January 2011 Parts Bin

Get Connected
A revolutionary redesign in the construction of FAST Fuel Line and Connection Kits now offers high-value fuel injection parts at a competitive price. These kits include special form-fitted connectors that allow you to hook up your OEM fuel lines to all of the FAST billet fuel rail kits used with the LSX and LSXR Intake Manifolds. Using these bolt-on kits ensures a perfect fit and reliable performance.

Camp_1101_01_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system Dtm_intake_system 2/13

FAST billet fuel rails feature larger internal diameters to dampen pulses and provide increased fuel volume, so the fuel injectors never run dry. The machine-built rails and fittings feature superior strength and precise specifications to prevent leaks, cracks, and improper fitment. High-volume, steel-braided fuel lines ensure longevity and the high level of durability required for demanding high-performance applications. These Fuel Line and Connection Kits fit '98-02 F-bodies only; crossover lines fit all FAST LSX and LSXR Intake Manifolds.

For more information about the FAST Fuel Line and Connection Kits or any other FAST product, call them at 877.334.8355 or visit www.fuelairspark.com.

Precision Ported
Engineers at RHS have recently designed the only small-block Chevy 23-degree, cast-iron head for 360-434ci engines that is CNC-ported from the factory. The precision accuracy and durability of the RHS Pro Elite SBC 23-Degree CNC-ported iron cylinder heads are derived not only from the CNC-porting of the intake and exhaust runners, but the CNC-ported combustion chamber as well. The CNC-ported 240cc intake and 85cc exhaust runners optimize airflow volume and velocity while the 53cc combustion chambers are also CNC-machined to relieve the valve shrouding that occurs when the edge of a valve is in close proximity to the combustion chamber wall. Overall, the full CNC-porting process provides more consistent runners and smoother port-to-chamber transitions, thereby increasing both airflow efficiency and horsepower.

Camp_1101_02_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system Rhs_pro_elite_headers 3/13

For racing classes that mandate the use of cast-iron cylinder heads, RHS has designed the ultimate advantage by utilizing the latest in airflow technology.

For more information about the RHS Pro Elite SBC 23-Degree CNC-Ported Cylinder Heads or any other RHS product, call 877.776.4323 or go to www.racingheadservice.com.

Cooler Air = Instant Horsepower
With all other factors remaining equal, the easiest way to add horsepower to a carburetor-equipped muscle car is to lower the temperature of air entering the engine. Spectre's newest breakthrough is the DTM intake system. By pulling air from outside the engine bay, Spectre saw impressive gains of 20 hp and 23 lb-ft of torque peak on a standard 350ci crate motor-equipped test car. That equated to an impressive 6.71 percent increase-all from swapping to a DTM intake!

Camp_1101_03_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system 350ci_crate_motor 4/13

The DTM is also one of the lowest air intake systems on the market, making it a perfect benefit for hot rodders with tall-deck engines and high-rise manifolds that want to avoid swapping to a new hood for clearance. The Spectre DTM intake system is currently available for '67-81 F-bodies, '64-72 Chevelles, and '66-74 Novas. All necessary brackets, adapters, hardware, and complete step-by-step instructions to make installation easy are included. Click on over to www.spectreperformance.com or call 800.821.4868 for more information.

Trick Shift
Trick Shift was originally developed by B&M for racing applications, but has also become a popular high-performance fluid for street applications. Formulated as a performance automatic transmission fluid, synthetic Trick Shift features the latest synthetic fluid technology suitable for most late-model automatic transmissions as well as many manual transmissions. Not an additive, this safe and effective formula of extreme pressure agents, foam inhibitors, and exceptional thermal stability will provide a long service life for your transmission. Applications include street, racing, off-road, towing, and heavy-duty fleet use.

Camp_1101_04_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system B_m_synthetic_trans_fluid 5/13

B&M Trick Shift meets or exceeds Mercon or Dexron III requirements and may be mixed with all other types of ATF but works best by itself.

For more information on B&M Trick Shift, log on to www.bmracing.com or call 818.882.6422.

Keyless Ignition System
Flaming River is excited to introduce the next generation of their Keyless Ignition System technology. This 3rd-Generation Keyless Ignition System incorporates a fob docking station for more reliable starting and additional security. The new system also incorporates a keyless vehicle entry system, complete with door lock actuators, all made in the U.S.A. The 3rd-Generation Keyless Ignition System includes ignition fob docking station, ignition and RKE dob, 1 Master and 3 remote door lock actuators, RKE lock/unlock module, antenna assembly, push-button ignition, relay pack, control module, and door actuator mounting hardware.

Camp_1101_14_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system Flaming_river_keyless_ignition_system 6/13

FR60001 - Keyless Dash Ignition System
Retail $699.00
FR60002 - Touch Start Floor Shift Keyless Ignition Tilt Column
Retail $999.50
FR60102 - Touch Start Column Shift Keyless Ignition Tilt Column
Retail $ 1,213.00

For more information call Flaming River at 866.798.8058 or visit them online at www.flamingriver.com/camaro.

HP Deluxe
GM Performance Parts (GMPP) now offers a new 350/290 HP Deluxe crate engine, adding an aluminum intake manifold and an attractive chrome dress-up kit to the best-selling small-block package. The engine is built with all-new parts and carries an MSRP of $2,900.

Camp_1101_06_o Spectre_dtm_intake_system Gmpp_350_hp_deluxe_crate_engine 7/13

The new 350/290 HP Deluxe (PN 19244450) package includes the high-flow intake manifold, chrome valve covers, chrome air cleaner, chrome timing chain cover, and chrome breather cap, along with the necessary hardware, gaskets and installation instructions. GMPP recommends using a Holley 670-cfm carburetor (GMPP PN 19170092) to achieve the rated power levels of 290 hp at 5,250 rpm and 332 lb-ft of torque at 3,750 rpm.

"The 350/290 HP is our most popular and economical performance crate engine and the new deluxe package enhances it with the finishing touches enthusiasts want," said Dr. Jamie Meyer, product marketing manager for GM Performance Parts. "And keep in mind, for less than $3,000, you're getting a brand-new, factory-engineered performance engine-not a rebuilt core."

The new 350/290 HP Deluxe is available for ordering at www.gmperformanceparts.com or through any authorized GMPP retailer or GM parts dealer.




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