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Camp 1105 01 Z Hotchkis Sport Suspension May 2011 Parts Bin 2/17

The fifth-generation Camaro benefits tremendously from basic suspension modifications, including sport sway bars and sport springs. However, the factory sway bar end links are not designed for maximum performance and adjustability. New Heavy Duty End Links from Hotchkis Sport Suspension are an easy, bolt-on solution to the problem thanks to aircraft-quality materials, rugged construction, and track-ready adjustability.

The suspension engineers at Hotchkis designed this high-quality, adjustable end link set specifically for the Camaro. Front and rear links feature high-quality three-piece PTFE lined heim joints for smooth quiet operation, specially machined metric high-articulation spacers, zinc-coated grade-10.9 hardware and CNC-machined aluminum sleeves with machined wrench flats. An excellent upgrade for your ’10 or ’11 Camaro with Hotchkis sway bars, the adjustable design allows you to corner balance the suspension. For more information, call Hotchkis Sport Suspension at 866-735-6422 or visit them online at

Easy HP

Camp 1105 02 Z Airaid Intake May 2011 Parts Bin 3/17

Airaid Filter Company is proud to announce the release of the new MXP Intake Systems for the all-new ’10- 11 Chevrolet Camaro V-6 and V-8 LS3/L99 engines. Engineered to deliver serious horsepower and torque gains, Airaid’s newest kits add an additional 16 hp and 13 lb-ft of torque for the V-8 engine and 11 hp and 14 lb-ft of torque for the V-6 engine.

Each kit comes with all the necessary hardware, easy to follow instructions and their no-hassle warranty. For more information or to find an Airaid dealer near you call 800-498-6951 or visit them on the web at

Carbon Spoiler

Camp 1105 03 Z Anvil Auto Carbon Fiber Spoiler May 2011 Parts Bin 4/17

Anvil Auto designed a carbon fiber rear spoiler for the fifth-gen Camaro that mirrors its notched front end, while continuing the subtle character lines running from the C-pillars back over the deck. Where the stock unit stops short at the sides of the trunk opening, this one continues over the rear quarters and conforms nicely with the rear-end styling of the car. It uses the same stud locations as the factory spoiler and comes with neoprene pads under the overhanging ends. Spoilers are available in both, gloss, or satin finishes. For great carbon-fiber products go to or call them at 888-723-8882.

Performance Brake Upgrade

Camp 1105 04 Z Wilwood Brakes May 2011 Parts Bin 5/17

The versatile Wilwood W6AR forged billet radial mount caliper is unmatched in its class for superior stopping power and rugged durability. New bolt-on Wilwood big brake kits for the ’10 and ’11 Camaros are configured for high-performance street and show, or professional-level track competition for use in conjunction with wheel, tire, and suspension upgrades. Complete kits include W6AR calipers, 14.25-inch diameter SV-GT competition or SV-SRP drilled and slotted street performance rotors, aluminum rotor hats, matched high-performance Wilwood brake pads, and radial-mount caliper bracket kits with premium-grade fasteners to mount the calipers to the stock attachment points. For more information contact Wilwood Engineering at 805-388-1188, or visit their website at

Programming Performance

Camp 1105 05 Z Diablosport May 2011 Parts Bin 6/17

DiabloSport is proud to offer the all-new Trinity Performance Monitor. The Trinity will support ’99-’11 Ford, Chrysler/Dodge, and GM vehicles both Gas and Diesel. All applications will be supported under a single part number, T-1000. Some of the many features include programming, diagnostics, read/clear trouble codes, virtual drag strip, virtual gauges and customizable gauge layouts. All of these features are accessible through Trinity’s high-resolution full-color touch screen display. For more information go to or call them at 877-396-6614.




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