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C1 Restomod Upgrade and Goodies For Your Corvette

Product Preview

John Gilbert Aug 28, 2018
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C1 Restomod Upgrade

Kugel Komponents is a family owned and operated California business that has manufactured its own IFS (independent front suspension) systems since the early 1980s. Kugel’s IFS systems are of their own design and manufacture—they are not Mustang II or Camaro based frontends. They make all their own cast stainless spindle assemblies and cast or fabricated A-arms. All Kugel Komponents suspension systems are custom built to order and come complete with a crossmember, rack-and-pinion steering and sway bar.

Kugel Komponents
(562) 691-7006

Fitech True Flow Hose Kit 2/4

Alky Friendly Hose Kits

FiTech has introduced an exciting new line of stainless steel hose kits that offer beautiful, chemical-resistant natural or black stainless steel braided fuel lines and superior-quality AN fittings. FiTech’s new True Flow Technology AN fittings feature tight bends with a continuous internal dimension and uniform wall thickness, ensuring that fuel is delivered with leak-free, uninterrupted flow—and without spikes or reductions in pressure. FiTech’s fuel lines and fittings are perfect for any fuel delivery application, including pump gas, methanol, ethanol or alcohol.

FiTech Fuel Injection
(951) 340-2624

Aeromotive Corvette Fuel Pump 3/4

Stealthy Late-C5/C6 Fuel Pump

Aeromotive says they have a solution to your Corvette’s fuel system needs. “No more drilling your fuel tanks; no more risking pump failures in one, two or three pump setups; no more surge tanks; no more mess.” Aeromotive has engineered a patent-pending, complete drop-in fuel system available for C6 and late-C5 Corvettes. The system provides a single A1000 fuel pump capable of supporting big horsepower. The best part, it’s a complete drop-in assembly that incorporates the factory jet siphon system.

(913) 647-7300

Baer Brakes Corvette 4/4

Upgrade 1988-2018 Corvette Brakes

Manufactured in Phoenix, Baer EradiSpeed rotors are available in one- and two-piece designs and are offered in fitments ranging from 1988 C4 through 2018 C7 Corvettes. Featuring slotted, cross-drilled, zinc-coated and directionally curved vanes, Baer’s EradiSpeed rotors are purpose-cast with the highest quality proprietary iron materials for performance far beyond the factory units they replace. EradiSpeed’s curve-vane design provides greater airflow and heat dissipation. The EradiSpeed+1 increases the rotor diameter for even more brake torque and comes with brackets to relocate the caliper.

Baer Brakes
(602) 233-1411



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