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Chevy Performance Parts Bin - November 2014

Oct 30, 2014
Autorad Radiator 2/6

Cool Runnings

We all know Chevelles are cool, but AutoRad Radiators has found a way to make them even cooler with its ’65-’72 Chevelle performance radiator and core assembly. The assembly mounts in the stock location and the custom core supports allows the use of a much larger radiator. Measuring out at around 32x18 inches, the increased capacity is more than enough to cool standard and LS engines. Each radiator is assembled by hand and expertly TIG welded inside and out. They have created their radiators using only quality aluminum, which provides a lighter yet stronger and longer lasting design than copper/brass units. They are then vacuum brazed for a strong, reliable seal. Stainless hardware is used throughout to further enhance the appearance. In addition to the radiator and core support, this model can also be fitted with high-cfm dual fans and shroud, A/C condenser, and trans cooler to tailor it to your specific needs.

Autorad Radiators

Dw350il Fuel Pump 3/6

Pump It Up

DeatschWerks has just released the newest member of its fuel pump line: the DW350iL. This high-flow, 350-liter-per-hour (lph) pump is their first externally mounted inline piece. It’s also the highest flowing pump it has ever offered. Flowing 350 lph at 40 psi and over 300 lph at 70 psi, it can support over 700 hp. The internals utilize a roller-vane technology that allows for a flatter flow curve that is especially important in turbo and supercharger applications. The pump includes -8 AN ORB female fittings on the inlet and outlet, rubber boots for the power terminals, and two T-bolt mounting brackets with rubber isolators. The DW350iL is engineered to fit Bosch 044 surge tanks and comes with a three-year warranty.


Shift Boots 4/6

Shifty Business

When it comes to shift boots, sometimes a bit bigger is better. This innovative design from Finch Performance is designed to accommodate numerous transmission swaps, including automatics. It’s oversized to cover most trans tunnel hack jobs on the shifter opening and it also allows enough room to remove top-mounted shifters (like those found on common Tremec six-speeds) from inside the car, which makes pulling and installing the transmission way easier.

The steel ring is designed to be welded or tacked to the tunnel and comes pre-drilled and with holes tapped for the provided machine screws. The trim ring is recessed slightly to aid in a tighter carpet fit and finish. Trim ring dimensions are 6.25x9 inches. The kit is available in black anodized, clear anodized, or textured powdercoat (shown). They also have tall and short boot options as well as custom finishes.

Finch Performance

Krc Power Six Rib Serpentine Pulley 5/6

Pulley Power

KRC Power has introduced a new and distinctly different six-rib serpentine pulley kit for LS engines. It includes a race-bred competition hydraulic power steering pump originally proven on 24 Hour of Le Mans sports racing cars. With internal machining tolerances held to 0.0002 inches, this tunable, fully in-house built aluminum pump with integrated reservoir uses no OEM parts. Similar to changing jets in a carburetor, a selection of nine flow control valves is available to adjust the steering feel to personal preference. KRC offers two different diameter pulleys: 6.0-inch and 6.5-inch. Determined by the size of the GM harmonic balancer, it offers the ability to spin the power steering pump at its optimum speed, which is 2,500 to 4,500 rpm. In this rev band the pump has minimum horsepower consumption and develops maximum output. Another key design feature is that the pulleys are slipped onto a splined drive, unlike most pulleys that are press-fitted and require a puller for removal.

KRC Power

Global West Suspension Coilover Kit 6/6

Suspended Evolution

Global West Suspension has just released its new bolt-on rear coilover kit for ’64-’72 A-bodies. With this easy to install system you can adjust ride height, set corner weights, provide precise shock damping, and it’s available with multiple spring rates. The kit includes a new crossmember, which handles a majority of the load. This greatly reduces the stress on the factory shock mount, which avoids cracks in the frame.

Global West Suspension



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