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Chevy Parts Rack - October 2014

The latest offerings for your street machine

Comp Cams Camshaft 2/4

Modern Bumpstick

GM Gen V (LT1/L83/L86) Camshafts

COMP Cams revolutionary GM Gen V Camshafts (LT1/L83/L86) are designed to work with the direct injection (DI), variable valve timing (VVT), and Active Fuel Management (AFM) lifters featured in GM's new Gen V V-8 engine. This means that these new XFITM series hydraulic roller cams allow users to leverage the OE technology for performance gains. Gen V cams feature four different lobe profiles to not only allow AFM-lifter compatibility, but also to optimize intake and exhaust valve opening/closing events. These Gen V camshafts also increase torque and power throughout the entire rpm range, while providing excellent responsiveness and mid-range power over stock for across-the-board gains. The cams require the COMP Phaser Limiter Kit (PN 5456), which limits the range of camshaft movement from 62 to 22 crank degrees, requiring VVT program tuning. The smaller cams are an ideal choice for L83 and L86 truck engines, while the larger versions are perfect for high-performance LT1 applications. AFM-delete custom grind versions are also available.

800.999.0853 •

Dg Radiator Support 3/4

Ultimate Fit

The DG Rad Support

The all-new DG Radiator Support was completely designed and fabricated by an actual car builder, Drew's Garage, and is truly a car enthusiast's preferred way of supporting a radiator. The radiator support is a clean, one-piece design; comes fully welded so there are no bolts to use; and is ready to drop in with no fuss. Being constructed out of 6061 billet aluminum means there is an appreciable reduction in weight. Current applications include first- and second-gen Camaros, first- and second-gen Chevelles, and all Tri-Five Chevys.

Drew's Garage
480.921.2399 •

Carbureted Spacers 4/4

Cool Running

Insulated carbureted spacers

Trans Dapt's insulated carburetor spacers are developed to provide excellent protection from heat soak and power loss caused by vapor lock and percolation. The phenolic materials used to make these carb spacers is a poor conductor of heat and it acts as a thermal barrier, isolating the carburetor from the heat of the engine, keeping your fuel mixture cool and dense. Trans Dapt's spacers with Swirl-Torque Technology are manufactured with a unique, slotted port design that creates a powerful vortex. This vortex atomizes the fuel for a better air/fuel mixture. The result is improved low to mid-range torque through improved combustion efficiency, better driveability and throttle response from your vehicle, and quicker shift recovery rates.

Trans Dapt
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