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Chevy Camaro Parts Bin - October 2013

Oct 21, 2013
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Double Take
Dual caliper rear brake kits have become a familiar sight in the pits. Turbo-powered door-slammers can benefit from the extra clamping force as they spool up the turbos on the starting line, while Sportsman cars and dragsters can run a second pair of calipers for additional braking or as a back-up brake system. Strange Engineering offers a full line of Pro Race Rear Dual Brake kits for all of the popular housing end styles. Available with soft or metallic pads, the dual rear brake kits can also be upgraded to the popular two-piece rotor design. Contact Strange Engineering at 847.663.1701 or visit them online at

Strange Dual Caliper Braking System 2/13

Spring Into Action
The newest valvespring kit from COMP Cams provides an easy way to fit an older engine with the latest spring technology without the need to guess about which parts will make it work. The COMP Cams Dual Valve Spring Kit (PN 26926TS-KIT) is easy to set up and allows builders to utilize modern small-diameter dual valvesprings used in common 11⁄32-inch square-groove valve applications—such as with the popular small-block Chevy. The kit increases both the lift capability and the rpm limit of these 11⁄32-inch square-groove valve-equipped powerplants, especially those utilizing hydraulic roller valvetrain setups. Each kit comes with a set of valvesprings, machined locks, tool steel retainers, seals, and both OD cup and ID locator seats for 0.570-inch guides, allowing the engine builder to choose his preferred locating strategy. For more information go to or call 800.999.0853.

Comp Cams Dual Valve Spring Kit 3/13

Lightweight Master
The Speedway Motors Aluminum Master Cylinder not only boasts lightweight aluminum construction, but its main bore is sleeved with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to provide extra protection against the caustic materials found in modern brake fluids. The aluminum master cylinder is based on the popular GM-style design, making it perfect for a wide range of muscle cars and even race cars. Outlets on both sides of the body (3⁄8-24 IFF) allow the master cylinder to be used in both frame- and firewall-mount applications, while the 1-inch bore size can be used with either manual or power brakes. The stainless steel sleeved aluminum master cylinder has an unpolished body and chrome cover. For more information call 800.979.0122 or visit

Speedway Motors Aluminum Master Cylinder 4/13

Rock It!
Everything looks better with five-spokes. From Pro Touring g-Machines to factory stock Camaros, the right set of five-spoke alloy wheels can totally revolutionize a car’s overall look. Rocket Racing Wheels now offers the newer-era muscle car enthusiasts a classic line of wheels that continue to complement the timeless look and feel of the originals. The Rocket Modern Muscle Booster series does just that. Specifically designed for modern muscle vehicles such as the fourth- and fifth-gen Camaro, the Muscle Booster comes in 18x9, 18x10, 20x9, 20x10 sizes and are available in classic Hyper Shot, gloss black, and chrome finishes. The Modern Muscle Booster Series is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum, and each wheel is topped off with a vintage-style aluminum O-ring center cap. The wheels are hub centric, and vehicle-specific hub rings are sold separately. Learn more at or call 888.307.7525.

Rocket Modern Muscle Booster Series Wheels 5/13

Better LS Protection
With LS cam failures on the rise, many of the problems can be traced back to improper lubrication, or at the very least, insufficient lubrication that has not kept up with performance modifications. Driven’s LS30 High Performance Oil helps solve those lubrication issues. The oil protects LS engines by utilizing the right viscosity for optimum flow upon start-up, thereby eliminating hydraulic roller lifter ticking, yet it doesn’t break down as temperatures rise. LS engines are also notorious for allowing oil blow-by through the PCV system. LS30 is a low-volatility oil that reduces the amount of vapor migrating through the PCV system, which in turn reduces oil consumption and its negative effects. In addition, Driven LS30 features a high-zinc content to protect aggressive cam profiles, and the advanced synthetic formula delivers high-temperature protection. Driven Racing Oil LS30 High Performance Oil is available in a 5W-30 weight configuration. For more information click on over to or call 866.611.1820.

Driven Ls30 High Performance Oil 6/13

Color Guard
Husky Liners is proud to introduce their new ’10- 13 Custom Mud Guards. Not only will they provide enhanced styling, but they’ll help prevent damage to your Camaro’s paint from the sandblasting effects of rocks and road debris. The Husky Liner Mud Guards are engineered to contour the fenders and body panels for a custom fit. Manufactured from high-impact resistant material, they offer a lifetime guarantee. For more information visit or call them directly at 800.344.8759.

Husky Lines Custom Mud Guards 7/13

Renegade Crossfire Intake
Eddie Motorsports has recently invited the die-hard GM folks who are still clinging to their original electronic Crossfire Fuel Injection into the circle. Eddie now manufactures the Renegade two-piece performance aluminum intake manifold exclusively for GM engines equipped with the dual throttle body Crossfire Fuel Injection. The Renegade is the only true OEM/high-performance manifold manufactured for these engines, which were available in ’82- 84 Camaros and Firebirds. Manufactured in the USA, the Renegade’s advanced runner profile design, increased plenum area, and flow enhancements provide improved power, torque, and gas mileage. Initial tests on a modified 383 engine have shown gains of 30 rwhp over the stock Crossfire intake. Prices start at $549. Contact Eddie Motorsports at or call them at 888.813.1293.

Eddie Motorsports Crossfire Fuel Injection 8/13

Get a Grip
These trio of stylish oil cooler clamps are the newest addition to the Earl’s line. They fit all Earl’s oil cooler heights. The anodized aluminum mounting system is made with E-coated steel hardware and rubber isolators to rigidly mount Earl’s proven coolers. The rubber isolators keep vibration from reaching the cooler for longer life and helps allow for less-than-perfect installation situations while maintaining a firm grip. For more information go to or call them at 270.781.9741.

Earls Line Oil Cooler 9/13

Cooler Crimper
PerTronix has just released a new wire terminal crimping tool for automotive use. This new set features an ambidextrous, ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip for comfort and ease of use. According to PerTronix, the unique thing about this crimper set is the quick-release interchangeable die set. No tools are required to change the die sets. The five included sets of dies will handle the most common automotive terminals. The rugged carbon-steel tool body is finished in corrosion resistant black oxide, and the hardened die sets are zinc-plated chromoly. The ratcheting action provides for a precise, uniform crimp every time. The kit comes in a blow-molded plastic case. For more information contact PerTronix Performance Products at or 909.599.5955.

Pertronix Wire Terminal Crimping Tool 10/13

Chevrolet Performance has released the COPO Camaro Build Book—an insider’s look at the assembly of the 2012 production models that provides racers with a detailed overview of how to build their own Camaro Stock Eliminator race car. Chevrolet built 69 of the COPO cars in 2012 and another 69 in 2013. More than 130 color pages and hundreds of photos depict the build process at the specialty COPO Build Center. They include the modifications required to the “body in white” to accommodate the rollcage and chassis/suspension components to the final installation of the interior trim and performance instruments. The COPO Camaro Build Book carries part number 88958767 and is available from Chevrolet Performance retailers. Go to for more info and to order your very own COPO Camaro.

Chevy Performance Copo Camaro Build 11/13

Defensive Film
3M is disrupting the traditional notions of vehicle paint protection. The new 3M Paint Defender System harnesses the power of 3M technology by spraying on the product as a liquid before it transforms into a clear, durable film. The addition of Paint Defender to 3M’s current line of professionally applied films provides consumers with a variety of price and performance options to select from. The added barrier serves as a lasting line of defense against everyday hazards on the road, such as road chips, that threaten vehicle appearance. This system is the latest innovation from the company’s Automotive Aftermarket Division and embodies 3M’s broad expertise in polymers, weathering, adhesives, and films. For more information visit

m Defence Film 12/13

Here is the ultimate solution to the front license plate mounting dilemma for the fifth-gen Camaro. Through extensive testing, Man Machine Interface offers its patented Aero-Plate front license plate mounting bracket. The bracket mounts below the very bottom portion of the front fascia using existing screw locations so there is no need for drilling or the risk of abrasion marks. The bracket is precision CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for excellent strength and outstanding appearance. The kit easily installs with the included steel fasteners and is available in black anodized and custom polished finishes. Call MMI at 440.871.6496.

Man Machine Interface Aero Plate 13/13



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