June 2010 Parts Bin

Street HP Carbs
Holley Performance Products introduces two new Street HP Carburetors in 850 CFM (PN 0-82851) and 950 CFM (PN 082951). Street HPs have gained a reputation for great performance at a great price. Although they are called Street HPs, they are equally at home on the track. They feature the popular Holley HP Series race-ready main body but are calibrated for street/strip duty. The baseplate has several vacuum ports to cover PCV and power brakes. Other features include mechanical secondaries for optimum tire-turning performance, power valve blowout protection, non-stick gaskets, adjustable air bleeds, four-corner idle system, Ford kick-down and downleg boosters. For more information, contact Holley at 270.781.9741 (now available on Saturdays) or visit them on the web at www.holley.com.

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LS3 Big Gulp
The engineers at FAST teamed up with the airflow specialists at RHS to develop a three-piece, polymer intake manifold for rectangular-port GM LS3-type engines. Testing on a stock LS3 engine with a Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body produced gains of up to 14-plus horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque at the flywheel over the stock intake. Following the path chartered by the original FAST LSX Gen III Manifold, the new LSXR 102mm Intake Manifold features a three-piece modular design that allows easy disassembly and porting. Extensive testing led to a runner design that is longer and less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains over the stock intake. The LSXR is constructed from a proprietary advanced polymer material, which offers a host of benefits over aluminum aftermarket intakes, including lighter-weight, strength, and improved heat-dissipating characteristics. While the LSXR features a 102mm air inlet that is perfectly suited to the FAST Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body, it can also be used with stock or aftermarket 90mm or 92mm throttle bodies. For more information about the FAST LSXR 102mm Intake, call them at 877.334.8355 or visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com.

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Oh Henry!
Tom Henry Racing released their new THR exhaust components for the '10 Camaro SS. Two configurations are available: one for engines with stock exhaust manifolds, and another for use with THR Headers. Both are made from big-bore, free-flowing, 3-inch diameter, seamless, 304 stainless steel tube stock. Both systems include a X-pipe. Either of these exhaust systems have three mufflers available. From loudest to quietest, they are: 3-inch inlet/outlet with internal perforated S-pipe, 2.5-inch in/out with perforated S-pipe, and chambered. Both Tom Henry Racing Camaro exhausts come with 4-inch, slash-cut, polished stainless steel tips. Stainless steel Accuseal clamps and 1/2-inch wire hangers are also included. The Tom Henry Racing exhaust system can add up to 7 hp with no special tuning, and the combination of THR headers and exhaust system can add up to 26 rear-wheel horsepower with no special tuning required. For more information on Tom Henry Racing's '10 Camaro SS exhaust components, or any other Tom Henry Racing products, go to www.tomhenryracing.com or call 877.842.4389.

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Domination Factor
New Gen Wheels is once again bringing to the custom wheel market what has been asked for and desired for years: Clean and simple muscle car designs that were never before offered in custom diameters, finishes, bolt patterns, and brake clearances. The Dominator is one of their latest wheel styles that will instantly wake up your muscle car for a unique, aggressive look. All New Gen Wheels are manufactured in the USA from 6061-T6 forged aluminum and are completed to fit your custom application. For more information on the Dominator and other New Gen Wheel designs, call them at 951.609.3483 or visit www.newgenwheels.com.

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