. The Equipe watch line offers 15 collections with more than 150 designs. For more information go to

Rust Preventer

What if you could preserve your bare metal parts without the aggravation and expense of painting? ECS Automotive Concepts LLC has developed a revolutionary new product that keeps metal parts looking brand new. RPM will change the way restorers and automotive enthusiasts preserve bare metal components on their vehicles. RPM is extremely easy to apply and provides superior protection against rust, moisture, and menacing oxidation. For more information on this and other great products from ECS Automotive Concepts, call them at 855-532-7846, or go to

Camp 1107 11 Street Fighter Kit Rust Preventer 12/12



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