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Choosing an EFI gas tank #MTSEMA18

The right fuel tank can keep your Chevy’s mill fed even under the hardest driving.

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Back when carburetors ruled the world life was simple, but today’s EFI-fed engines have requirements that have to be met if you want trouble-free driving. Add in the fact that 600 hp engines, and power adders, are commonplace and the fuel delivery system you choose becomes even more critical. EFI engines need a constant supply of high-pressure fuel. Also, with today’s emphasis on handling it needs that supply to be consistent even during high-g maneuvers.


Back when the introduction of the LS engine moved EFI to the forefront of performance companies like Rick’s Tanks saw this need and started offering fabricated stainless tanks that would both fit our early musclecars and check all the boxes of what an EFI engine needs to live happily ever after. Of course, if EFI isn’t your thing they would happily make tanks for carburetor applications.


Fast forward to today and Rick’s Tanks will still make you a stainless tank to fit whatever car you’re working on, but they also offer a line of EFI-ready stamped-steel tanks for those on a budget. But, regardless of the type of tank chosen, all of their tanks utilize the same locking ring system. By standardizing the mounting it’s easy to move to a larger pump if you bump up your power a bit. At the 2018 SEMA show we asked Rick Guerrero, owner of Rick’s Tanks, to point out some of the highlights of their gas tank line. #MTSEMA18


Ricks offers tanks to fit any budget from their Resto Mod line of stamped steel tanks to custom fabricated stainless tanks.


Rick’s uses a universal locking ring for all of their tanks which makes upgrading pumps a simple plug-and-play deal.


In addition to traditional pumps Ricks also sells PWM units specifically made for newer engines such as the LT1, LT4, and even the recent LT5 GM mills.


In their stainless tanks, pick up brackets are welded in the left and right corners of the tank. These brackets hold their pickups in place.


The pickup heads have a mesh pre-filter and sit low in the tank to ensure adequate fuel supply even when the tank’s volume is nearing the empty side of the fuel gauge.


Depending on your engine’s power output Ricks can provide pumps from 255 LPH all the way to 450 LPH. They can also double- and triple-up the pumps to handle power outputs well over 1,000 hp. Pumps are either Walbro or Aeromotive, depending on the application and needed volume.


For those that already have a tank they also offer a drop in pump assembly. One aspect we thought was cool was that they include the right size hole saw, which saves you cash and trips around town trying to find the right size.


The tanks also come with ready-to-go tube-style sending units which are simple to install and more accurate than the more common float-style sending units. They also help eliminate gauge inaccuracy caused by fuel slosh. They are also available in various ohm ranges.


Making big power? Well then Ricks and help you out by doubling up the fuel modules to handling power levels near 2,000 hp! Since the tanks are made in Texas Ricks is able to easily do custom sizes, shapes, and applications.


Want to try building or modifying your own tank? Well, you’re in luck since they sell weld-in rings and fuel pump retainer plates.


Depending on your application Ricks can also hook you up with the needed pump harnesses so you can utilize late model sending units and factory gauges.


Rick's Tanks
El Paso, TX 79922
(915) 760-4388



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