December 2010 Parts Bin

Precision Pressure
Aeromotive is proud to announce the release of their newest EFI fuel pressure regulator. With a highly competitive price, the new PN 13129 EFI bypass fuel regulator is proof you do not have to sacrifice performance and precision control for the sake of your budget. This regulator encompasses features and benefits found on all Aeromotive regulators, yet in a new smaller and lighter package. Capable of supporting applications up to 1,000 hp, the 13129 EFI bypass regulator can handle the most aggressive street machines but is docile enough for your daily driver. It's ideal for those looking for a cleaner, lighter solution where performance is critical and space is a premium. As with all Aeromotive regulators, the 13129 EFI bypass regulator incorporates CNC-Machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum construction and a convoluted diaphragm utilizing proprietary elastomer materials for precision pressure control. For more information on the 13129 EFI bypass regulator, Aeromotive Fuel Systems or their extensive line of components, call 913.647.7300 or go to go to

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VHX Digital Dash
Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the VHX Series of Instrumentation. Offering lighted needles, backlit faces, and full character message centers for all displays, the VHX Series provides a fresh approach to outfitting a custom vehicle. The VHX Series utilizes solid-state sensors and precision stepper motors for the ultimate in accuracy, coupled with a limited lifetime warranty. The VHX Series is engineered to accept future plug-in expansion modules, allowing nearly any type or amount of vehicle data to be shown within the message centers. The '67-68 model attaches directly into the stock instrument pod, while the '69 model includes a reproduction dash carrier. Both utilize either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness, in addition to compatibility with a stock, modified, or a late model drivetrain. Systems available with a blue or red display color and either a satin silver or carbon-fiber styled face. MSRP: '67-68 models: $795; '69 models: $945. Call 888.200.9338 or visit Dakota Digital online at for more information.

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Optimum Engine Protection
Due to government regulations, many of today's oils are missing critical ingredients needed for optimum engine protection. For this reason, engineers at COMP Cams and Endure Performance Lubricants have designed ZDDP-enhanced Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oils in 10W-30 and 15W-50 weights. These new oils are designed specifically for use in engines that experience extended periods of storage. Both weights utilize a blended synthetic formula fully approved for use in engines originally equipped with mineral oil. They provide all the benefits of mineral oil without the unwanted extras that lead to rust and corrosion. Designed for regular use, these oils will not create sludge, varnish or choke internal engine surfaces, and they are compatible with all gaskets and seals. The Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oils contain "corrosion fighting" additives, detergents, and optimum amounts of ZDDP (Zinc and Phosphorous) for anti-wear protection. The heavily tested and dyno-proven oils improve cold starts and protect internal engine components, particularly the camshaft and lifters, in both flat tappet and roller valvetrains. For more information about COMP Cams Muscle Car and Street Rod Engine Oil call them at 800.999.0853 or visit them online at

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Cool 'Glide Pan
The engineers at TCI have created a transmission fluid pan unlike any other. The TCI Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan for Powerglide Transmissions offers revolutionary features that every high-performance automotive enthusiast will appreciate. This deep pan is the first of its kind. Inside, the pan incorporates patent-pending, heat dissipating inverted-dimples that increase the surface area inside the pan. These unique "heat suckers" pull heat toward the exterior of the pan-ultimately lowering the temperature of the fluid. Outside, exterior fins are slightly angled to create a funnel effect that increases the air speed across the surface. Finally, the pan's exterior is black powdercoated to absorb heat from the interior and further lower operating temperatures. The die-cast design is 1 1/2 pounds lighter than the industry standard sand-cast versions, does not suffer from the porosity issues that plague those pans, and it holds two extra quarts of fluid over standard designs. A new O-ring design replaces the conventional gasket to ensure 100 percent sealing that stops chances of leaks and removes the need to replace gaskets when changing filters. For more information about the TCI Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan for Powerglide transmissions call them at 888.776.9824 or visit

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Fifth-Gen Handling Kit
The '10 Camaro is undeniably the hottest and most anticipated car to come out of Detroit this year. Edelbrock is proud to announce a complete line of performance handling products to keep this modern muscle car firmly planted on the road. Edelbrock's complete suspension package for the '10 Camaro is designed as a matched set that will deliver improved suspension performance, handling, and stability for everything from the track to the street. The Edelbrock full suspension kit includes rear toe links, lower trailing arms, sway bars, and coil spring kit. For more information, call 888.409.1552 or visit

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GA3R Performance Wheel
After over 20 years of involvement with teams of virtually every sports car racing organization in the world, Forgeline Forged Alloy Wheels have learned what it takes to produce a racing wheel that can withstand the fierce conditions of the sport. This knowledge has been applied to their latest and greatest. Forgeline feels that the GA3R is the best wheel they have ever made. Their new I-Beamed Spoke technology reduces weight and applies additional strength in rigidity within the spokes of the wheel. The hidden titanium assembly hardware not only gives it a smooth, clean look, but also functions to ease the efforts of cleaning the wheel. In addition, the GA3R features an enlarged open center area for quick and easy lug nut removal. Another feature of the GA3R is the design of the center allows plenty of room for caliper clearance for that extreme brake fitment. Just like any Forgeline wheel, the GA3R is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center-lock applications. For more information call Forgeline at 800.886.0093 or go to

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