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October 2010 Parts Bin

Oct 1, 2010

Pedal Power
American Powertrain and Precision Billet Concepts are proud to introduce bolt-in billet aluminum pedals for '67-81 Camaros at a price point hundreds of dollars below other offerings. Machined from pure billet aluminum, these beautiful pedals are designed to bolt in with no modifications to your existing pedal box. All hardware is stainless steel, while OE nylon bushings are replaced with machined bronze. These pedals work with existing clutch and brake rods, and are compatible with American Powertrains HYDRAMAX hydraulic systems as well. Clutch, brake, accelerator, and e-brake pedals are all available. Prices start at $329 for the clutch and brake pedal set, $179 for automatic brake pedal, and $49 for the matching go pedal. For more information, call 931-646-4836 or click on over to

Camp_1010_01_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Billet_aluminum_pedals 2/15

Carbon Copy
New, real carbon-fiber first and second-gen Camaro gauge panels are now available from Anvil Auto, laid up with carbon-fiber top surface with clear gel coat and UV clear coat available in both high-gloss and satin finishes. All are based on originals but redesigned to better fit aftermarket gauges. The '67 and '68 panel accepts 5-inch gauges, while the '69 panel will accept either 33/8-inch or 5-inch main gauges and 21/16-inch auxiliary gauges. Early second-gen panels accept 33/8-inch mains and 21/16-inch auxiliary gauges. For more information on these and other carbon fiber parts, call 888-723-8882 or go to

Camp_1010_03_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Camaro_gauge_panels 3/15

Camp_1010_05_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Bonspeed_rims 4/15

Forged for Speed
Bonspeed wheels announces the release of a new line of forged billet aluminum wheels that have been designed and engineered with Detroit Speed Inc. (DSE). These cutting-edge wheels are currently offered in two styles branded "bonspeed for DSE" and have styling specifically for DSE. The wheels are developed to exceed the requirements of street/track Pro Touring enthusiasts worldwide and are machined from aerospace-quality 6061-T6 forged billet aluminum. They are engineered and designed to reduce unsprung weight and fit the specific DSE applications or any custom fitment. Available now are the DTM five-spoke and LMP mesh. Both designs can be ordered in 17-20-inch diameters, various widths, and custom Color Forged finishes. Sold exclusively though Detroit Speed Inc.; call 704-662-3272 or go to for more information on the "bonspeed for DSE" wheels.

Camp_1010_04_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Bonspeed_wheels 5/15

Carbon Column
Ididit's carbon-fiber steering column has one of the hottest new looks in steering column finishes. Pair it up with a matching carbon-fiber steering wheel and you have one hot look for your Camaro. Of course, they still make steering columns in paintable steel, chrome, black powdercoated and brushed or polished aluminum. All of ididit's products are 100 percent American-made from new parts and available for many different applications. For more information, call 517-424-7293 or visit

Camp_1010_06_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Iditit_carbon_fiber_steering_column 6/15

If you're into performance, then you've no doubt heard of the B&M 4L60E transmission rated at 800 hp. It's legendary performance from the worlds number one aftermarket transmission company. Now B&M is proud to introduce the ultimate companion to their 4L80E: the Holeshot and Traveler series torque converters. Built with the same quality and pride as their 4L80E transmission, B&M now offers the full package for those wanting to run high-powered engines while still being able to retain good gas mileage. All B&M 4L80E torque converters are furnace-brazed for strength. The 3500-stall unit also includes an anti-ballooning plate, making it suitable for higher horsepower racing applications. For more information, call 760.598.2244 or visit

Camp_1010_07_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column B_m_4l60e_transmission 7/15

ProCharge It!
Realizing the performance potential of modified LS engines, ProCharger is once again leading the way with the release of both an Intercooled Stage II System and Tuner Kit for the '10 Chevrolet Camaro SS. When compared with the industry-leading HO System and Tuner Kit, the new Stage II offering includes a larger, 1,300hp front-mounted, air-to-air intercooler, along with a new low-restriction air inlet and larger air filter. The new Stage II System is 100 percent complete with a P-1SC-1 ProCharger and includes injectors, computer programmer, and an 8-rib dedicated drive and tensioner system with a 12-rib dedicated drive available as an upgrade on Tuner Kits. The heavy-duty bracket provides a solid, stable mounting location for a wide range of ProCharger models, including the standard P-1SC-1. The larger ProCharger D-1SC, F-1D/F-1/F-1A or F-1C/F-1R supercharger models are only available in the Tuner Kit. To learn more about the Stage II System and Tuner Kit, call 913-338-2886 or visit

Camp_1010_08_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Ls_engine 8/15

Fourth-Gen Clutch Performance
The DFX series by Centerforce, the next level in high-performance, is now available for '97-02 Camaros with LS Engines. This new clutch assembly replaces the stock clutch assembly with a higher holding capacity pressure plate featuring a larger-diameter 12-inch assembly designed for a direct bolt-in replacement and ceramic button-style disc. This DFX performance clutch system utilizes the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system for maximum grip, a patented ball bearing design for light pedal and quick release, and nodular iron pressure plate for durability and strength. The DFX part numbers: 010395010 (Pressure Plate, Disc, and Bolts), 11369010 (Pressure Plate and Bolts Only), and 23382612 (Disc Only) are now available. Some applications may require the use of a Centerforce flywheel. Call Centerforce for more information at 928-771-8422 or visit them on the Web at

Camp_1010_09_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Centerforce_dfx_clutch_assembly 9/15

Camp_1010_13_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Chevy_rear_fuel_door_emblem 10/15

Correct Emblems
Restorers can put the finishing detail on the restoration of their second-generation Camaro with Classic Industries' new reproduction rear fuel door emblem for '78-79 Camaro and '79 Z28 models. These emblems are now in stock and available for immediate delivery ('78-79 Camaro Rear Fuel Door Emblem PN 9635455 and '79 Camaro Z28 Rear Fuel Door Emblem PN 9636429). Manufactured by OER, these all-new, officially licensed GM Restoration Parts emblems install directly into the center of the rear fuel door of '78-79 Camaro models. These emblems are meticulously designed to replicate the original exactly. Each emblem is produced with correct shape and contour for the '78-79 Camaro and come complete with the two-barrel nuts required for easy installation. For more information on these or other restoration products, call Classic Industries at 866-656-1707 or visit

Camp_1010_11_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Rear_feul_door_chevrolet_emblem 11/15

Hey Shorty's!
Edelbrock announces the release of bolt-on exhaust system components, including headers and a cross-pipe for the '10 Camaro SS. Together, these components will improve the already powerful Camaro SS's exhaust flow and performance sound. Edelbrock Shorty Headers deliver improved flow for seat-of-the-pants performance you can feel. They are made in the USA from 17-gauge 409 stainless steel and feature heavy-duty 3/8-inch laser-cut port flanges for durability and optimal sealing. An improved free-flowing mandrel bent design provides better performance. They are 50-state street legal, direct bolt-on replacements for OEM exhaust manifolds and are available in a durable Ti-Tech coating (#65713) or ceramic coating (#65712). For more information, call Edelbrock at 888-409-1552 or go to

Camp_1010_12_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Edelbrock_headers 12/15

LS Valve Covers
Mast Motorsports' all-new LS valve covers are designed to look as good as they perform. Their cast-aluminum construction utilizes an OEM rubber gasket to ensure there are no leaks. They feature a multitude of coil mounting locations as well as an advanced breather system for reduction in blow-by. Special versions are available for dry sump applications. Cast reliefs provide added clearance for high-ratio solid rocker arms with no machining required for 1.7 or 1.85-ratio roller rocker arm clearance. All Mast LS valve covers feature a beautiful machined-in logo and fit all LS engines. For more information, call them at 888-417-8334 or log on to log on to

Camp_1010_14_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Ls_valve_covers 13/15

Lower Rod = Better Traction
Global West has just released a new rear adjustable Panhard Rod kit for '93-02 Camaros and Firebirds. The kit provides adjustments enabling the rear roll center to be moved down, directly affecting the car's handling capability during corner exit. Adjusted properly, the panhard rod can dramatically improve traction. The kit also allows you to center the axle within the chassis. The panhard rod kit is designed for street, autocross, and road race applications. For more information on the new Panhard Rod kits, contact Global West Suspension at 877-470-2975 or visit them on online at

Camp_1010_15_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Global_west_panhard_rod_kit 14/15

EZ Trans Control
For computer-controlled transmissions, nothing beats the new TCI EZ-TCU by FAST. No software, laptop, or tuning experience is required. Simply install this new transmission control unit according to the enclosed instructions, then start the system by answering the simple Setup Wizard questions on the included handheld unit. It's that easy; the EZ-TCU does all the work for you! The EZ-TCU is fully configured and ready to run right out of the box-no tuning necessary. But for those who demand customization, the unit is also optionally programmable based on load, speed, and rpm. There is no real expertise needed if you want to custom program your calibration. The EZ-TCU is capable of real-time switchable calibrations, which allows for multiple setups. Run one calibration on the way to the track, and then with the push of a button, have a more aggressive setup ready for the race. The complete kit includes the transmission control unit, handheld unit, and wiring harness. For more information about the TCI EZ-TCU by FAST or any other TCI product, call 888-776-9824 or visit them online at

Camp_1010_16_o Carbon_fiber_steering_column Fast_tci_ez_tcu 15/15



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