June 2010 Parts Bin

Strut Power
QA1 introduces its all-new Camaro Struts. These struts are now available in either single adjustable, double adjustable, or drag race "R" series adjustable configurations for '82-92 Camaros. QA1 also offers a complete selection of double, single, and drag race "R" series front and/or rear shocks for '67-02 Camaros. QA1's double adjustable struts provide 18 positions of compression adjustment and 18 positions of rebound adjustment, for a total of 324 possible valving combinations. Single adjustable struts provide 18 positions of simultaneous rebound and compression adjustment. Drag race "R" series struts are designed specifically for drag racing and feature a fixed firm compression with 18 positions of rebound adjustment to control how quickly the weight is transferred to the rear of the car. All QA1 struts are made in the USA, individually dyno tested and serialized. For additional information or a catalog, call 952.985.5675 or visit QA1's website at www.qa1.net.

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C-Clip Eliminator For Street
Strange Engineering introduces a new style, specifically designed for street and/or strip, C-clip eliminator for most 10 and 12-bolt GM car rearends equipped with C-clip-style axles. In the past, C-clip eliminators for these applications have been designed for drag racing and use ball bearings. Ball bearing C-clip kits are fine for drag racing but are prone to leaking and premature failure when used for prolonged street use. Strange's specially designed C-clip Eliminator Kit (PN A1033) utilizes Timken unit (tapered) bearings, which survive severe side loads and constant use. The Strange A1033 also features two seals per axleshaft, ensuring a completely sealed axle end. Complete axle and C-clip eliminator packages are also available. Give them a call at 847.663.1701 or visit them online at www.strangeeng.net.

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F-Body Roll Stop
If you're looking for a monster burnout from an automatic or manual transmission-equipped F-Body, or if you just need a little extra staging help, look no further. When installed inline with the vehicle's front brakes, this new TCI Roll Stop allows late-model GM enthusiasts to lock the front brakes, helping to hold the car in the staging beams and the burnout box. The hard lines on the Roll Stop are all pre-bent, making the underhood installation process quick and easy. To operate, simply pump up the brake, apply the Roll Stop and release the brake pedal. The precision solenoid valve can withstand up to 3,000 psi of pressure and is designed to draw only one amp of current. This Roll Stop kit for '98-02 Camaros and Trans Ams comes complete with solenoid, pre-bent lines with fittings, TCI micro-switch (PN 387600), red powdercoated switch mounting bracket, inline fuse, wire, and connector kit along with mounting hardware for a quick, professional-looking installation. For more information call them at 888.776.9824 or visit www.tciauto.com.

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Stack 'Em
Aeromotive released their new Stackable Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulators (PN 13217). Ideal for carbureted nitrous engines, these regulators stack together to control multiple pressures with a single fuel pump. The new "Stackable Regulator" is a clean, lightweight solution, ideal for nitrous engine combinations where unique pressures are desired. No longer will racers have to screw together unsightly brass Ts and pipe fittings to create a so-called "fuel log." Using a positive O-ring seal, simply bolt as many of these regulators together as needed using the provided cap screws and O-rings. Each billet aluminum, CNC-machined regulator is adjustable from 5 to 12 psi and is equipped with O-ring and ORB-Ports including, ORB-10 (flow-through) ports and (two) ORB-06 outlet ports. You can also feed single or dual carburetors and one to four or more stages of nitrous, all with total control of unique fuel pressures at every distribution point. For more information, call 913.647.7300 or go to www.aeromotiveinc.com.

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