Parts Bin - April 2014

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High-End Lifters

Comp Cams Roller Lifters 2/13

COMP Cams Sportsman solid roller lifters are premium-quality, high-value components designed for Sportsman and professional racing, along with high-end street machines. These lifters are available in both needle bearing and bushing configurations. The Sportsman solid roller lifters are designed to be a premium, rebuildable upgrade over the company's Endure-X lifters and a value alternative to their Elite Race lifters. They are offered in two configurations: traditional needle bearing axle/wheel design and optional bronze bushing axle/wheel setup. Each design features two pressurized EDM oil feeds as well as an edge-orifice feed to the wheel. They are available for big- and small-block Chevy applications (and other brands), and are sold in pairs or full sets of 16. For more information call COMP Cams at 800.999.0853 or go to

LS Series Conversion Sets

Energy Suspension Ls Series Motor 3/13

Energy Suspension now offers an LS Series motor conversion set to allow you to easily transplant an LS motor into a vehicle that has an early, conventional three-bolt mount. Each set includes their superior Hyper-Flex polyurethane motor mounts, mounting plates, and hardware. Call Energy Suspension at 888.913.6374 or visit energysuspension.comfor more info.

Buckle Up

Nexbelt Belt 4/13

Nexbelt, the belt with no holes, has introduced a new line of belt buckles for the Camaro and Chevy enthusiasts. The new Camaro and Chevy logo belt buckles feature Nexbelt's unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit. This system allows you to adjust the belt in 1⁄4-inch increments, and completely eliminates the need for holes, as well as the traditional pin/buckle system. Call Nexbelt at 909.758.0079 or go to nexbelt.comfor more information.

Going Berzerker

Viking Performance Berserker 5/13

Viking Performance takes suspension control to the next level with its award-winning, revolutionary Berserker ASM (Active Shock Management) system. This all-new, smart suspension management system monitors chassis input and reacts to it by automatically adjusting shock valving up to 1,000 times per second. The Berserker ASM provides the ultimate in performance handling and ride control right out of the box. In addition, an optional upgrade allows advanced, unlimited tuning and suspension data acquisition for drag racing, autocross, road racing, or other applications via a laptop plug-in or a soon-to-be-released smartphone app. To learn more contact Viking Performance at 800.236.6001 or visit

Wicked Adapter

Proven Wicked Steering 6/13

If you are looking for a solution for replacing your factory steering wheel with a nice race steering wheel without permanent modifications, Proven Wicked has what you need with their fifth-generation Camaro steering wheel adapter (for off road use only). The adapter accepts most standard six-bolt steering wheels. Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in Type III black hard anodize, Proven Wicked's steering wheel adapter splines are pressed in with a custom-made broach taken from GM prints for the utmost in accuracy and strength. Check out provenwicked.comor call them at 702.530.5121.

Plate Appearance

Big Mikes Performance Parts Front License Plate Mount 7/13

Big Mike's Performance Parts' STO N SHO is a two-piece detachable front license plate mounting system for your fifth-gen Camaro. Made in the USA of high-quality aluminum, the STO N SHO is designed for modern muscle cars in which appearance would be ruined by using the factory mounting location. Go to or call 831.663.4849 for more information.




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