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July 2010 Parts Bin

Jul 1, 2010

Brake Dance
AP Racing brakes, considered to be the pinnacle in braking technology, are now available for the '10 Camaro in a complete big-brake upgrade kit by Stillen as part of its Brake Pros product division. The carefully matched front and rear kit includes an AP Racing six-piston front caliper with oversized 16-inch, two-piece floating vented rotor and four-piston rear caliper with 15-inch, two-piece vented rotors. The kit is engineered to stop your '10 Camaro on a dime, street, or track. Manufactured for maximum stopping power and minimum brake fade, the kit offers high-performance braking capability with race-proven technology and comes complete with calipers, rotors, brake pads, coated stainless steel braided brake lines, and all necessary mounting hardware for immediate bolt-on. To learn more about AP Racing big-brake upgrade kits for the '10 Camaro and other high-performance vehicles visit or call 888.221.2892.

Camp_1007_01_o Ap_racing_brakes Big_brake_upgrade_kit 2/14

Twin-Disc Xtreme
Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) introduced its new twin-disc kits for the '10 Camaro SS, equipped with the 6.2L LS3 V-8 engine. The ACT Xtreme twin-disc kit offers Camaro SS enthusiasts a wide range of street-friendly to race-ready kits with torque capacities from 850 to 1,450 lb-ft of torque. All kits offer discs that have twice the surface area and wear, for high-heat capacity and long life, and include their proprietary precision ground floater lift system, which allows for adjustment to compensate for wear. Each kit offers a choice of three different clamp load designs for unparalleled performance and moderate pedal effort. All ACT '10 Camaro SS Xtreme twin-disc kits include a CNC-machined and dynamically balanced flywheel to ensure smooth, trouble-free installation and operation. For more information go to or you call ACT at 661.940.7541.

Camp_1007_02_o Ap_racing_brakes Act_twin_disc_kit 3/14

Camber Shims
Detroit Speed (DSE) announced the Camber Shim Track kits for your DSE front suspension. Detroit Speed's Camber Shim Track kit allows you to adjust camber easily with their one-piece slotted camber shims. Each shim is machined from 6061 aluminum and is then anodized black for durability. The track kit includes four 1/16-inch shims, four 1/8-inch shims, and two 1/4-inch shims to fit your driving needs. The Camber Shim Track kits are available for DSE's Hydroformed Subframe, '67-81 Camaro/Firebirds and '64-77 A-body front suspensions. For more information on this or any other DSE product, go to or call 704.662.3272.

Camp_1007_03_o Ap_racing_brakes Camber_shim_track_kit 4/14

Cut It Out
The original Doug's Headers announced a new-and-improved version of their popular all-stainless steel construction electric exhaust cutouts in 2 1/2- and 3-inch diameters. The engineers at Doug's have taken their famous electric exhaust cutouts and dramatically decreased the size, for more versatile installations, while lowering the price. These cutouts feature a rugged gear reduction, 12-volt DC motor and a rotating gate for a leak-proof seal every time they are opened and closed. Unlike butterfly style cutouts, the Doug's cutouts don't have the leaky gasket sound and, when fully opened, there are no exhaust flow obstructions. A pre-wired harness with an illuminated rocker switch is supplied for easy installation. Uncork your exhaust with the flip of a switch from you dash. The cutouts are ideal for racetracks that don't require mufflers. They are available in singles or pairs and in complete kits with Y-pipes for easy installation. Call Doug's Headers direct at 909.599.5955 for more information or to locate a local dealer near you.

Camp_1007_04_o Ap_racing_brakes Exhaust_cutouts 5/14

First-Gen Sidewinder
Ever wondered why your car feels faster on a cold morning than it does on a hot afternoon? The answer is air temperature. Cooler, denser air packs more oxygen into the combustion chamber. On a typical summer day, the air temperature in your Camaro's engine bay can spike well over 200 degrees, and your fan shroud funnels hot air straight to the carburetor. The new Spectre ProFab Sidewinder intake for first-generation GM F-bodies pulls cool ambient air from around the radiator and channels it straight to the carburetor through dual mandrel-bent intake tubes. Dyno testing on a typical 350hp '68 Camaro showed a 40-degree inlet air temperature drop. The result: over 20 hp and 25 lb-ft of torque. Real world driving with constant fresh air circulation would produce even greater power gains. For more information on the Sidewinder or other intake systems from Spectre Performance, go to or call them at 909.673.9800.

Camp_1007_05_o Ap_racing_brakes Spectre_profab_sidewinder_intake 6/14

Performance Roller
Boze Alloys announced a fresh, new design: the ZE Forged Autocross wheel. This unique five-spoke style has an accent groove in each spoke, which may be painted in a variety colors. Also, the center and rim areas can be finished in high-luster polish or a brush satin texture. The Autocross design is available in both two- and three-piece construction to accommodate large brake kits. Boze offers special custom fitments in 17- to 24-inch diameter sizes and 7- to 15-inch widths to fit performance vehicles. All wheels are custom-built from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy and made in the United States. Visit or call 866.634.4626 for additional information.

Camp_1007_06_o Ap_racing_brakes Ze_forged_autocross_wheel 7/14

Spring Fever
Since the beginning of the GM LS1 engine, aftermarket performance has consistently improved for this impressive powerplant. And with the ever-increasing aggressiveness of LS1 cam profiles being used by builders today, engineers at COMP Cams decided to design a valvespring that could both reduce stress and increase valvetrain stability in these applications. After intensive R&D, rigorous Spintron and dyno testing and exclusive development processes, the No. 26925 Street/Strip Dual Valvespring came to life. This 'spring is engineered for street/strip hydraulic roller and some solid roller LS1 camshafts and features a 1.320-inch outside diameter and a 0.660-inch maximum lift. This lightweight, high-lift dual 'spring is also polish-finished to actually help with the reduction of stress in the valvetrain. Although engineered with GM LS1 engines in mind, these 'springs can also be used with many other popular engine applications. For more information about the COMP Cams No. 26925 Street/Strip Dual Valvespring or any other COMP Cams product, visit them online at or call 800.999.0853.

Camp_1007_07_o Ap_racing_brakes Street_strip_dual_valvespring 8/14

Mount Up!
Chassisworks' billet-aluminum motor mounts and steel frame adapters enable direct bolt-in installation of Chevrolet V-8 and modern LS engines in '67-69 Camaros and '68-74 Novas with stock subframes. The mounts feature durable polyurethane bushings and maintain correct engine position and drivetrain angle. Satin and polished finishes are available with pricing starting at $319 for complete mount and adapter sets. To complement their engine mounts, direct-fit tubular crossmember sets are also available to mount over a dozen popular automatic or manual transmissions. Visit or call 888.388.0205 for more info.

Camp_1007_08_o Ap_racing_brakes Billet_aluminum_motor_mounts 9/14

Now Hear This!
JBA Performance Exhaust, a PerTronix Performance Brand, announces a complete line of headers and exhaust products for the '10 Chevrolet Camaro. The 40-3114 Competition 3-inch exhaust system fits '10 SS Camaros with the 6.2L V-8 and is made from high-quality mandrel-bent stainless steel for maximum performance and flow, and features stainless steel mufflers for that famous JBA sound. The 40-3114 is designed to mate up to the factory 2.5-inch cat assembly for easy installation. JBA also offers mid-pipes with and without catalytic convertors, axle-back exhaust systems, and header kits for the '10 Camaro. For more information visit JBA at or call 800.827.3758.

Camp_1007_09_o Ap_racing_brakes Jba_performance_exhaust 10/14
Camp_1007_11_o Ap_racing_brakes Billet_aluminum_valve_covers 11/14

Run For Covers
Eddie Motorsports released a complete line of Chevrolet one-piece billet aluminum valve covers. Precision CNC-machined in the United States from a single piece of premium 6061-T6 aluminum, the Eddie covers are available in a short and tall configuration with a smooth or ball-milled surface for conventional small-blocks as well as the LS series of engines. The billet valve covers come with a single oil fill hole and screw-in billet cap. They can be ordered with a machined finish, highly polished, or any of the many Eddie Motorsport Fusion coated colors. Suggested retail prices start at $430 per pair. Contact Eddie Motorsports at 888.813.1293 or visit them on the web at

Camp_1007_10_o Ap_racing_brakes Billet_aluminum_valve_covers 12/14

See the Light ... Again
Once again, PowerBall technology has brought an easy and efficient solution to a common problem with the new Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration All-In-One kit. Since the '80s, most new cars have featured aerodynamic plastic headlights that can degrade over time. If your vehicle's appearance is suffering from yellow, clouded headlights, you can now restore them at home without the hefty expense of buying new lenses. The PowerBall 4Lights attaches to a drill and safely restores, maintains, and protects all plastic headlights. When used with the included PowerPlastic polish, the PowerBall 4Lights easily cleans away yellowing, oxidation, and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws in a single step. If your headlights exhibit extreme pitting and imperfections, the included supplemental Severe Damage Headlight Restoration Pack can be used for those rare but extreme cases. Go to for more information on this and all Mothers products.

Camp_1007_12_o Ap_racing_brakes Mothers_headlight_restoration_all_in_one_kit 13/14

Your Right to Read
How to Restore Your Camaro 1967-1969 provides hands-on information and photography for restoring these popular vintage cars. This book covers all aspects of restoration, including engines and drivelines, bodywork, interior and trim, suspension, brakes, chassis, and steering for first-generation Camaros. Author Tony Huntimer delivers a concise and revealing overview of each subject area and shows the most critical aspects of the restoration process with sequential step-by-step photos and detailed captions. The most efficient techniques and best products for returning each component to like-new condition are covered. With this information, owners will be able to determine what's involved in each step of the restoration process. Order your 176-page softbound book for only $29.95 plus shipping and handling at or call 800.551.4754.

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