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2015 GM Holiday Gift Guide

Sep 24, 2015
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It won’t be long before the Holiday Season arrives in full swing, and there’s a good chance you could use a little help in getting a few gift ideas for that hot rodder in your life. Well, your pals at Chevy High Performance got ya’ covered. Once again we’ve put together our annual Holiday Gift Guide stuffed with plenty of goods to satisfy most any gearhead. Whether you are looking for performance parts, appearance accessories, or cleaning products, there’s a good chance you’ll find it right here in the Chevy High Performance Holiday Gift Guide.

001 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 2/63

SPEC, the innovator in GM LS clutch technology, introduces their new line of single-disc performance clutches for C5 and C6 Corvettes. The new design is currently shipping and features the same extreme capacities you would expect from a SPEC clutch, but with a pedal effort reduction of over 10 percent and no measuring/shimming and no hydraulic upgrade installation. These kits have the same release window as the original self-ratcheting units, but with the increased performance, reliability, and safety these cars demand. The kits support power levels up to an amazing 1,000 lb-ft of torque for the street/strip units and 1,200 lb-ft for drag-specific units.

002 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 3/63


003 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 4/63

Kenne Bell large-displacement and more efficient billet Twin Screw superchargers turn less rpm to develop the same boost with lower parasitic loss. This translates into huge horsepower gains with plenty of room to grow. Kenne Bell’s 100 percent stock ’10 Camaro test car with a standard Mammoth 2.8 kit and 20 psi with E85 pump gas achieved 800 rwhp. Even larger 3.2, 3.6, 4.2, and 4.7 kits are available. All kits include industry leading 4.5-inch Mammoth CAK and new Hi Density Core BIGUN Intercooler. Patented Liquid Cooled optional.

004 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 5/63

Kenne Bell

005 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 6/63

Go to
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Enter code: GM4
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006 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 7/63

Adam and Eve

007 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 8/63

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs offers a huge selection of premium quality gearshift handles including a full line of GM Officially Licensed shifter knobs. Several new styles and colors have been added and custom orders are available. All Speed Dawg shift knobs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are made in the USA.

008 CHPP 141200 HGGHR 9/63

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs
866.906.7801 (in U.S.)
717.741.2665 (outside of U.S.)

009 Nova Wiper Motor 10/63

New Port Engineering has been the leader in windshield wiper upgrades for over 27 years. They offer over 180 all-new, bolt-in motor replacement kits and complete wiper assemblies for many popular GM, Ford, and other classic cars and trucks. Standard features include a modern, heavy-duty, two-speed, self-parking motor that is smaller and more powerful than the original. Options include intermittent delay switches and washer pump kits. See the complete application list at Drive through the rain in safety with a New Port wiper upgrade.

010 New Port Engineering Color 11/63

New Port Engineering

011 5732 F10 PRKR 12/63

The GM Muscle Car line of suspension products from Chris Alston’s Chassisworks offers a selection of simple front and rear suspension upgrade packages for popular 1955-’02 GM passenger cars. Kits include powdercoated front and rear antiroll bars matched with VariShock direct-replacement, billet-aluminum, smooth-body shocks or coilover struts in factory-valved, single- or double-adjustable versions. A great upgrade choice for moderate budgets.

012 ChassisworksMuscleCar CC 13/63

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

013 4150series For Street Sm 14/63

Lokar offers a Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket and Spring Return Kit for 4150 Series Carburetors (Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel, etc.). Intended for street applications, the kit includes provisions for a throttle cable and a transmission kickdown cable, also available from Lokar. Each kit includes stainless steel return springs with dual-wound ends for safety and also has adjustable spring tension. Fits with most drop-base air cleaners and works with single- or dual-plane intake manifolds. Designed to be installed under the carburetor using four mounting bolts or studs (not included). Available in brushed or black finish.

014 Lokar Logo 2015 15/63

Lokar, Inc.

015 Chevymag Wheel Pic 16/63

Classic design meets modern technology with YearOne’s line of upgraded, cast-aluminum wheels for Chevy muscle cars. Designs include the Corvette Rally, the Magnum, the five-spoke Z28, and the N90, all in 17-inch diameters. Complete wheel kits with lug nuts and center caps ship free in the continental U.S.!

016 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 17/63


017 Global Group 18/63

MuscleRods offers everything you need to drop an LS-based engine into your Chevy. Not only do they offer engine mount and crossmember kits that are specifically designed for your car, or the best options for headers and oil pans. Now available are the other components to finish your conversion. Drop in LS radiators, fuel systems, and front accessory drives that are all designed to work together. It’s all just a click away.

018 MR Logo Red 19/63


019 6769 Camaro Stub 20/63

Ten years after its 2005 introduction, Fatman has redesigned their Camaro stub to use their GTech tall spindle and Sportalign system, which allows easy and repeatable dual settings for Interstate and track! Any 1967-’69 Camaro brake system will fit this spindle, saving your already spent dollars.

020 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 21/63

Fatman Fabrications

021 6474HBK SB Copy 22/63

Classic Performance Products’ Hydra Stop is a direct fit, high-performance hydraulic brake assist system. These systems work great when running a performance engine setup and there is not enough vacuum produced to operate a traditional booster. Simply plumb into your power steering system and share the fluid reservoir of your power steering pump with your high-performance brake system. Kit includes: high-pressure line set, heavy-duty return line, pedal rod and mounting hardware. Assembled with all-new parts, this unit puts out an amazing 1,800 psi at the wheels. Street Beast package also includes aluminum Corvette-style master cylinder, side-mounted Prop & Stop Block kit, and all necessary fittings and hardware.

023 CPP 500SERIES PS BOX 23/63

Classic Performance Products’ 500 Series steering box provides late-model steering technology with a 14:1 ratio and all-new components. These new boxes bolt directly to your frame without any need for additional brackets or adapters, and utilize the original power steering pitman arm. They use a 3/4”-30 coupler and inverted flare (11/16”-18 pressure and 5/8”-18 return) hoses. Direct replacement applications are available for 1967-’87 C10 trucks, 1967-’79 Camaros, 1967-’77 Chevelles, and 1968-’79 Novas. Custom applications are also available for fullsize 1955-’64 Chevys. Boxes start at $379 and complete kits start at $599. Get yours today!

024 CPP Wilwood C5 Spindles Brake Kit 24/63

Classic Performance Products has introduced C5 Uprights/Spindles that are a direct bolt-on for Chevelles, Camaros, and Novas. The upright/spindle utilizes a C5 bearing hub assembly to greatly reduce flex on the factory spindle pin and eliminate caliper piston push back. The C5 Upright/Spindles utilizes C5 brakes or any other aftermarket alternative options such as Wilwood, Brembo, and Baer. The early A-, F-, and X-body tall spindle helps with improved geometry by giving a better camber change during suspension movement. This spindle offers superior performance for a great price!

025 EFI Tanks 25/63

Classic Performance Products carries a wide variety of Classic Fit EFI fuel tanks with built-in trays and appropriate fittings. These are original fit tanks and require no modifications to properly install. Utilizing original fill positions, they simply mount like the factory tank. This is the best choice for adding a fuel-injection-ready tank to your classic vehicle. These kits include the mounting straps and hardware. Available separately are the proper fuel pumps, sending units, fuel regulators, as well as a complete fuel line plumbing kit to make CPP your one stop shop for your LS engine/fuel injection conversion.

022 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 26/63

Classic Performance Products

026 90131 DIG 27/63

The HTP Striker Digital Welding Helmet gives you a whopping 12.25 square inches of viewing area! Along with welding, cutting, and grinding modes, you have precise adjustment over all the welding parameters with the digital controls. Four arc sensors mean the helmet will never lose sight of the arc. $139.95 includes free shipping.

027 FacebookSquareLogo 28/63

HTP America/USAWeld

028 Delta PAG Fan Kit 29/63

Delta PAG’s high-performance brushless cooling fans use cutting-edge technologies for ultimate cooling performance. Moves over 2,800 cfm at only 2.70 inches thin - Reduce amp draw (only 13 amps for 2,800 cfm) - Increase reliability (lasts 10x longer) - Infinitely adjustable - Soft-Start tech eliminates power spikes - The thinnest, most efficient 2,800-cfm fan on the market - With Delta PAG’s digital controller you can adjust speed and on/off temperatures for two fans independently. Also, control fans with your OEM/aftermarket computer. Fan kits include everything you need, such as waterproof wiring harness, digital controller, brushless fan and sensor. No relays or temp switches are needed for a brushless system, increasing reliability. A fabricated custom aluminum shroud can be had for only $89. Complete cooling packages also available: radiator, shroud, and fan(s) for any vehicle for as low as $600.

029 Delta PAG Logo Final 30/63

Delta PAG

030 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 31/63

Undercover Innovations has got you covered, literally. If you have an overheating problem with your classic car, Undercover Innovations might have a solution for you. Or if you’re tired of looking at the unattractive front of your radiator, let them dress it up. GMs, Fords, Mopars—models are added all the time. Licensed by GM, engraved logos and custom engraving is also available. Valve covers with custom engraving are available, too.

031 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 32/63

Undercover Innovations

032 March 33/63

March Performance offers more options and more experience. With 24 years of experience and thousands of parts, they have the correct solution for you. March Performance has quality serpentine systems, brackets, and pulleys for Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Olds, Buick, and AMC. Rugged clear powdercoating ensures years of lasting beauty, no polishing required. They also have chrome and other custom finishes. Let their tech crew assist you in customizing the correct kit in your price range for you.

033 March Color Logo 34/63

March Performance

034 TCM5557 D 35/63

Performance Online’s 1955-57 Chevy Bel Air Deluxe Engine and Transmission Mount Kits (TCM5557D) includes Everything Needed to install your hot new engine and trans into your Tri-Five. Engine mounts will accommodate small and big blocks and are available in the stock location or 3/4-inch forward, for those running HEI. The mounts are powdercoated black for a nice appearance and corrosion resistance. The transmission crossmember will accommodate most GM transmissions and is designed for maximum exhaust clearance. Rubber mounts are included but can be upgraded to polyurethane, and LS conversion mounts.

035 Pol LOGO BLUE 36/63

Performance Online

036 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 37/63

The latest to come from Custom Autosound! The most original-looking, direct OE fitment radio ever produced. Over three years in development. Perfect for your ’68-76 Corvette. The radio face appears analog but with a slide of the “SlideBar” the digital display is revealed. Radio features include: 300 watts, AM/FM RDS tuner with 25 presets, USB flash drive player, Subwoofer line out, iPod connectivity, CD changer controller, Bluetooth option, aux input, seven LCD color choices w/ dimmer, Bass/Mid/Treble tone control, DSP EQ. MSRP: $299.

037 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 38/63

Custom Autosound

038 BlackBox3 4View 39/63

Ron Francis’ Wiring BlackBox Relay System is a 2014 SEMA Award Winner. This fully programmable, state-of-the-art relay system allows full control of 10 individual relayed circuits. Control power windows, door locks, fuel/water pumps, fans, and more with this all-in-one unit. A bluetooth module for BlackBox remote control and programming will be available soon.

039 Ron Francis Logo Straight Logo Red 40/63

Ron Francis Wiring

040 Remaster 41/63

Baer is renowned for its performance braking systems, and the company has applied the same engineering expertise to the Remaster, a fully machined, billet aluminum master cylinder. The Remaster is available with right or left port configurations and screw-on billet caps, making checking and adding fluid easier. The Remaster also offers the option to bolt a Baer proportioning valve directly to the bottom, for a cleaner installation and look. The Remaster is a direct replacement for other master cylinders, and is available in 15/16-, 1- and 1-1/8-inch bore sizes. Standard finish options are gray or black anodized and polished, a variety of custom finishes are also available. Remaster is proudly made Phoenix, Arizona.

041 Logos Multiple 42/63

Baer Brakes

042 NHRA Natl At Royal Purple 43/63

The School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) offers programs in block, head, and CNC machining. SAM now offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Engine/Block and Cylinder Head Machining for students wanting to continue their academic education. The school has a 95 percent placement rate, placing graduates in the motorsports industry for the past 25 years.

043 SAM Master LogoW 44/63

School of Automotive Machinists

044 Impala Ad For Chevy Christmas Product Release 2015 45/63

Impala owners, Global West Suspension now manufactures tubular upper and lower control arms for the front and rear of 1971-’96 models. The arms have improved geometry, use Del-a-lum bushings, and are fully assembled so they’re ready for immediate use. Coilover lower control arms are available that support the latest adjustable shock and spring combinations. The coilover shock kit from Global West allows you to adjust ride height for that perfect look. Police and taxicab lower arms are part of the lineup so you can now use the bigger ball joint spindles over the standard B-body applications.

045 GWS LOGO 300 Copy 5 Inch 46/63

Global West Suspension

046 3 1167R LS Mot Trans Mount 47/63

Complete your LS engine swap with Energy Suspension’s LS-Series Motor Mount Conversion Set which is now available with PN 3.1108 transmission mount to transplant an LS-Series motor into most conventional style, three-bolt Chevy cars and trucks. The combo set includes Energy’s HYPER-FLEX polyurethane interlocking motor mounts (tall or short style), mounting plates, transmission mount and hardware. Available in zinc plate or chrome finish and are offered in red or black polyurethane. Made in America.

Part Numbers:
Short & Wide Chrome Finish
Tall & Narrow Chrome Finish
*Add to part number G for Black and R for Red.

047 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 48/63

Energy Suspension

048 KINEKT G 49/63

Interactive jewelry for men and women. Tug on your heartstrings with the Gear Necklace by sliding the pendant along its chain and setting the gears in motion. Spin in style with the Gear Ring by turning the outer rims so that all the gears rotate in unison. Patented. Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping

049 Kinekt Logo 50/63

Kinekt Design

050 OPWK200 51/63

Own a 1947-’87 GM truck and want to give your truck the smooth appearance and great operation of one-piece glass? If so, Brothers Trucks has you covered. Their specially designed one-piece glass kits are painstakingly designed for easy installation and use. This special cut of glass allows for complete sealing around the window and easy roll-up or down operation. Each kit has the option of upgrading to power window for the ultimate in style and convenience.

051 Brothers Mailorder Logo 52/63

Brothers Trucks

052 ShowCase Camaro 53/63

CarCapsule USA, the original Car Bubble, introduces the ultimate in vehicle storage solutions: The ShowCase. CarCapsule produces a variety of styles and options to preserve and effectively protect your classic, vintage, or collector car, bike, or powersport craft from dings, dust, and the elements. It’s not a cover, it’s a ShowCase.

053 Cc Logo Color 54/63

CarCapsule USA

054 46041 55/63

RestoMod Tanks offers an affordable fuel tank solution for muscle cars running aftermarket EFI or GM Gen III engines. Each tank is based on a brand-new, stamped-steel design with modern requirements such as proper venting, exhaust clearance, and the ability to easily run easily run a GM-style fuel pump module or their billet Dynamic module. Available for a variety of GM muscle cars with more applications in development.

055 Restomod Logo 56/63

RestoMod Tanks

056 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 57/63

Cold Air Inductions puts the “cold” back into cold air intake. Tired of seeing the same old, outdated, and ineffective heat shield design from competitors, Cold Air Inductions enclose and insulate the airbox and apply a protective thermal coating to the intake tube. These insulating properties mean less heat soak and cooler intake air temperature, which means more horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Made in the United States.

057 CHPP 141200 HGG HR 58/63

Cold Air Inductions Inc.

058 Camaro Ad 001 59/63

The ACS-T4 front splitter from ACS Composite is designed to enhance the front end of your Camaro. Model-specific splitters are available for all LT and SS Camaros. Improve airflow for greater downforce while retaining the same side height of your car. The splitter is designed with a complete under-covering panel to protect the undercarriage and spread the load at high speeds. Installation hardware and instructions are included; the splitter can be installed in roughly 30 minutes.

060 Camaro Ad 002 60/63

Update and improve your 2010-’13 Camaro hood. Introducing the latest ACS Composite Hood Conversion System for the 2010-13 Camaro LT and SS: the 4Teen Hood Extractor (PN 33-4-175). Installation kit includes a ’14 SS Hood Extractor insert, water tray panel, trimming templates, hardware, and installation booklet to guide you through the conversion. Improve cooling efficiency while keeping your lightweight OEM aluminium hood.

059 ACSWeb 01 61/63

ACS Composite

061 1350 Driveshaft 02 62/63

QA1’s REV Series Driveshafts are available in 3.2- and 3.7-inch diameters for vehicles producing up to 2,000 hp with a max torque of 1,500 lb-ft. According to QA1, these carbon-fiber driveshafts are lighter, stiffer, and stronger than aluminum, steel, and other carbon-fiber driveshafts, and provide dramatic safety benefits. With superior strength and stiffness, all QA1 REV Series Driveshafts are custom made in Lakeville, Minnesota.

062 QA1 Logo White Border 63/63




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