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Efilive Flashscan V2 2/56

Fifth-gen Camaros come in three high-tech flavors (LS3, L99, and LSA), but there's only one flavor of scanning/tuning software that delivers maximum performance: the FlashScan V2 from EFILive. FlashScan V2 allows you to monitor data, log ECM and TCM activity, check and reset diagnostic trouble codes, and custom-program engine and transmission controllers. FlashScan's integrated scanning and tuning software simplifies tuning with its overlay capabilities. Simply highlight an area in a data log created by the scanning program, and the cells containing the values that control the conditions being monitored are highlighted in the tuning program. FlashScan V2 controller allows "black box" scanning, tuning, and trouble-code reset without using a PC. You can find out more about FlashScan V2 and even download a free copy of the software from their website.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

Chris Alstons Chassisworks Chevy Camaro 3/56

The ultimate bumper-to-bumper chassis solution for high-horsepower, big-tire, Pro Touring '67-69 Camaro projects is now available as an off-the-shelf item. The complete gStreet system consists of Chris Alston's Chassisworks–fabricated front subframe with modified engine position and drivetrain angle; replacement double-walled rockers; 3x2-inch subframe connectors; choice of 4x2-inch canted four-link or torque arm with Watt's link rear frame; fabricated transmission tunnel and lowered seat-mount assembly; complete interior tin kit, including front and rear floor, wheeltubs, trunk floor, and rear firewall. The exact-fit rollbar or rollcage with forward support struts can be added to create an extremely rigid performance platform suitable for 1,000hp engine combinations, with room for large enough tires to put that much power to good use. The front subframe accommodates tires up to a 12.25-inch section width with 26.3 inches in overall height (305/30-19) with a full 30-degree turning angle. The rear has ample room for 14.25-inch section-width tires with 28.2-inch overall height (345/30-20).

Eddie Motorsports

Eddie Motorsports Billet Dressup Parts 4/56

Eddie Motorsports offers a complete line of True American Billet dress-up and performance parts for '67-11 Camaros. All of Eddie's parts are machined from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum in the United States at their Southern California facility. The Eddie Motorsports Camaro product line includes billet hood and trunk hinges, serpentine pulley systems, billet taillights, billet hood latches, and much more. Call or visit their website for a free catalog today.

Hawks Third Generation

Hawks Third Generation Chevy Camaro Console Lid 5/56

Hawks Third Generation '82-92 Camaro Console Lid Reproduction is manufactured and reproduced like the original console lid. Also known as the console armrest, after years of heat and pressure from resting arms, these console lids are infamous for cracking and busting. Replace your old one with a new reproduction one from Hawks Third Generation. It comes in the factory black color. Looking for other hard-to-find '82-02 Camaro parts? Let Hawks Third Generation help you find that part. With a large inventory of GM, N.O.S. obsolete, reproduction, and used parts, Hawks Third Generation will be more than happy to help you.

Gear Vendors

Gear Vendors Gm Speedometer Gears 6/56

New GM speedometer site from Gear Vendors. GM has discontinued the TH400 speedometer gears, speedo housings, and related parts but you can now buy direct from Gear Vendors (at

Gears Vendors has been making GM speedo parts since the '80s when their overdrive was factory on the Callaway Corvette. All billet housings are just $55 and gears are just $12. Visit their website for ratio charts that will allow you to buy the exact gear to make your speedometer accurate, or call Gear Vendors directly.

Gear Vendors

Gear Vendors Overdrive Transmission 7/56

Gear Vendors overdrives are known for their high-horsepower handling (capable of 2,500-plus horsepower). Having 33 years of metallurgical and machining expertise means you can have the world's strongest overdrive. Gear Vendors overdrives are controlled by the touch of a button on your shifter for both automatic and manual transmissions and bolt directly up to your existing transmission, giving you a shiftable 28.6 percent faster ratio that will save you at least 25 percent of your fuel costs.

Your vehicle's cruising rpm will drop the same as going from a 4.10 differential to a 3.19. Plus, the under/overdrive trademark means you get the extra performance of ratio splitting your automatic transmission's wide ratios.

Excellent for performance driving or road course action while keeping your reliable muscle car–era transmission instead of swapping to a weaker, late-model design.

Custom Autosound

Custom Autosound Usa 630 Radio 8/56

Custom Autosound's USA-630 radios are designed and engineered specifically for classics. These radios come ready to install with no assembly required and look right in your classic dash. With 300 watts, they should give you all the power you need. Modern features include an iPod dock, USB MP3 player, RDS tuner, or an optional Bluetooth adapter for hands-free phone calls and music streaming from your iPhone or Android-based phone. If you want the old-school CD player, the Custom Autosound six-disc changer or one-disc player plug into and are controlled from the buttons on the USA-630.

"The System" solves the age-old problem of where to put speakers in any vehicle. The System allows you to keep the integrity of your vehicle intact, yet enjoy quality sound with deep rich bass. It features an 8-inch, 150-watt powered sub and two 50-watt mid/tweeter speakers.

Pace Performance

Pace Performance Hammerhead Housing 9/56

The Pace Performance HammerHead housing offers three different stages of complete bolt-in replacement kits for the fifth-generation ('10-plus) Camaro. Available in ratios from 3.42 to 4.88, HammerHead housing features race-proven DSS axles rated up to 1,400 hp. The HammerHead 12-bolt housing features more strength and less horsepower loss than a 9-inch Ford housing. And by using a 12-bolt, the HammerHead allows a larger selection of gear ratios, posi units, and racing spools when compared to OEM-style differential options. From $5,499.99!

Steele Rubber Products

Steele Rubber Products Chevy Camaro Door Seals 10/56

New First Gen Camaro Door Seals from Steele Rubber Products introduces completely re-engineered and accurate door seals for first-gen '68-69 Camaros and Firebirds. These seals are made from the highest quality rubber to ensure proper density and fit. Steele used today's technology to add features to these parts, making them easier to install and last longer. The sponge-molded ends are encapsulated with brass cores for better performance and installation. All retaining pins are pre-placed in the exact locations for accurate fitment. Each seal is properly sized in length and height to fit perfectly. Steele spent over a year developing and testing these seals to provide the best quality parts for serious restorers of these classic muscle cars. See the whole story at Made in America for your classic American car.

Schwartz Performance

Schwartz Performance G Machine Chassis 11/56

The G-Machine Chassis for '67-81 Camaros are the solution to a common problem. Schwartz Performance's chassis is a full-length frame that utilizes original mounting points and bolts to the factory unibody structure in the rear of the car. By bolting the suspension and drivetrain to a rigid frame, the body undergoes much less stress from today's powerful engines, sticky tires, and aggressive driving habits. This design reduces installation time (body can be lowered onto the chassis with the drivetrain in place) and requires very little floor notching in the rear seat floorpan area, otherwise it is a bolt-in unit. Their suspension design is continuously tested on road courses around the country, and offers ride quality comparable to modern sports cars. Would you build a house without a solid foundation?


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