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Parts Bin - July 2013

Aug 27, 2013
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Affordable Cross-Ram
If you are looking for something radical to make your early small-block Camaro stand out from the competition, check out Ground Up’s new cross-ram setup. This heavy-duty cross-ram setup is a sure way to get noticed at car shows, and the manufacturer claims it will boost horsepower and low-end torque on the track. It differs from other cross-ram kits on the market in that it does not feature original GM part numbers or stampings of any kind, making it a great lower-cost alternative to an original GM cross-ram setup. It’s also perfect for a Z/28 re-creation. The kit includes two 600-cfm double pumpers and a fuel line set. Ground Up also sells a variety of add-on accessories for a complete installation. For more information call Ground Up at 866.358.2277 or visit them online at

Ground Up Cross Ram 2/13

Precision Flow Injectors
New low-impedance injectors from FAST are designed for high-horsepower, boosted engines looking for a single-injector set solution. While other performance and racing applications may need to run two injectors per cylinder to flow a high volume of fuel, FAST Precision-Flow 220-lb/hr low-impedance fuel injectors are each designed to flow 220 pounds per hour for applications making up to 3,500 horsepower. Featuring a minitimer connector, they measure 2.550 inches from O-ring to O-ring. They are compatible with both gasoline and alcohol fuel. FAST Precision-Flow 220-lb/hr low-impedance fuel injectors are XFITM compatible and feature the iconic FAST logo. Available individually or in a complete set of eight. To learn more call FAST at 877.334.8355 or go to

Fast Precision Flow 220 Fuel 3/13

Second-generation Cams
The latest Lunati asymmetrical camshafts, the new TL2 (flat tappet) and the TR2 (solid roller) designed for small- and big-block Chevrolet racing engines, are quite the marvels. Both series of camshafts were designed using the latest technology and feature increased lobe lift—therefore greater valve lift. They were specifically developed for short track Modified applications, Dirt Late Models, Sprint cars, and drag and street/strip vehicles. Depending on valvetrain weight, the new TL2 and TR2 camshafts provide stability up to 8,800 rpm. TL2 prices start at $187.06 and TR2 at $337.16 with custom grinds available as further attractive options. For more information contact Lunati at 662.892.1500 or visit

Lunati Asymmetrical 4/13

Wiredless EFI
MSD Performance is proud to introduce its next generation of Atomic EFI—the all-new Atomic LS platform. Where last year’s Atomic TBI consolidated electronics and sensors into the throttle body itself, the Atomic LS platform incorporates the electronics into the fuel rails. The Atomic LS wiredless design mounts simply and cleanly on the engine, greatly improving the overall aesthetics under the hood. MSD Atomic EFI systems were designed with two major goals: to simplify EFI and deliver better overall performance to your engine. Simplicity is achieved through wiredless technology to ease installation, plus the Atomic is simple to program with no PC required. Performance is delivered through advanced control of the fuel and ignition. Two master kits are being launched, PN 2950 for LS2/LS3 engines, and PN 2960 for the LS7. These kits are designed for factory-style intake manifolds and injectors. For more information, call MSD at 915.855.7123 or go to

Bmr Suspension Adjustable Trailing 5/13

Strong Arming
Eliminate wheelhop on the street and launch harder at the strip in your fifth-gen Camaro with a set of adjustable trailing arms from BMR Suspension. Superior to the factory stamped steel arms, these adjustable trailing arms are constructed from 1.25-inch DOM steel and 3⁄16-inch CNC laser-cut mounting plates. The BMR adjustable trailing arms (PN TCA033) utilize low-friction, Teflon-lined spherical rod ends to eliminate bind and provide length adjustment. When used in conjunction with other adjustable rear suspension links (control arms and toe rods), the BMR adjustable trailing arms allow a wider range of alignment settings for various racing applications. Available in black hammertone or red powdercoat. Visit or call 813.986.9302 for more information.

Msd Performance Atomic 6/13

LED the Way
The Eastwood Company has launched a new SMD LED retractable work light flashlight combo. SMD, otherwise known as Surface Mount LED, is the next level of LED lighting. The Eastwood work light features 30 powerful SMD LEDs that emit over 200 lumens and are two times more powerful than the same count of regular LEDs. Featuring a retractable body, the user can control the amount of light with a simple sliding action. This rechargeable work light is fully charged in 4-6 hours and offers 1.5 hours of run-time. This light is tough enough for automotive and shop use but also great for around the house. For more information go to or call 800.343.9353 source code CP713.

Eastwood Smd Led Retractable Work 7/13

Holding Capacity
The DFX series by Centerforce is now available for ’80- 94 Chevy four- and six-cylinder engines. This new clutch assembly replaces the current assembly with a higher holding capacity pressure plate designed as a direct bolt-in replacement and ceramic button-style disc. The DFX series is designed as a direct bolt-in for perfect fit and function and scores big, not only with holding capacity and strength, but also provides some of the best driveability from a race-inspired clutch. The DFX performance clutch system utilizes the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system for maximum grip, a patented ball bearing design for a light pedal and quick release, nodular iron pressure plate rings and reinforcements designed to help prevent drive strap breakage and safety. Dual Friction assembly is also available upon request. Feel free to call Centerforce at 928.771.8422 or visit them online at for more information.

Centerforce Dfx 8/13

Corn Squeezins
Holley Performance Products is proud to announce that HP and Dominator fuel pumps and components have been approved for use with gasoline, diesel, and now E85. The pump family has passed the 1,000-hour heated E85 testing cycle to ensure their durability with this fuel. Matching HP and Dominator fuel pressure regulators use a diaphragm material compatible with gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and E85. The O-rings in the filters are Viton and are safe for use with all the fuels above as well. For more information contact Holley at 270.781.9741 or visit them on the web at

Holley Performance Hp And Dominator Fuel 9/13

Second-gen Dampers
Flaming River is proud to introduce their new dual-adjustable aluminum shocks for second-gen Camaros (’70- 81). The shocks feature a lightweight, aluminum twin-tube design with a clear anodized finish. With 19 adjustment positions for compression and 19 rebound, there are 361 different valving combinations. The large adjustment range allows for setups from comfortable cruising to road racing, and everything in between. Each shock is factory dyno tested and serialized and comes in individual smooth-body shocks. Coilover spring kits are also available. Flaming River’s double-adjustable second-gen shocks come with all the necessary hardware for installation and are made in the USA. For more information click on over to or call them at 866.798.8058.

Flaming River Adjustable Aluminum 10/13

Stellar Scoops
Anvil Auto now offers a variety of hood vents and scoops, which are available in your choice of carbon fiber or fiberglass. Each is designed for a particular generation but most will fit different generations of Camaros with very little or no modifications. All are made with performance and styling in mind for killer looks, better cooling, and reduced front end lift. For more information go to or call them at 888.723.8882.

Anvil Auto Carbon Fiber Body Panels 11/13

Do the MAF
Granatelli Motor Sports now offers all-new second-generation mass airflow sensors for ’94- 04 GM cars, trucks, and SUVs. The Granatelli MAF sensor is unique because it is the first MAF sensor to achieve 50-state-legal CARB certification. And it’s the only MAF sensor calibrated on a proprietary MAF dyno for spot-on calibration. Granatelli claims their MAF flows 47 percent more air, adds 12 to 18 hp to the rear wheels, adds 2 to 3 mpg over stock, and won’t void your factory warranty. Installation is a snap requiring only a few minutes of your time and basic tools. No cutting or splicing of wiring harnesses or tuning is required (works with all aftermarket flash tools and programmers). For more information call 805.486.6644 or visit

Granatelli Motor Sports Mass Airflow Sensor 12/13

Get Smart
Racepak’s SmartWire power control module is a programmable controller that replaces fuses, relays, and circuit breakers into one compact module. Not only does this provide a more reliable and better-controlled electrical system, the SmartWire gives you the ability to program its operation. Want to activate a secondary fuel pump when nitrous is activated? Activate a cooling fan or control a dome light after shutting the door? SmartWire can control advanced-boost applications and even control things as simple as the flasher rate of a turn signal. Through Racepak’s DataLink software and a USB connection to your PC, you can define the function and power requirements of each channel. Not only is the operation of the complete system improved, but there will also be much less wiring routed throughout the car thanks to Racepak’s exclusive single cable V-Net technology. For more information check out

Racepak Smart Wire Power Control 13/13



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