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Camaro Performers Parts and Accessories - April 2010 Parts Bin

Apr 1, 2010

Boze Alloys is excited to introduce their new ZE Forged Injected wheel. This stunning design incorporates special accent millwork, which outlines each spoke to add style and dimension. The Injected design is available in two-piece and three-piece constructions and built with a unique forging to accommodate large brake kits. Custom fitments are available in sizes 17- to 24-inch diameter and widths from 7 to 15 inches to fit a wide range of vehicles. These wheels also come in a large selection of finishes including polished, brushed satin, and more. All wheels are custom-built from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and are made with pride in the USA.

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Visit, or ring them up at 866.634.4626.

Big Power Overdrive
Does "800 hp" and "Overdrive Transmission" belong in the same sentence? Absolutely! B&M introduces their 4L80E automatic Street/Strip overdrive transmission rated up to 800 hp!

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If your motor sounds like it's going to explode at 55 mph while trying to keep up with traffic, and you measure your mileage by gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon, replacing your current transmission with B&M's 4L80E may help solve those issues.

B&M's Street/Strip Transmission is a complete ready-to-run unit (less converter) for high-performance street and mild strip use. The transmission provides firm shifts and features a standard shift pattern.

For more information on B&M products, visit, or call them at 818-882-6422

Billet Brackets
Eddie Motorsports now manufactures billet aluminum quick-release fire extinguisher brackets. The brackets are CNC-machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and are available with a polished or brushed finish, or a wide variety of Fusion coated finishes. Designed to allow for mounting in any position, the unique construction and easy function of Eddie's brackets are unsurpassed. With a simple pull of a stainless-steel quick-release pin, the extinguisher (sold separately) and its mount, release from the mounting base quickly and easily. Manufactured in two sizes, Eddie's large brackets are made to work with their chrome 2.5-pound (3-inch O.D.) extinguishers, while the small brackets work with their 1-pound (23/4-inch O.D.) extinguishers. An optional roll bar mount for 13/4-inch tubing is also available.

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Chrome fire extinguishers (sold separately) and billet brackets are priced starting at $59.

To see more billet goodness, go to, or call them at 888.813.1293.

Rock-Hard Arms
The industry's top selling steel rocker arms have been completely redesigned for reduced weight and greater strength, yielding increased valve train stability.

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The original Pro Magnum stud mount rocker arm design has been the standard of the industry for almost 20 years, but recent advancements in design capabilities and steel casting processes have paved the way for a "clean sheet" redesign. Utilizing years of valve train design experience, the latest FEA stress analysis technology and an exhaustive testing regiment (dyno & Spintron), the COMP Cams engineering team left no detail to chance. Everything from casting techniques to valve spring clearance was scrutinized to ensure that the new Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms not only live up to the lofty standards of their predecessor but also took stud mount rocker performance, stability, and value to a whole new level. The arched, web-like design delivers a nearly 29-percent increase in strength and rigidity, while reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the dynamic balance. The resulting rocker maximizes lift and valve train control at high rpm. The increased retainer and valve spring clearances of the new design enable the use of large-diameter valve springs, retainers and locks without clearance or fitment issues.

For more info, give COMP Cams a call at 800.999.0853 or go to

Heat Control
Camaro restorers can now add a complete reproduction heater control assembly to their '67-68 Chevrolet Camaro. These all-new, complete heater control assemblies, manufactured by OER, are available fully assembled with housing, lenses, levers, knobs, and cables. Designed to replace non-working units, these are the perfect addition to any restoration project.

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Each heater control assembly is manufactured to original specifications for a perfect fit, appearance, and function. Classic Industries also makes installation of the heater control unit easy by including the necessary control cables if necessary. Classic Industries retails the units with cables for $219.95 each. Units without the cables retail for $189.95.

All OER products sold by Classic Industries are backed by a full one-year manufacturer's warranty against factory defects and workmanship.

Visit Classic Industries at or call 866.656.1707 for more information.

Nose Job
Ground Up now offers this is excellent reproduction of the nearly impossible-to-find '78-81 Camaro front bumper cover. The original cover was constructed of urethane, which commonly warped and cracked over time. This high-quality reproduction nose is now available in fiberglass and "flex-glass" (a softer, more forgiving fiberglass). Extensive testing has resulted in a product that offers excellent fit.

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This high-quality reproduction fiberglass front bumper covers start at $499.95.

For the complete lowdown, call Ground Up at 866.358.2277, or go to

Flame-Thrower for Six
Adding to their already extensive line, PerTronix announces their new Plug and Play Billet distributors for GMC and Chevrolet L6 (straight six) applications that are designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation, all at a price you can afford.

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Vacuum Advance and non-vacuum applications are available for the '62-88 194, 230 and 3.8 engine family in either a male or female cap configuration. These 100-percent new distributors come with the Ignitor II electronics. This distributor allows you to upgrade your outdated points or stock electronic distributor with a performance-proven distributor that features the patented Ignitor II electronic ignition module and a CNC-machined 6061 T-6 polished billet housing and deck.

For complete information on the L6 Billet Flame-Thrower Distributor, call PerTronix at 909.599.5955 or visit

Old-School Look, Modern Performance
The new Inglese EFI Induction Systems may look like classic Weber induction, but these highly advanced systems deliver performance capable of supporting up to 1000 hp engines. Inglese uses FAST advanced XFI electronics, Dual-Sync Distributors and Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors (GM LS7 type) integrated into precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA throttle bodies. Best of all, with your Inglese EFI system, camshaft choice is greatly increased, allowing for precise targeting of the horsepower and torque to be generated-something not possible with standard Weber carbureted engines. Inglese EFI Induction Systems can also be purchased without the FAST XFI engine controls and distributors for use with existing EFI engine controllers.

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This amazing system is engineered to deliver trouble-free service under normal heat environments and avoid the common binding found with many inferior systems.

Go to or call 866.450.8089 for more info.

Lighten Up!
Seibon Carbon has just released a complete carbon-fiber upgrade to "slim down" the latest in American muscle: the '10 Camaro. Utilizing deluxe French or U.S.-made carbon-fiber, and rigorously-inspected during a multiple-step quality control process, the complete carbon-fiber upgrade is light, fast, and is the ultimate choice in aerodynamic performance for professionals and elite amateurs alike. Seibon offers hoods, doors, fenders, trunk lids, and more in high-quality carbon-fiber.

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Knock off a bunch of weight from your hefty '10 Camaro by calling Seibon Carbon at 909.444.5900 or visit

Blown Cold
Kenne Bell is proud to introduce their Liquid Cooled (Patent Pending) 650, 800 and 1000hp Billet Twin Screw Supercharger Kits for '10 Camaro LS3 engines. The innovative Liquid Cooled (Patent Pending) 2.8LC, 3.6LC, 4.2LC superchargers run cooler and lead the way in displacement, horsepower potential, and air charge temps.

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For more information, click on over to or dial 'em up at 909.941.6646.

Pfadt-er and Stiffer
Pfadt Race Engineering is proud to introduce their new Carbon Fiber Control Arms for the rear trailing arm and the rear toe link for fifth-gen Camaros. Engineered in CAD to be stronger than stock at half weight, they hold the alignment under drag launches and hard cornering. These control arms add much-needed stiffness to the multi-link rear Camaro suspension. The arms ship in pairs with replacement polyurethane bushings for a complete installation. The truly hard core can order solid spherical bearings instead of the polyurethane.

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Give Pfadt Race Engineering a call at 888.972.2464 or look them up on the World Wide Web at

LS Gold
Times are lean. That's especially so for hot rodders on a budget. To address this frustrating inconvenience, Lunati bucks the market with a new LS-engine dual-valve spring kit (PN 73925K1LUN) for about $50 less than competitors. With a maximum lift capability at 0.660-inch, the Lunati kit serves the majority of popular camshaft applications. The kit is complete with dual valve springs, steel retainers, locks, valve seals and spring locators, and represents a drop-in installation for many popular LS applications.

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For more information on Lunati's Gold Valve-Spring Kit of LS Engines, call 662.892.1500 or browse on over to



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