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Camaro Parts and Accesories February 2010 - Parts Bin

Feb 1, 2010

Correct Coverage
Camaro restorers can now add the final accessory to their restoration projects with Original Equipment Reproduction's (OER) '67 Camaro 14-inch wheel covers. Offered exclusively for '67 Camaros, these quality stainless steel accents are exact replicas of the optional original covers and feature the factory-correct Chevrolet Bow Tie. These OER wheel accents include original-style retainers to ensure they stay secured to the wheel at all times. Polished for a gleaming finish, and blasted around the openings to achieve the correct texture, these wheel covers are offered exclusively through OER.
For more information, go to

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First-gen Handle Bars
Take a long look at a modern NASCAR cup car, a '60s F1 car, or a 3,000-year-old Egyptian pyramid and you'll notice one similarity: lots of triangles. The triangle is the strongest shape in nature, so when a group of hardcore autocross racers asked Hotchkis to come up with a way to eliminate subframe flex in their first-gen Camaros, they looked to the past to define the future. The result: Hotchkis Chassis Max Handle Bars, the first tubular front suspension brace that triangulates the upper control arm pickup points to each other and the firewall for incredible rigidity, consistent driver control, and handling. It'll make the most of any high-performance suspension.
Visit, or call them at 877-4-NOROLL (877.466.7655).

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We Have Ignition
PerTronix Performance announces the release of the new Ignitor III ignition module, the first ignition module that puts the features of an ignition box inside the distributor. The Ignitor III contains a high-resolution rev limiter that is set by the user, and increases spark energy for more power and better mileage. Additionally, the Ignitor III features a multiple spark operation that, unlike most "boxes," continues throughout the entire rpm range for improved combustion. Simple two-wire hookup and the latest electronic components offer maximum efficiency and circuit protection for easy installation. PerTronix also offers a new line of Flame Thrower III Coils to further enhance the available spark energy of the Ignitor.
For more information, contact your performance retailer or contact PerTronix directly at 909.599.5955, or log on to

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Rack 'Em
Nitrous bottle racks have been around for just about as long as the bottles themselves, but quality support stands are few and far between. Chris Alston's Chassisworks now offers superior stands for both single and dual-bottle applications. These exceptional mounting racks provide the ultimate in bottle security, convenience, and quality. Individually crafted using a combination of steel and aluminum, Chassisworks' nitrous bottle racks provides both weight savings and unrivaled strength for industry standard 10- and 15-lb., 6.90-inch diameter bottles. All contacting surfaces are fit with rubber guards to eliminate movement and scratching. Strategically-placed steel top support and bottom plates are powdercoated for a rugged, durable finish.
Get all the fitment and option details by calling Chassisworks at 888.388.0205 or go to

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Stealth Markers
Anvil Auto introduces their latest innovation for customizing your muscle car: The Phantom Lens. These little gems replace the chrome pot metal bezels on the side marker lights for '69 Camaros and '69 Chevelles. They can also be incorporated into other cars during a custom build by cutting holes in the sheetmetal using the template supplied in the kit backed up by '69 Camaro lens housings. Anvil Auto's Phantom Lenses are designed to be painted to match a car's body for a stealthy appearance or chromed for a custom look. Black cars can use them right out of the box since they are injection molded in smoked polycarbonate. Side lights are visible when on and disappear when off.
Anvil side marker lights are now available through, or you can order by phone at 888.723.8882.

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Air Bud
This 19.2V digital inflator from Craftsman is designed to inflate automobile tires and other items. The digital inflator is an add-on accessory to the C3 line of cordless power tools, which are powered by one 19.2 V DieHard rechargeable battery. The backlit digital readout allows you to preset the desired pressure for the application, up to 40 psi and will shut off automatically when it reaches that point, so there is no need for a pressure gauge. It provides a maximum of 200 psi of pressure and inflates up to two car tires on a single, fully-charged battery. At just $44.99, it's a great safety item to have in your trunk. Charger and battery sold separately.
Visit for more information.

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Stiffen Up Your Fifth-Gen
Strengthen the floor pan and drive shaft tunnel in your fifth-gen Camaro with a driveshaft tunnel brace from BMR Fabrication. Constructed from 1x2x0.083-inch wall rectangular steel and 3/16-inch CNC laser cut steel plates, these braces replace the factory stamped steel design. The BMR driveshaft tunnel brace (PN DTB004) uses the factory mounting holes and increases rigidity of the tunnel in the critical area where the driveshaft carrier bearing is located. When used with the BMR subframe connectors, the driveshaft tunnel brace ties the driver side and the passenger side together into a sturdy cross-brace. Installation time is less than one hour. They are available in black hammertone or red powdercoat finishes.
For more information, go to, or call them at 813.986.9302.

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Fit and Already Trimmed
The Dynamat engineers are proud to introduce the Dynamat Custom-Cut, specially designed and cut Dynamat Xtreme for specific vehicle applications. With the new custom-cut Dynamat, easy just got easier, and the common questions of cost and amount of material that you'll need for your specific application are answered in a single kit. Just peel and stick the individual pieces in your car according to the included instructions. These CAD-designed components have been patterned from the most popular current and classic cars. All pieces are CNC (Computer Numeric Control) cut to assure a precise fit every time. The kits are constructed from the exact same Dynamat Xtreme material that customers have relied on for years to reduce road and engine noise and create a quiet, solid, luxury car ride.
For a vehicle application list, go to or call 513.860.5094.

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One-Touch Calibration
Classic Instruments' new SN74 Module makes it easy to precisely calibrate most all electronic speedometers with just the touch of a button. The module wires in-line between the transmission's pulse signal or ECM output and your speedometer head. The SN74 converts all known signals and includes an 8,000 rpm signal output to control your electronic cruise control. Just push the button, drive a measured mile, and push the button again. It's that easy. The module mounts out of sight in any convenient location, and the button switch is easily stashed behind your dash, or can be removed after calibration is complete.
For more information, call Classic Instruments at 800.575.0461, or visit them online at

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Let it Flow
The K&N high-flow air filter for the '10 Chevy Camaro 3.6L and 6.2L (PN 33-2434) is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. The simple drop-in design makes it an easy performance add-on for your Camaro. K&N Air Filters are made of four to six layers of cotton gauze sandwiched between two epoxy-coated aluminum wire screens. The cotton is treated with a specially formulated grade of oil causing tackiness throughout the cotton's strands. K&N high-flow replacement filters can be installed in minutes and comply with factory warranties. Pick up your K&N high-flow filter where quality performance parts are sold.
For more info, call K&N at 800.858.3333 or visit

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Billet Sill Plate
One of the first things you see when you open the door to your Camaro is the sill plate. For a while, the only real option was to buy a stock replacement piece, but thanks to Route 66 Motorsports, you can dress up this area with a sweet piece of billet. These custom sill plates for '67- 81 Camaros are available in black anodized, clear powdercoat, and polished finish. You can also order them with custom engraving for a true one-off piece.
For more information, contact Route 66 Motorsports at 815.462.0090, or go to

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Modern Size, Vintage Look
YearOne is proud to announce the release their version of a 17x9 five spoke rally wheel that was originally installed on '70-81 Z28 and '71-72 Chevelle models. Construction features 5-inch backspacing and a machined lip, sporting a gunmetal gray powdercoated or polished aluminum finish. Both wheels accept original-style center caps and lug nuts. Due to the custom nature of these wheels, they are non-returnable once tires have been mounted on them. Offered at $749.00 per set, these are a hot item and priced to move. Order yours today and be one of the first to mount up a set of these all-new, genuine YearOne wheels!
For the most current pricing and availability visit, or call them at 800.932.7663.

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A Great Read
YENKO: The Man, The Machines, The Legend follows the life of Don Yenko from birth to his untimely passing, and offers an in-depth look into the man behind the legendary cars. While the cars will always be the stars, the story of how they came to be is a fascinating one, and author Bob McClurg interviewed Yenko family members, former employees, family friends, and professional contemporaries to get the complete story behind the legendary Yenko name. Never before has the Yenko story been told in such detail. The 8.5x11 hardcover book (ISBN 13: 978-1-932494-85-3) features 208 pages packed with 350 color and 100 black and white photos, many of which have never been seen.
Pick up this unique book on the history of Yenko Sportscars Inc. for $39.95 by visiting or by calling 800.551.4754.

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