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Camaro Parts and Accesories May 2010 - Parts Bin

May 1, 2010

Rolling in Style
Billet Specialties new Pro Touring wheels are engineered for classic to modern muscle cars. The wheels feature caliper clearances up to 1 7/8 inches, clearing most six-piston brake systems and come in your choice of polished or black stainless hardware. Available sizes include 18, 19, 20, and 22 inches. For more info, contact Billet Specialties Dept. Camaro Performers at 800-245-5382 or visit them on the web at

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Stock Improvement
If you've got a stock front clip that is damaged or rusted, and you have the need for speed, Global West's new full Front Clip Conversion pushes the limits of your first-generation Camaro or Firebird and second-generation Nova. This front OEM clip is completely assembled with a selection of Global's best go-fast parts, including upper and lower tubular control arms, QA-1 coilover shocks with Global West specially engineered coil springs, 1-inch sway bar, 2-inch drop spindles, and to guarantee exceptional stopping capabilities, a race-ready 13-inch, six-piston Wilwood brake kit. The kit also includes new steering linkage and a fast ratio 12:1 power steering box. The OEM front clip has tighter, more accurate specs than the original, which ensures proper fitment and optimum performance. All of your current hardware (motor mounts, crossmember, etc.) will bolt directly to the frame with no modifications. The clip is sold separately and is priced at $1,799 while the full Front Clip Conversion sells for $6,699. Global can also put together a custom configuration to suit your specific needs. For more information, ring up Global West Performance at 877-470-2975 or on the Internet at

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Baer Tracks
Baer's new TRACK4 brake systems employ the ultra-stiff, DOT-compliant, radial-mount, all-billet T4 caliper with stainless staggered-bore pistons. The T4s use '98-02 Camaro brake pads, ensuring readily available service parts. The T4s feature a red, silver, or black hi-temp powder finish (optional polished, nickel plated, or custom colors also offered) and are available for all '67-97 Camaros, '64-88 A-, G- or X-body. These 13-inch T4 systems are typically Baer, complete in every detail and ready to bolt on. This is the most feature-rich and cost-effective high-performance brake solution in its class.

Prices start at just $1,095; early GM two-piece spindle system as shown $1,455. For more information, call the fine folks at Baer Brakes at 877-580-7272 or visit them online at

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Wireless Programming
The first and only wireless flash device, the Touch Screen Xtreme features the latest in technology to program or data log your car wirelessly. Programming your vehicle with one of SCT's pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen, and within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.

The Touch Screen Xtreme has a built-in Performance Calculator that allows you to easily measure your vehicle's quarter-mile elapsed time, 0-60 mph elapsed time, and even horsepower and torque ratings. The Touch Screen Xtreme accurately estimates your vehicle's performance based on data monitored from the vehicle's computer. Now you can easily measure performance gains before and after you make vehicle modifications!

Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting "Return to Stock" from the Vehicle Tuning screen.

The Touch Screen Xtreme is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled vehicles.

For more information, call SCT at 866-688-3048 or visit

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Up In Arms
Eliminate wheelhop and add adjustability in your third or fourth-gen F-body with a set of lower control arms from BMR Fabrication. These lower control arms feature on-car adjustability, polyurethane bushings on one side, and a rod end on the other. They are manufactured from heavy-wall 1.5-inch DOM steel tubing and assembled with CNC-machined, 3/4-inch chromoly double adjusters. The BMR On-Car Adjustable Lower Control Arms (TCA004) utilize an internally fluted, greasable, low-deflection polyurethane bushing on one side and a heavy-duty chromoly 3/4-inch XR series QA1 rod end on the other. This design allows bind-free rearend articulation without compromising ride quality while also allowing on-car length adjustability. The BMR lower control arms are available in black hammertone or red powdercoat.

To preview all of BMR's high-performance suspension parts, please visit, email, or contact them via phone at 813-986-9302.

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Strap In
RaceQuip's tagline is: "The Best Value in Driver Protection." Their new Camlock belt set is meeting that challenge by offering loads of features, yet is priced affordably for the grassroots racer. The 751 series Camlock belt set comes in a six-point configuration with a pull-down lap belt design. The harness sets not only exceed the SFI 16.1 specification, they also pass the stringent FIA 8853/98 standard. This "dual certification" allows racers in some sanctions (SCCA, NASA, etc.) to use these belts for five years instead of just two. Like all RaceQuip harness sets, they can still be re-webbed and SFI certified after the expiration date. RaceQuip starts with a super-lightweight, 165-gram magnesium alloy cam buckle. The buckle features an engagement cone that allows the belts to snap into the cam mechanism at angles of 21 degrees left or right, and 11 degrees up and down for ease of engagement. Precise internal spring pressure allows a positive feel on the 45-degree (right or left) unlatch movement without fear of accidental opening. RaceQuip Camlock Harness Sets sell for $199.99 racer net, and are available in black, red, or blue. For more information, call 813-642-6644 or visit

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Billet Bracket
Lokar's Billet Aluminum LS1 throttle cable bracket mounts to the stock location on the vehicle. It is designed to keep the throttle cable down low and close to the manifold. The bracket is available with a single hole or a double hole for the cruise control cable. The product comes complete with all mounting hardware and is backed by a full lifetime warranty and proudly made and assembled in the USA. For more information, call Lokar Performance Products toll-free at 877-469-7440, email, or visit them online at

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Breathe Deep
Just like every other thoroughbred performance engine, the LS3 that comes in every fifth-generation Camaro SS and RS wants to breathe. The restrictive, plastic, factory intake not only looks dowdy, it also impedes airflow and power. After months of rigorous CAD, flowbench, dyno, and real-world testing, the airflow experts at Spectre Performance have introduced an all-new ProFab Cold Air Intake for the '10 Camaro that installs in minutes with basic handtools, significantly improves both horsepower and torque, and looks cool. The sweeping high-flow intake tube is topped with a Spectre high-flow, cotton-gauze hpR Filter, allowing the free-revving LS3 V-8 to breathe easier. As a result, the Spectre ProFab Cold Air intake creates an impressive 21 hp and 23 lb-ft of torque increase over stock. The ProFab Intake uses a high-quality, mandrel-bent polished aluminum intake tube to smooth, straighten, and increase airflow, a high-flow washable, reusable hpR cotton filter backed by an unlimited lifetime warranty and a laser-cut steel heat shield to block underhood radiant heat. Installation is a snap thanks to a machined slot for the factory MAF sensor and included are all necessary brackets, hardware, and complete step-by-step instructions to make installation easy. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit them online at or call 800-821-4868.

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Royal Filter
Commercial fleets use advanced micro-glass oil filters to extend the life of heavy-duty trucks and equipment. These high-tech oil filters use special synthetic glass microfibers about 10 times smaller than conventional cellulose filter fibers to provide superior filtration. High-performance lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple is now bringing this technology to the consumer market.

Royal Purple's new high-performance oil filters combine advanced micro-glass technology and high capacity with optimized flow characteristics for maximum performance and filter life. Each filter features 100 percent synthetic micro-glass media for superior particle removal with 99 percent filtration efficiency, a high-performance silicone anti-drain back valve, a heavy-gauge steel back plate, and ultra-strength filter housing for extra protection against puncture from road debris. Royal Purple oil filters allow change intervals to be extended up to 12,000 miles. Vehicles still under warranty should follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended filter change intervals. Royal Purple filters are fully compatible with all synthetic and conventional oils.

Royal Purple high-performance filters are available exclusively at Pep Boys and other fine auto parts retailers. For more information on Royal Purple or its products, contact Royal Purple Inc. at 281-354-8600 or go to

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Step Up To The Plate
Hawks Third Generation released '83-92 Camaro four-speed Automatic Shifter Plates. A reproduction of the originally designed shifter plates, these have been long-awaited for the '83-92 Camaros. The '83-89 models have the '88-89 slider and white print, while the '90-92 models have the yellow print. These are in stock, ready to ship, and retail for $199. Check them out online at, call them at 864-855-2694, or email for more information.

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Let It Bleed
Inline tube recently released the new 70-77 Square bleeder master cylinder. Inline tube first came out with the '67-69 round bleeder master cylinder and due to its great popularity they have now continued on to the next later style master cylinder that was used on the '70-77 GM cars. Once again your car can have the correct master cylinder it left the factory with. Over the years the master has been changed out with the auto store replacement. While it works fine, you lose the factory look. Now you can get it back. For more information call Inline Tube at 586-532-1338 or go to

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Scratch Removal Machine
The original ScratchX formula was a simple, easy-to-use way to quickly remove isolated paint imperfections. Now the surface care experts at Meguiar's have created ScratchX 2.0 featuring a new, advanced formula that completely eliminates isolated scratches, fingernail marks, paint transfer, parking lot scuffs and other defects quickly and easily. ScratchX 2.0's advanced clearcoat-safe, micro-abrasive technology has the amazing ability to remove surface defects without using any abrasives that scar the finish. The result is scratch removal with slick, high-gloss finish enhancement for isolated repairs on your car's paint finish. While primarily formulated for easy hand application, ScratchX 2.0 can also be applied with a dual-action (DA) polisher. To achieve maximum results, immediately follow ScratchX 2.0 with a high-quality Meguiar's wax to preserve the finish. To order Meguiar's products, visit their e-store at, or call 800-347-5700.

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