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Parts Bin - New Chevy Camaro Products - January 2014

Jan 8, 2014
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Fifth-gen Long-Tubes

Jba Long Tube 2/13

JBA's 6812S and 6813S long-tube headers fit 2010- 13 SS Camaros with the 6.2 liter V-8 and are built with 3⁄8-inch-thick flanges at the cylinder head and V-band collector rings for maximum ground clearance. The four-tube under-chassis exit design is made from 16-gauge tubing for durability with 1 ¾-inch (6812S) or 1 7⁄8-inch (6813S) primaries and 3-inch collectors for increased horsepower and torque in the midrange. The design accommodates both automatic and manual transmission cars with power brakes, power steering, and air conditioning. Finish options available are stainless, bright silver, or titanium metallic ceramic coated for a rich appearance and long life. These headers come complete with reducers, 1,100-degree Fahrenheit rated gaskets, and premium installation hardware. Call JBA/PerTronix direct at 909.599.5955, or visit them online at

Carbon ST-yle

Seibon Carbon Trunk 3/13

Seibon Carbon's ST-style trunk lid for the 2010- 11 Camaro is crafted using only the finest materials. Their advanced production process allows for an exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also provides extra strength. For a stunning finish, the ST trunk lid is coated with a glossy clearcoat to produce a show-quality appearance. Seibon Carbon's ST-style trunk lid features an integrated rear spoiler that gives the fifth-gen Camaro a hint of aggressiveness. For more information contact your local Seibon Carbon dealer, visit, or call 877.473-4266.

Attitude Adjustment

Stokers Hot Rod Factory Adjustable Ls Engine 4/13

Stoker's Hot Rod Factory introduces their new adjustable LS engine adapters. This new design is offered exclusively through Stoker's and features a total of 6 inches of adjustability. No more trying to guess which bracket offset you need to buy or repositioning of your current engine mounts to accommodate your new LS engine. These are perfect for LS retro-fitting. The adapters include all necessary hardware and are designed to use standard GM rubber or polyurethane motor mounts. Only $85 per pair. Call Stoker's toll-free at 855.726.7101 or check them out online at


Boze Forged Intake Wheel 5/13

Boze Forged proudly introduces the bold new Intake wheel, part of their Xclusive series. This stylish split five-spoke wheel is designed for performance and muscle car fitments. Each spoke has an angular shape to accent the design. Boze offers many finish options such as high-luster polish, ceramic color, brushed satin two-tones, powdercoated colors, and double smoke tints. All wheels are custom-built for each application to fit big brakes, staggered stance, and custom offsets. A complete assortment of sizes are available: diameters from 17 to 24 inches and widths from 7 to 15 inches. For more details call Boze Forged at 866.634.4626 or visit

Floor It!

California Car Cover Oil Drip Tray 6/13

There's a chill in the air, and you know what that means: it's time to tuck in the car you've cruised all summer long for a winter's nap. But before you do, slide a Galvanized Oil Drip Tray beneath the engine compartment to catch any excess waste, oil, water, or other fluids that would otherwise threaten the floor of your garage or shop. These drip trays measure in at 24x36 inches and are made of durable, galvanized metal. At just $14.99, it's a great way to keep your floor spot- and fluid-free. Call California Car Cover at 800.423.5525 or go to for more information.

Sound Investment

Strange Engineering Axle And Spool Package 7/13

Strange Engineering has developed a budget-minded axle and spool package for 8.8-inch Ford and 12-bolt Chevy rearends. The 35-spline S-Series axles are forged from SAE 1550 modified steel, and when combined with a deeper heat treat that increases torsional strength, the axles can reliably handle the power and torque of your muscle car. The package also includes a Strange lightweight pro race chrome-moly spool, C-clip eliminators or axle bearings, and your choice of ½-inch or 5⁄8-inch studs. Packages start at $528.70. Give Strange Engineering a call at 847.663.1701 or check out for more info.

Prop-er Stopping

Wilwood Proportioning Valve 8/13

Wilwood's new combination proportioning valve substantially simplifies mounting, plumbing, wiring, and brake proportioning adjustments on vehicles with custom brake systems. The combination block maintains full isolation between the front and rear fluid circuits and can be used in conjunction with any tandem outlet or dual-mount master cylinder assemblies. The rear circuit has a single inlet and single outlet with the adjustable proportioning valve. The front circuit has a single inlet with two outlets. The sturdy forged body incorporates two 5⁄16-inch through-holes for secure mounting to the frame or a reinforced chassis brace. For more information contact Wilwood Disc Brakes at 805.388.1188 or visit

Performance and Style

Classic Performance Products Sway Bars 9/13

Classic Performance Products introduces a new line of rear Pro Touring-style hollow sway bars with clevis-style endlinks to improve the cornering performance and traction of your 1970- 81 Camaro. CPP's sway bar offers an attractive and effective way to tie the framerails together. The kits include adjustable Heim joint endlinks, premium mounting hardware, laser-cut frame mount brackets, greasable polyurethane bushings, Grade 8 bolts and gloss-black powdercoat finish. The sway bars are available with standard axle clamps and bushing brackets or they can be upgraded to billet aluminum. Call 800.823.1299 or go to for the complete lowdown.

Robust Differential

Auburn Gear Four 10/13

Auburn Gear's four-pinion gear design is engineered to exceed the capability of the fifth-gen Camaro's two-pinion OE stock differential, making the Auburn differential the right choice for those who want to upgrade their drivetrain. The new Auburn differential harnesses the separation forces that occur within the differential gears as torque increases. The new diff boasts an impressive bias ratio capable of delivering tire-smoking torque to the tractive wheel. Auburn Gear's new differential is designed to accommodate all fifth-gen V-8 Camaros, including those exceeding 600 horsepower. The new four-pinion differential supports 3.27, 3.45, and 3.73 gear ratios. For more information call Auburn Gear at 260.925.3200 or visit them online at

Shifty Proposition

Lokar Performance Products Shift 11/13

Lokar Performance Products offers premium shift knobs manufactured from billet aluminum and are designed to fit Lokar automatic transmission shifters with their safety lock-out Teflon-lined button. They are also available for manual shift levers with 3⁄8-inch threads. With no shift pattern engraved, the Lokar shift knobs offer a smooth, clean appearance and are available in a brushed, black, or polished finish. They come with a lifetime warranty and are made right here in the USA. For more information call 877.469.7440 or go to

Control Down Low

Granatelli Motor Sports Rear Lower Control Arms 12/13

The Granatelli Motor Sports rear lower control arms (PN 500058) give your fifth-gen Camaro a dramatic increase in vehicle handling and feel. By replacing the flimsy factory stamped steel lower control arms with the Granatelli boxed rectangular steel units, the tires are firmly planted to the ground at all times. This greatly increases traction and eliminates unwanted wheelhop. This direct OEM replacement requires absolutely no modifications and installs with basic hand tools in 1-2 hours. Available in a long-lasting black powdercoat finish. For more information call 805.486.6644 or visit

Brace Your Fifth-gen

Qa1 Strut Tower Brace 13/13

QA1 is excited to offer a strut tower brace designed specifically for the fifth-gen Camaro. The strut tower brace features a unique design that reinforces the front sub-structure and strut towers. The result is improved handling through quicker and more precise steering reaction. The tower brace features a black powdercoated finish for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. For more information click on over to or call 800.721.7761.



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