December 2010 Parts Bin

Done Right Tie-Downs
Whether you tow a Pro Touring muscle car, an original classic, or a freshly painted project car, it's critical that your vehicle is safe and secure when you tow it down the road. Many people risk damaging their vehicle every time they tow it by using old or poorly made tie down equipment. Mac's Custom Tie-Downs is proud to offer The Ultra Pack. By combining the premium quality parts in a pre-engineered system, the Mac's Ultra Pack includes everything needed to tie your car or truck down safely and securely. The Ultra Pack includes four 6- or 8-foot ratchet straps (or a combination of both), four axle straps, four strap wraps, and a free duffle bag to stow the gear when not in use. The hardware on a Mac's axle strap is shaped to allow for tight clearance applications. Each full-length sleeve is designed to stay in place and is made from the thickest material available. The Ultra Pack is rated with a 10,000-pound capacity. Overall, it's the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to transport a vehicle down the open road - and like all Mac's products, the Ultra Pack is made in the USA. For more information or to order, call Mac's Custom Tie-Downs at 866.386.5992 or go to

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Bang a Drum
Wilwood Engineering's new 11-inch Internal Drum E-Brake Rear Kits are perfect for enthusiasts who have original muscle cars, street rods, classic trucks, street machines, and other specialty vehicles that are running smaller diameter rear-wheel sizes. This kit is perfect for all 15-inch diameter wheels and will also work with many 14-inch wheels that are designed to clear disc brakes. The brake kit features Wilwood's special internal drum parking brake design that allows an efficient parking brake system that is easy to install and a snap to hook into the stock parking brake cable system. The kit features a forged billet Dynalite caliper in a Platinum -E, Red, Black and polished finish for a show appearance. The kit also features an 11-inch rotor that works with the internal brake assembly. This kit has been designed to fit all of the rear axle assemblies that they offer rear brake kits for, as well as the stock Tri-5 Chevy axles. Go to for the complete listing and more information on the Drum E-Brake Kit. You can also call them at 805.388.1188.

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Slotted Strength
Stainless high-strength slotted tall nuts (commonly referred to as castle nuts) are now available from Totally Stainless. The bottoms of these nuts are machined to order to match the height you may need. State the size when ordering (7/16-20, 1/2-20, 9/16-18, 5/8-18 or metric) and specify the height from the bottom of the nut to the bottom of the slots. For more information, call Totally Stainless at 800.767.4781 or visit them online at

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Watch This!
As you're making your recommendations for holiday gift ideas for men, we invite you to discover Equipe Watches, the only high-quality watch company whose complete 15-set collection is dedicated entirely to the passionate play between men, watches, and cars. Each watch finds design inspiration from key elements of classic and modern race car engineering. Shown is the Equipe Octane, the two time-zone watch that takes aesthetic cue from dashboard gauges. The Octane's silicone strap also perfectly fits smaller wrists for women who love big watches. Watches are manufactured using the highest quality materials, including 316L surgical stainless steel cases in PVD, brushed or satin finish, environmentally friendly Miyota quartz movements with mercury-free batteries, and scratch-resistant sapphire coated crystals. Special orders can be delivered in just three days. Equipe watches are well priced, starting at $299. For the true watch and car aficionado, the entire collection can be had for $7,800. For more information and to see the complete line of Equipe watches, click on over to

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Tool Box Logic
As gearheads, we absolutely love to collect tools. The only problem is that once we get a good collection going, we end up searching through the drawers of our toolbox because we forgot where the needed item was placed. Thanks to the guys over at Z-Calz, the days of having to remember which drawer holds which tools are over. These toolbox labels are available in either decal or removable magnetic versions and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Micheal Castiglione, designer of the new Z-Calz, says he got tired of shuffling through numerous drawers just to find the right tool, only to repeat the process when putting those same tools away. Z-Calz toolbox labels are designed to make gearhead life a little easier. Call 909.225.2868 or go to and order yours today.

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Big Time Billet Rally's
Wheel Vintiques Inc. introduces their new 20-inch Billet Rally for the fifth-generation Camaro. They are available in a 20-inch diameter and widths ranging from 8 to 9.5 inches with standard or custom offsets. These 20-inch rally wheels will fit all factory brakes and even the massive Baer Brake systems. They accept all rally style hubcaps, and come available fully polished. For more information on the Wheel Vintiques 20-inch rally wheels, call them at 559.251.6957 or visit them online at

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