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With the Chevrolet Camaro heralded as the most popular muscle car of all time, the aftermarket offers a plethora of parts to get yours to the next level regardless of what year of Camaro you own. Whether you drive a history-rich first-generation classic from 1967 or one of today's stylish V-6 RS or high-horsepower V-8 SS model, the availability of parts is virtually unlimited. If you are in the process of upgrading the performance of your Camaro's engine or suspension, or if you need that elusive reproduction part to get your Camaro looking better than ever, there's a good chance you'll find it in this special 19-page Camaro Product Showcase.

Designed to simplify your search for "just the right part" to fulfill your Camaro's needs, your pals at Camaro Performers magazine took care of the groundwork to help make your life a little easier by bringing together the top aftermarket companies in the industry that are dedicated to fill the wants and needs of every Camaro owner into one handy guide.

Whether you own a classic or modern g-Machine, vintage restoration project, or late-model street machine, the Camaro Performers magazine Camaro Product Showcase features the most popular parts to keep your Camaro looking, sounding, and running better than ever.

Magnuson Products

Magnuson Products Supercharger Chevy Camaro 2/56

Use a simple, reliable, OEM-quality bolt-on performance to turn your '10-13 Camaro into a 470-plus horsepower, 449-plus lb-ft beast. Unleash the power lurking within your LS3 Camaro with a Magnuson Supercharger that delivers an additional 120 hp and 120 lb-ft of torque to the wheels at just 6 psi. Magnuson's 100 percent complete bolt-on system requires no hood modifications and utilizes all factory "push-lock" connectors for a simpler, cleaner install. In addition to the neck-snapping performance, all of Magnuson's Superchargers are acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions and utilize an internal bypass valve that virtually eliminates parasitic loss at low load conditions.

With over 40 years of supercharger experience, Magnuson was the first to market with the Camaro in 2010 and has sold more Camaro TVS Superchargers than all of its competitors combined.

AAC Enterprises

Oracle Concept Smd Sidemarkers 3/56

We all love the styling of the Camaro concept car. Now you can get the look of the concept by changing your side markers to the Oracle Concept SMD Sidemarkers. This includes a set of four new side markers containing high-powered Bridgelux LEDs (made in the United States). Easy installation, just remove the factory side markers and pop in the LED replacements; total installation takes only 10 minutes to complete. These are available with clear or tinted lenses and painted any factory Camaro color. The "laser-like" look of these LED side markers is sure to turn some heads day or night! You can order simply by scanning the QR code with your smartphone!

AAC Enterprises

Oracle Lighting Bridgelux Leds 4/56

Oracle Lighting Technologies introduces their new line of SMD Halos for the fifth-generation Camaro, featuring "Surface Mount Technology" 3,528 LEDs made by Bridgelux LED (made in the United States). These new SMD rings are brilliantly bright, extremely durable, and last for 50,000 hours of continuous use (they should outlive your car!). Each Oracle Halo Ring contains hundreds of high-powered surface-mount LEDs and fit both RS and non-RS Camaro models. Oracle Halo kits are available for just about any vehicle application and if Oracle doesn't already make a kit for your car they will build one for you if you ship your headlights to them! This new Oracle halo kit is available in white, red, green, blue, and orange (Amber) and ColorShift (color changing) to fit any vehicle theme. Only white and Amber are road legal and can be used as an additional DRL light, other colors are reserved for show-use only. Since these kits are designed to install directly into your existing factory headlights, the kit includes everything you need and detailed installation instructions as well as an installation video guide. You can order simply by scanning the QR code with your smartphone! To find out more about this or other great products from Oracle Lighting, visit their website.

AAC Enterprises

Oracle Lighting Chevy Camaro Mirror 5/56

These sleek mirrors from Oracle Lighting are inspired by the aerodynamic design of the Camaro concept car and "Bumblebee." You don't have to sacrifice functionality for styling when it comes to these side mirrors. Despite the mirror being smaller than factory, the field of vision is actually wider thanks to the use of a specially designed "aspheric" lens. All the factory controls and heated defroster work just like the factory mirrors and plug in using the factory connector. Each mirror also has over 80 integrated LEDs that can be connected as a turn signal or running light. You can order simply by scanning the QR code with your smartphone! To find out more about this or other great products from Oracle Lighting, visit the website below.

Circle D Transmission

Circle D Transmission 4140 Htsr Billet Reinforced Output Carrier 6/56

Circle D Transmission is ready to turn your 6L80/90 into a performance beast. They've been a leader in the transmission industry since 1976. Their continued development in custom modifications and billet upgrades makes your choice an easy one.

Now available: 4140 HTSR Billet Reinforced Output Carrier (pictured). This custom output carrier with billet spline upgrade helps eliminate the OE spline failure in high-horsepower vehicles. Other CDT modifications include Circle D's Custom Billet 4-5-6 Hub Shaft Assembly and HD Clutch Pack, upgraded 3-5-R and 2-6 Clutch Packs with nitride-treated steels and added clutch capacity. The pump and valvebody are also upgraded to exclusive CDT specs. Circle D's fifth-generation shop Camaro is steadily used for R&D of parts and tunes so that they can help push your vehicle to its peak performance. Circle D can ship your transmission worldwide with confidence. Even better, transport your vehicle to them so they can work their magic.




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