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Vette Product Review: Fuel Pump, Floor Mats and More

John Gilbert Feb 6, 2018
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High-Horse Fuel Pump
Aeromotive, a marketer of premium-quality fuel delivery systems and components, introduces the company’s first series of brushless fuel pumps. Designed specifically for extremely high-horsepower vehicles, the new brushless series of pumps offer improved performance and efficiency, especially for ethanol-fueled, street/strip applications. Through years of research and development, Aeromotive created four new brushless pumps: the Brushless A1000, the Brushless Eliminator and the 3.5-gpm and the 5.0-gpm Gear Pumps. The company’s new brushless technology creates less heat, draws less power and eliminates the potential for wear—ideal for dual purpose applications requiring a continuous duty fuel pump and are engineered to last a lifetime.
(913) 647-7300

002 Product Preview Design Engineering C5 Tunnel 2/4

C5 Tunnel Heat Cure
Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) acknowledged C5 Corvette owners have long complained about excessive exhaust heat transfer into and through the console, heating up the interior cabin. DEI now offers a solution with its transmission tunnel plate heat shield and side shield kit. The shield greatly reduces interior temperatures for a cooler, more comfortable and enjoyable ride, especially through the transmission tunnel, while reducing unwanted road and tire noise. DEI’s new lightweight transmission tunnel plate heat shield for the C5 is precision designed die cut for a perfect fit and quick installation. Made of 10-mil embossed aluminum material with insulator, the shield withstands direct temperatures up to 1,750 F.
Design Engineering Inc. (DEI)
(800) 264-9472

003 Product Preview Lloyd Mats 3/4

Period Correctness
Lloyd Mats of Northridge, California, has announced the release of 14 unique C1, C2 and C3 Corvette logos. Perfectly matching the ever-evolving Corvette typeface and flag logos, the new, officially licensed GM logos are model year specific for 1953-’82 Corvettes, and can be applied to all of Lloyd Mats’ popular plush carpet floor models. The new Corvette C1, C2 and C3 logos can be ordered on Lloyd’s Luxe, Ultimat, Berber 2, Velourtex and Classic Loop custom-fit carpet mat models. The GM Official Licensed logos include both the crossed flag and Corvette letter logos for the complete 1953-’82 model range.
Lloyd Mats
(818) 768-6001

004 Product Preview Detroit Speed Independent Rear Suspension 4/4

C2/C3 IRS Rear
The Detroit Speed engineering team leveraged the company’s ’72 Corvette test car as a proving ground for the entire suspension system, identifying the weaknesses in the original manufacturer parts and set up to improve the handling, ride quality and overall strength of the car. The C2/C3 Corvette DECAlink rear suspension kit allows Corvette owners the flexibility to use the original 17-spline differential assembly or upgrade to a 30-spline or a Hammerhead 12-bolt differential. The system features a two-piece cast-aluminum/steel cradle assembly, which makes for changing differentials much easier. Detroit Speed predicts C2/C3 Corvette owners can expect ease of installation with the new DECAlink rear suspension kit.
Detroit Speed
(704) 662-3272

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