June 2011 Parts Bin

Each muscle car has a different offset specification and varies in the widths they can handle. So Huntington developed a specific wheel fitment for each of the modern muscle cars. Available in 18x9,18x10, 20x9, 20x10, 20x10.5, 22x9, 22x10.5, 22x11 wheel sizes, they offer two wheel styles: the Bolsa and the Springdale. The wheels are available in a variety of finishes including chrome, gloss black, and silver with a machine-cut face and lip. For more information call Huntington Engineered Alloys at 714-891-0700 or check them out online at www.huntingtonmusclecarwheels.com.

Stop lagging

Camp 1106 07 Z28 Grille Emblems Lokar Electronic Throttle 2/16

Lokar has partnered with Williams Controls, the world leader in heavy-duty electronic throttle pedals, to offer the first programmable electronic throttle pedal (drive-by-wire) for the automotive aftermarket. The non-contact (solid state) hall effect sensor is available for most GM, Ford, and Mopar applications and features a splined arm for versatile mounting. The all-metal construction offers three times better performance over standard OEM pedals, and the sensor is programmed on the pedal to optimize electrical output for quick throttle response with no lag. Pedals come in brushed or black finish, are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. For more information call Lokar Performance Products toll free at 877-469-7440 or visit www.lokar.com.

Affordable LS Cathedral Port Heads

Camp 1106 08 Z28 Grille Emblems Pro Action Cylinder 3/16

The latest Pro Action Cylinder Heads from RHS are affordable LS-style heads that save you the time and expense of having your new heads CNC- or hand-ported. These LS cathedral port heads combine race-proven head design and Clean Cast Technology to create “as cast” ports that flow like they’ve already been ported.

These heads are engineered with highly efficient combustion chambers that increase power and torque by improving airflow and flame propagation while multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust seats even further improve airflow. Their durable 355T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction is lightweight and increases cylinder head life and strength. Added material at the top of each head allows for upgraded valve train components, making these cathedral port heads perfect for use in everything from mild street to all-out race applications. To learn more about the new Pro Action Cylinder Heads from RHS, call them at 877-776-4323, or visit www.racingheadservice.com.

Sinister Look

Now you can give your ’10-11 Camaro a sinister look, with the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package. Available for both V-8 and V-6 models, this ready-to-assemble kit includes a ram air hood with heat extraction, front air dam, side skirts, rear fascia, dovetail rear spoiler, and 4.5-inch exhaust tips. Each component of the Sinister Camaro package has been crafted to complement and enhance the design of your Camaro. The ram air hood and dovetail rear spoiler are constructed of hand-laid fiberglass or carbon fiber. The front air dam, rear fascia and side skirts are constructed of OEM-quality high-pressure urethane and include an aggressive GT-inspired diffuser. All parts are ready for prep and paint, and include everything you’ll need to install for an OEM fit. For more information, go to www.pfyc.com/camaro.

Wireless Adjustable Shocks

Camp 1106 13 Z28 Grille Emblems Qa1 Adjustable 6/16

QA1 is pleased to introduce its new Wireless Remote Adjust System. This cutting-edge technology gives you the ability to tune your ride remotely from inside the car, and at an affordable price. QA1’s system allows users to select from 18 levels of adjustment per channel. This means 324 possible valving combinations for a two-channel system, and over 100,000 possible valving combinations for a four-channel system.

The simple, intuitive controller is completely wireless—absolutely no wiring is needed into the cockpit. Installation is easy—simply install the compact air management system under the hood or in the trunk, run adjustment lines and connect them to your QA1 adjustable shocks or struts. The new QA1 Wireless Remote Adjust System will be compatible with all QA1 single adjustable, double adjustable, and drag race “R” series shocks manufactured after March 2010. The QA1 factory and authorized rebuilders can retrofit this system to all QA1 adjustable shocks manufactured prior to March 2010. For additional information or a catalog, visit QA1’s website at www.qa1.net or call 952-985-5675.

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