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Roll Your Own

Continuing its 34-year history of engineering innovative products for the auto hobbyist at affordable DIY prices, the Eastwood Company is proud to introduce their new 12-inch Slip Roll to expand the enthusiasts' metalworking possibilities. Use it on sheetmetal and wire to create bends, cones, and cylinders. This general fabrication tool helps re-create a variety of parts including rocker panels, door skins, and any other sheetmetal piece requiring a rolled bend. The precision Eastwood 12-inch Slip Roll works with an 11.75-inch maximum roll length; 1.5-inch minimum roll diameter; 20-gauge maximum steel thickness; 17-gauge maximum aluminum thickness; and wire forming sizes of 5⁄64, 1⁄8, and 5⁄32 inches. To learn more, call Eastwood at 800.343.9353 or check them out online at

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Mount Up

The new FAST EZ-EFI Cable Mount Kit is designed to work with the specific needs of the FAST 4150 throttle body found in EZ-EFI systems. Through its use in the FAST EZ-EFI, the FAST 4150 throttle body has helped revolutionize the efficiency of air intake systems in fuel injected applications. Until now, however, users have had to rely on an inferior generic mount kit to connect their throttle and TV (or kickdown) cables. The American-made FAST EZ-EFI Cable Mount Kit features much greater quality, strength, and appearance than the poor-fitting generic kits. The kit is designed to work with and allow adjustability for automatic transmission TV cables, and is also specifically marked for the unique TV cable setup of GM 700-R4 transmissions. The kit includes all the necessary hardware to install and adjust, including a comprehensive selection of cable mounting brackets to cover all major cables, applications, and brands. Call FAST at 877.334.8355 or click on over to

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Seal the Deal

Steele Rubber Products has recently embarked on a yearlong journey to re-engineer and re-tool door seals for first-gen Camaros. From research to tooling, from manufacturing to testing, Steele chronicled the entire process involved in producing these parts correctly. On the surface, a rubber seal may not appear to be a highly technical undertaking, but the new website will give you insights into the extent to which Steele went through to get these seals correct. Steele Rubber Products manufactures and supplies automotive restoration rubber parts and weatherstripping for American-made cars, trucks, and street rods. With over 15,000 parts, Steele offers quality rubber parts for vehicles from the '30s through the '90s. Call Steele Rubber Products at 704.483.9343 or go to

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Adjustable Struts

Strange Engineering is proud to announce new double-adjustable struts for '82- 92 and '10- 14 Camaros. Strange double-adjustable coilover steel struts are designed and valved to satisfy the needs of the most competitive racer. A drag race can be won or lost by the narrowest of margins, making suspension tuning and consistency critical. The coilover struts easily permit independent control of both extension and compression, which allows you to optimize your car's performance. The wide range of adjustment can be used to adapt to changing track conditions, control weight transfer, and improve down-track stability, ultimately resulting in reduced e.t.'s and more consistent performance. These struts are fully rebuildable and can be set up with custom valving for $499 each. Call Strange Engineering at 847.663.1701 or visit them on the Internet at

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LS Engine Install Kit

Finally decide to put an LS motor in that classic Camaro? You've done the research, made the commitment, and now comes the installation. Classic Performance Products has an LS engine install kit to help you finish off the engine and get it into your ride. CPP's kits will work on all LS motors (except LS7) and '00 and newer Vortec motors. The kit includes: FitRite adjustable engine mount adapters, PolyPlus engine pads, full-length ceramic-coated headers, oil pan with windage tray and pickup tube, and all mounting hardware. Retail is $1,169. For more information call Classic Performance Products at 800.823.1299 or they can be found online at

Ls Engine Install Kit 6/13

Phantom Fuel Delivery

It's really quite simple. Put an electric fuel pump inside almost any fuel tank. That's it! No welding, no sumps … just install and drive. Aeromotive's Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that installs a high-performance fuel pump into almost any gas tank. It also controls fuel slosh and eliminates vapor lock and cavitation. Aeromotive's Phantom Fuel System includes a baffle/basket assembly that controls fuel slosh and an in-tank Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Pump capable of supporting high horsepower even at EFI pressures. All this installs right into the top of your stock gas tank in about an hour. Say goodbye to cavitation and vapor lock. And if EFI or a transplant are in your future, you now have the fuel system to support it. For more information, go to or call 913.647.7300.

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