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Chevy Camaro Parts Bin - June 2014

The latest in Chevrolet Camaro parts and products

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Fourth-Gen Magnum

Fourth Gen Magnum Transmission 2/13

The long-awaited solution for thousands of fourth-generation Camaro and Firebird owners dealing with aging or out-classed manual transmissions has finally arrived. Tremec's new Magnum-F six-speed is a direct replacement for BorgWarner and Tremec T-56 transmissions in '93- 02 F-bodies, offering improved shift performance and dramatically increased torque capacity. The new Magnum-F benefits from technology derived straight from Tremec's involvement with nearly all of Detroit's OEM rear-wheel-drive performance cars. The result is a direct-replacement upgrade superior to the T-56 in every way; including vastly improved shift quality, an astounding 7,800 rpm rating, and nearly double the factory T-56 torque rating (700 lb-ft). For more information call Tremec at 734.456.3726 or visit

Simple Suspension Upgrade

Gstreet Endlinks 3/13

Improve the handling of nearly any vehicle with this simple and effective suspension upgrade from Chris Alston's Chassisworks. gStreet endlinks utilize Chassisworks' low-friction, high-misalignment pivot mechanism to eliminate free-play for a more positive antiroll bar connection. The threaded pivot assembly design allows tightening of the joint if free-play develops over time and facilitates simple rebuilds if needed. Endlink set prices start at $226. For complete details visit or call 800.722.2269.

Cap-tive Audience

 357 Oil Fill Cap 4/13

Maverick Man Carbon introduces the Billet .357 Oil Fill Cap for all LS motors. This product is 100 percent CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and is a direct replacement for the stock oil cap. It will clear all LS1, LS2, and LS3 engine covers and mounts just like the factory piece (O-ring included). Finishes include polished or black powdercoat. Go to for more information.

Two-Piece Rotors

Two Piece Rotors 5/13

Strange Engineering has been an innovator in drag racing brakes for over 30 years and is now proud to introduce their two-piece rotors, which utilize a unique floating rotor design that allows for axial and radial growth as temperatures increase. The field-tested lug design reduces warping and coning tendencies of the rotor. In addition, the spiral lock retention eliminates the possibility of loose bolts and the need for safety wire, as well as reducing rotating weight. The Strange two-piece rotors are a direct replacement for any of Strange's existing rotors or can be added as an upgrade into any of their front or rear brake kit assemblies. For more information, go to or call them at 847.633.1701.

Performance Wax

Driven Racing Oil 6/13

Driven Racing Oil Race Wax delivers a low-drag, high-gloss finish that protects virtually any surface. Developed for use by Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is a performance spray wax and cleaner that delivers a smooth, glossy finish and effectively sheds dirt, tire rubber, and track debris. This race-proven product is perfect for cleaning and protecting painted surfaces, full decal wraps, and fiberglass panels. This wax enables a new level of design creativity in vehicle styling and will not damage the decal, paint, or windows. Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is available in 24oz spray bottles. For more information go to or call 866.611.1820.

Baffle It

Holley Oil Pan Baffle Kit 7/13

Holley's new Oil Pan Baffle kit (PN 302-10) fits their popular cast-aluminum oil pan (PN 302-1) designed to retrofit LS engines into trucks, muscle cars, and more. Vehicles that endure prolonged sessions of deceleration, turning, and acceleration need extra protection against oil starvation. The baffle maintains oil at the oil pump pickup to prevent a loss of engine oil pressure during maximum cornering in high-performance touring or road racing, as well as under hard acceleration in drag racing vehicles. The baffle is designed to be used in the Holley LS Swap oil pan with the standard pickup and is a drop-in replacement for the standard tray baffle. Go to or call them at 866.464.6553 for more information.

Race It

Five Spoke Race Wheel 8/13

Boze Forged is proud to introduce the dynamic and stunning new five-spoke Race wheel. This fresh new style can be accented with a wide selection of ceramic colors and other finish options. Each Race wheel is custom built to the customer's specifications and personal taste in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches. Call Boze Forged at 866.634.4626 or visit for more information on this cool new design.

Underhood Illumination

120 Led Illumination 9/13

Eastwood's new rechargeable 120-LED underhood light gives you bright, hands-free LED illumination of the entire engine compartment, reducing shadows and eliminating the need for awkward, dangerous halogen lights ... no unwieldy cords either. It features 120 surface-mount diode LEDs and folds in half for easy storage. The 120-LED underhood light (PN 30099) retails for $79.99. Go to or call 800.343.9353 for more information.

Hey, Big Mouth

Lsx Big Mouth Throttle Body 10/13

The new cable-pull LSX Big Mouth LT throttle body from FAST provides all of the same horsepower-adding advantages as the original 92mm billet version but gets a sleek new shape and wrinkle-black powdercoat finish. Like the original billet Big Mouth throttle body, it has an enlarged 92mm bore, which is a major upgrade over the stock piece and provides increased airflow for additional horsepower. The throttle body also provides an easy way to switch an engine from throttle-by-wire to cable-pull for compatibility with aftermarket ECUs and easier LS transplant installs that do not require special pedals or other complicated components. For more information, click on over to or call FAST at 877.334.8355.

March Madness

140 Amp Alternator 11/13

March Performance is proud to introduce the LS Style Track series billet serpentine accessory drive system with low-mount A/C system. Originally debuted at the 2013 SEMA Show as a prototype, its overwhelming reception influenced it into production for 2014. It features a custom billet aluminum-housed 140-amp alternator and custom billet aluminum power-steering pump with a low-mounted A/C compressor, providing a more elegant design to their most popular LS kit. These systems come paired with an LS1 water pump, Sanden 7176 A/C compressor, 140-amp billet alternator, and a billet Saginaw power-steering pump to ensure a proper fitment in LS engines. For more information call March Performance at 888.729.9070 or visit them online at

Size Matters

Sportsman Sr Radial Tire 12/13

The Sportsman S/R Radial tire line from Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels has been expanded to include three new front sizes, including 26x6.00R17LT, 28x6.00R17LT, and 28x6.00R15LT. Now customers that are using select Mickey Thompson radials in the rear can have Mickeys all around. The 26x6.00R17LT and 28x6.00R17LT front sizes have been specially designed for late-model vehicles that require a larger (17-inch) rim diameter for additional brake clearance. These sizes are the perfect D.O.T.-approved skinny radial to complement Mickey Thompson's popular rear Sportsman S/R Radial, ET Street Radial, or ET Street Radial II tires. Go to for more information or to locate a dealer near you.

Easy Breathing

Summit Racing Valve Cover 13/13

Installing valve cover breathers isn't high on the difficulty scale—but the Summit Racing Valve Cover Breather Baffle Kit makes the job that much easier. The kit allows you to install a breather on a valve cover not originally equipped with a breather, or to position an additional breather. The aluminum baffle is threaded and is attached to the valve cover with a lock nut, O-ring, and a sealing washer. For more information, go to or call 800.230.3030.



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