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April 2011 Parts Bin

Apr 1, 2011

Rail Job
With the birth of the LS7 engine, FAST engineers developed a revolutionary manifold that is capable of producing big gains for the powerplant-the LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold. However, the new FAST LS7 manifold requires the use of one of two FAST custom fuel rail kits designed specifically for it-either an OEM-type or an upgraded billet aluminum kit. With high-strength, lightweight, red anodized aluminum construction, the FAST LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail Kit delivers performance in addition to a show-car quality appearance. The OEM-type fuel rail kit ships with all necessary components and will provide the proper function for use in factory vehicles, as it enables easy connection to existing fuel lines. For more information about the FAST LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold Fuel Rail Kits for GM LS engines call 877-334-8355, or go to

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Cool Hood-Cool Engine
Anvil Auto has just released a new carbon-fiber hood for the fifth-gen Camaro. Designed to emulate the air outlets found on the Aston Martin DBS, hot air and built-up pressure from high speeds are deftly evacuated from the engine bay, thus cooling the engine and presenting less front-end lift. The two openings are lined up with the front scoop found on SS models for an integrated, yet functional, appearance. Available in carbon/fiberglass as well as full-carbon versions and choice of gloss or satin finishes. For more information, call Anvil Auto at 888-723-8882 or visit them on the Internet at

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Rock Solid Rockers
With a wide range of super accurate ratios and a unique machined billet pushrod seat, the new Ultra Pro Magnum XD Rocker Arms from COMP Cams are engineered with improved strength and durability for use in endurance, circle track, and drag race applications. The Ultra Pro Magnum XD Rocker Arms are engineered from durable 8650 steel that outlasts and outperforms other inferior knock-off and import rockers. A unique machined billet pushrod seat insert offers a wide range of accurate ratios to fit most popular applications. Ratios range from 1.5 to 1.73 across a variety of Chevy, Ford, and AMC applications. These rocker arms are so durable that they come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. For more information about the COMP Cams Ultra Pro Magnum XD Rocker Arms, call them at 800-999-0853, or visit

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LS Conversion Oil Pan
Swapping an LS engine into your favorite hot rod or muscle car just got much easier thanks to the new revolutionary LS conversion oil pan from Mast Motorsports. Like the OEM LS oil pan, Mast's LS conversion oil pan is manufactured from rugged cast aluminum, and a thick pan rail maintains the oil pan as a stressed member. The short front pan depth and optimum sump depth balances oil capacity while fitting virtually any chassis. The factory pan gasket and oil filter are utilized for a perfect seal and ease of service. Pro Touring and racing fans will love the fact the Mast LS conversion oil pan is cored and baffled for excellent oil control. And "cast-in" clearance fits aftermarket or Mast short-stroker windage trays. Innovative oiling circuitry with -10AN fittings eliminates need for expensive adapters for remote oil coolers and oil filter. For more information, call 888-417-8334 or visit Mast Motorsports at

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Schott Sprockets
"Sprocket" by Schott Wheels is one of three new custom wheels in its recently added modular line. Made from the best materials and processes, the team at Schott Wheels pour their knowledge and talent into every wheel they make to produce exceptional quality and fit for today's muscle cars and hot rods. Give Schott Performance wheels a call at 562.598.4411 or visit for more information.

Camp_1104_05_o Schott_wheels April_2011_parts_bin 6/13

Fifth-Gen Handling
Racers looking to combat the Camaro's serious understeer, body roll, and excessive wheelhop with their '10 and '11 Camaro can now put the power down in the turns with the Camaro Race Pack from Hotchkis Sport Suspension. Hotchkis engineers have developed a balanced handling system that is comfortable for street driving yet aggressive enough for the serious track enthusiast. The new Race Pack features the Sport Springs made from cold wound high-tensile steel that lowers ride height 1 inch with a higher spring rate for superior performance, paired with tubular front (1.25-inch) and adjustable rear (1.00-inch) competition sway bars, which reduce body roll. The Hotchkis R&D team perfected high-quality three-piece lined end links and a strong, lightweight Strut Tower Brace designed to clear Magnuson superchargers. The Race Pack also includes the Hotchkis Chassis Brace. Like all Hotchkis Performance suspension products, Race Pack components are manufactured in the USA and are finished in durable powdercoat. Call Hotchkis Performance at 877-4-NOROLL or visit for more information.

Camp_1104_06_o Hotchkis_performance April_2011_parts_bin 7/13

Crafty Covers
RHS announces a new line of die-cast valve covers for SBC and BBC, finished in a black-wrinkle powdercoat with polished chrome breathers and a laser-etched logo. This new line of premium die-cast aluminum valve covers brings a whole new level of style and function to your engine. The sleek and durable black-wrinkle powdercoated finish and laser-etched logo is sure to provide that performance look you want for your engine. A common perimeter bolt style for easy installation, RHS valve covers feature chrome breathers with logos, two black rubber grommets, and installed baffles that are welded in place to ensure no oil enters the breathers. Manufactured and packaged in the USA, these RHS die-cast aluminum valve covers offer a sleek, high-performance look in addition to the rigid durability and unmatched reliability required for performance applications. For more information call them at 877-776-4323, or click on over to

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Let It Bleed
Installing a master cylinder is generally an easy mechanical accomplishment with the most difficult part being bench bleeding the unit. Without the correct parts to do the job properly, bench bleeding can be a messy and wasteful chore. In order to make the job much easier, all non-remote Wilwood tandem master cylinders (one pushrod, two outlets) are now delivered with a bench bleeder kit. The kit comes with several nylon brake fittings that can be screwed into the master cylinder ports. The fittings have a connection for a section of plastic hose that can be directed back into the master cylinder when the bleeding process is being done. By directing the brake fluid back into the master cylinder where it belongs, the mess and waste is no longer a problem. This bleeder system can be used and adapted to many other master cylinders so the kit, PN 260-11593, can also be purchased separately. For more information about Wilwood master cylinders or the bleeder kit, call Wilwood Engineering direct at 805-388-1188, or visit their website at

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Thank You For Smoking ... Your Tires
With the new TCI Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit you can add extra flash and show off the power of your engine like never before by lighting up your tire smoke during burnouts. This new kit comes with the popular TCI RollStop, which allows simple engagement of the brakes for easy burnouts while high-powered, pulsing blue LED lights illuminate your tire smoke. The Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit can be installed with virtually any brake system-car or truck, classic or late model. Both durable and waterproof, it is manufactured from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum to resist damage. The included RollStop has a precision solenoid valve that can withstand 3,000 psi of pressure and draws only one amp of current, and it can hold your brakes indefinitely without overheating, which means longer burnouts and bigger smoke clouds. For more information on the TCI Universal Illuminated Burnout Kit product, call 888-776-9824, or visit

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Grumpy's Toy
Grumpy's Toys stands as a complete history of Bill Jenkins' career as told through his cars, and has been heartily authorized by the man himself (Jenkins wrote the book's foreword). Author Doug Boyce has been following "Grumpy" throughout his racing career, and through his own knowledge, extensive research, and by working with Jenkins himself, Grumpy's Toys offer readers an unparalleled look behind the unique man and his highly successful drag racing machines. This book boasts the largest collection of Jenkins-centered vintage photography ever assembled. Many myths about both Jenkins and his formidable racing cars have grown over the decades, and this book separates fact from fiction. An essential for the true drag racing fan, this 8.5x11-inch softbound book (ISBN: 978-1-934709-27-6) features 176 pages packed with 300 photos. Order yours now by calling CarTech at 800-551-4754, or by visiting

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Digital Performance
In 2011 the MSD 6A and 6AL will be all new! New digital control. New power. New rotary dial rev limiter. Same great MSD style. The ignitions have been redesigned from the ground up with the performance enthusiast in mind. The engineers put all digital controls inside so that the box delivers more power while drawing less current from the vehicle's electrical system. Then they added a sealing, locking connector that all of the wires are routed through to add to the clean look and make installations even easier. Finally, for the 6AL the rev limiter was turned into two rotary dials and moved to the face of the ignition for easy adjustment in 100rpm increments. Visit for more information.

Camp_1104_11_o Msd_ignition April_2011_parts_bin 12/13

No-complex Carbs
After years of research and development and thousands of hours of testing, Summit Racing introduces its Summit Racing Street & Strip Carburetors. These 4-barrel square-bore carbs are ready to run right out of the box with minimal tuning, provide great throttle response and performance, and give you top-dollar carb features-all at an affordable starting price of $249.95! The Summit Racing Street & Strip Carburetors are crafted from aluminum for warp resistance, weight savings, and excellent calibration retention, and have a tumble-polished body and black anodized trim for an attractive appearance. The advanced one-piece design eliminates gaskets below the fuel line for leak-free operation, and includes exclusive color-coded vacuum ports for easy installation. For additional product information and pricing, go to, or call 800-230-3030.

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