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Cold Air Inductions Inc.

Cold Air Inductions Air Intake 2/56

Are you looking for a true cold-air intake system for your Camaro? Like you, Cold Air Inductions got tired of the same old sub-standard plastic cold-air intake sucking in hot air from the engine bay, which is why they design products that are proven to keep your intake air flowing cooler and faster. They offer an enclosed and insulated airbox designed to pull the cooler air from outside of the vehicle, which features an easily removable lid that has a clear view window for fast filter inspection. They also apply a thermal coating to their intake tubes to reduce performance-hindering heat soak, and design their own eight-layer, lifetime-use air filters that maximize performance and protect your engine.

Benefits include increased horsepower, torque, throttle response, and even fuel economy! All of their intakes are made in the United States, have been third-party dyno tested, and come with a lifetime warranty. Cold-air intakes are available for all '10-plus V-6, V-8, ZL1, and supercharged Camaros in either a "near chrome" or "textured black" powdercoated finish for added durability and a high-quality finish.


Prothane Total Bushing Kit 3/56

PROTHANE offers a Total (full replacement) Bushing Kit for the '10-12 Camaro. This kit is complete with subframe bushings, and replaces OEM rubber parts. It includes bushings and components for front control arms, steering rack, front and rear sway bars, rear control arms, adjustment link, trailing arms, and rear differentials. Factory rubber parts exhibit excessive play, resulting in poor handling. OEM rubber tends to deteriorate and rot. The PROTHANE Total Kit (PN 7-2044) features specially engineered polyurethane bushings and components designed to provide improved handling and a more stable and controllable ride. PROTHANE components are impervious to oil and grease, which outlast stock rubber bushings. They are precision fit replacements, with no hassles or special tools required.

PROTHANE also offers suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, bumpstops, and driveline couplers.

UPR Products

Upr Products Catch Can 4/56

What are the benefits of a UPR Catch Can? To capture oil that travels through your PCV system before it enters your air intake, passing directly through your intake into your combustion chamber. This oil will cause pre-ignition and create buildup on the spark plugs. By eliminating oil from entering your intake tract you can be sure your vehicle will run even better than when it was new.

UPR Products' exclusive three-chamber design is one of the industry's top performers. The multi-directional flow system can be used on vacuum and boost situations allowing maximum airflow without restriction, and the stainless steel mesh positively captures all the oil that passes through it.

The average results seen are about 7 ounces of oil captured every 3,000 miles. With 11,000-plus units sold worldwide you can be sure your stock or modified vehicle will benefit from a UPR Catch Can.


Fast Ez Efi 2 0 Self Tuning 5/56

The original FAST EZ-EFI boasted the industry's easiest carburetor-to-EFI conversion option. Now the EZ-EFI 2.0 Self Tuning Fuel Injection System has been upgraded with more features than ever before, while maintaining its ease of use that doesn't require a laptop or tuning experience. Its eight-injector, die-cast throttle body features late-model OEM sensors for accuracy and durability, supports up to 1,200 hp (the highest on the market), includes ignition timing control, and is able to run E85, E98, and E15 ethanol-blend fuels.

The unit features a color touch screen and works with either generation of EZ-EFI throttle body, multi-port systems, dual-quad systems, and Inglése throttle bodies, and is compatible with multiple fuel pump choices. The EZ-Ignition features an EZ-Solution option, meaning it can be used with most common ignition systems, while precision control requires a FAST distributor or crank trigger. The patent-pending EZ-EFI 2.0 includes a limited lifetime warranty and is backed by the industry's most extensive technical support team.

TCI Automotive

Tci Automotive 6l80e Bolt Together Torque Converter 6/56

The innovative TCI Automotive 6L80E Bolt-Together Torque Converter features a triple-disc lock configuration and a bolt-together design that allows for easy disassembly. Removing the billet front provides access to the entire lockup assembly, turbine, stator, or bearings for servicing or tuning for future vehicle modifications.

The patent-pending converter features a triple-disc lockup clutch that utilizes woven carbon frictions designed to withstand the punishment of continuous slip lockup control. The effective diameter of the clutch in conjunction with the triple-disc configuration provides for significantly higher torque capacity over the stock clutch. The lockup clutch is attached to an industry-exclusive sprung hub, allowing for smooth engagement while preventing shudder. The sprung hub also absorbs harsh impact loading, which greatly increases transmission life. The converter is available for the '10-and-up Camaro, and is proven to shave 0.7 off of eighth-mile runs.


Comp Cams 4 Pattern Camshaft 7/56

COMP Cams 4-Pattern Camshafts feature four different lobe patterns with one intake and exhaust design for the intake manifold's outboard runners, and another intake and exhaust design for the inboard runners. While the four inboard cam cylinders are all the same grinds, the outboard exhaust openings are 2 degrees earlier, with outboard intake closings coming 2 degrees later. This is the first ever use of technology in street vehicles to balance air/fuel ratio per cylinder. It can net you a possible 1,000-plus rpm over other hydraulic rollers and anywhere from 5- to 20-plus horsepower peak to peak, depending on cylinder head flow. The four-pattern hydraulic roller cams are 100 percent CNC ground from steel billet cores, feature cast-iron distributor gears, and utilize a series of lobes with over 0.600-inch valve lift and stability up to 7,500 rpm, all while providing more consistent cylinder-to-cylinder torque. Available for small- and big-block Chevy-carbureted or fuel-injected applications, the NASCAR-inspired cam design is exclusive and unique to COMP and each one comes with a full Adcole report.

Driven Racing Oil

Driven Racing Oil Ls30 High Performance Oil 8/56

With LS cam failures on the rise, many of the problems can be traced back to improper lubrication, or at the very least insufficient lubrication that has not kept up with performance modifications. Driven's LS30 High Performance Oil helps solve those lubrication issues. The oil protects LS engines by utilizing the right viscosity for optimum flow upon startup, thereby eliminating hydraulic roller lifter ticking. Yet the oil doesn't break down as temperatures rise. This provides both proper protection and allows for consistent VVT system operation. LS engines are also notorious for allowing oil blow-by through the PCV system—even in factory configurations. LS30 is a low-volatility oil that reduces the amount of vapor migrating through that critical PCV system, which in turn reduces oil consumption and its negative effects. In addition, Driven LS30 features a high-zinc content to protect aggressive cam profiles, and the advanced synthetic formula delivers high-temperature protection. Driven Racing Oil LS30 High Performance Oil is available in a 5W-30 weight configuration.

Quarter Master

Quater Master Optimum Sr Two Disc Ls Clutch 9/56

With lessons learned from racing, and with the data from extensive driveability testing, Quarter Master Optimum-SR 10.4-inch Two-Disc LS Clutches are now available for street use. They are currently offered for the C5 and C6 Corvette, Gen V Camaro, Pontiac G8, and '09-and-newer Cadillac CTS-V, with more applications to come. Both the race and street versions feature a spring designed to require only a 10 percent increase in pedal effort over stock, with stock-type modulation control. The clutches are capable of handling 1,400 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. The street version features sprung hub, marcel-type discs with organic rag-type friction for smooth engagement. A vented floater plate and grooved friction surfaces provide better cooling as well. Featuring aircraft-grade bolts and hardware with an all-billet construction, each two-disc clutch is completely rebuildable and can be used with OE hydraulic bearing systems or Tri-Lite II Hydraulic Release Bearings.

Racing Head Service

Racing Head Service Pro Elite Ls7 Aluminum Cylinder Heads 10/56

Available bare or assembled, RHS Pro Elite LS7 Aluminum Cylinder Heads are the aftermarket's first high-performance LS-style head to feature a raised intake runner design that fits both stock and aftermarket LS7 intake manifolds and valvetrain setups. These fully assembled heads are designed with a 12-degree valve angle and unique 0.220-inch raised intake runners to provide a better line of sight into the cylinders and allow for an improved short turn. The heads also utilize the popular LS six-bolt head design, making them compatible with both the RHS LS Race Block and most GM LSX blocks. The raised runner and rolled valve angle increase overall flow capability, while an upgraded water jacket design improves thermal conductivity. The assembled head option features premium-quality COMP Cams valvetrain components in a variety of configurations to fit your specific needs, including chrome-moly, titanium, or tool steel retainers.


Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rockers 11/56

Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rockers are an easily installed, bolt-on power-adder for Chevy V-8 and V-6 engines. Their needle bearing trunnion assembly greatly reduces operating friction and side-to-side oscillation, thereby increasing horsepower, torque, and throttle response, as well as engine-operating efficiency. Even more power can be realized with the available higher rocker ratios, which increase gross valve lift, torque, and horsepower.

Rocker bodies are CNC-machined from aircraft-quality, heat-treated, and extruded billet aluminum for maximum strength and durability with minimum deflection. Voodoo rockers are fitted with a precision-ground roller tip and axle to reduce valveguide and valve stem tip wear. All steel components are precision-machined and heat-treated for increased strength and wear resistance. Each set comes ready to install with positive locking nuts that hold valve lash adjustments.

They are engineered for extreme valvespring pressures and higher lift cams.

Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rockers are made in the United States. Applications include: small-block 262-400; LT1; Gen III LS1/LS6, Gen IV LS3/L92; big-block 396-454; and Chevy V-6 60- and 90-degree engines.


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