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Boost Ready

The LSX Bowtie engine block is the latest design from the Chevrolet Performance engineering team. This durable iron-block casting is based primarily on GM's production LS7 block, but it is designed with more material in critical areas, including a thicker deck and cylinder bores to support a displacement of 454 cubic inches or more. Unique six-bolt cylinder head provisions provide clamping capability for power-adder combinations greater than 1,000 horsepower. Although designed with racing in mind, each LSX block is machined to stock LS dimensions to accept stock LS components.

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Lsx Bowtie Engine Block 2/13

The LSX Bowtie block casting is made of 400mPa tensile-strength iron, for great overall strength, and the casting is available in four versions:

Standard deck, semi-finished (PN 19260093)

Tall deck, semi-finished (PN 19260100)

Standard deck, finished block (4.065-inch bores) (PN 19260095)

Standard deck, finished block (4.185-inch bores) (PN 19260099)

For more information click on over to or visit a Chevrolet Performance retailer near you.

Complete Book of Camaro

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Complete Book Of Camaro 3/13

The Complete Book of Camaro covers the entire production history of Chevrolet's iconic pony car, from the original concept car, code-named Panther, to the latest and greatest fifth-generation sensation. The Complete Book of Camaro showcases in photos, text, and technical specifications every model since 1967. This lavishly illustrated book details all five generations of the Camaro's production run. In addition to the production vehicles, prototypes, show cars, anniversary editions, and pace cars are all covered. The book includes extensive details, hundreds of photographs, and a trick cover featuring an RS-model headlight door that slides open when the book is opened. The Complete Book of Camaro is the ultimate resource on Chevrolet's legendary pony car. For more information go to or pick up a copy at your favorite bookseller.

Second-gen Coilover Conversion

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Second Gen Coiover Conversion Kit 4/13

Custom Works Performance has a true coilover conversion kit for second-generation Camaro and Firebird applications. The conversion kit is designed to work with the factory subframe and requires only moderate cutting and welding to install. The kit features quality, American-made AFCO coilovers and laser-cut, jig-welded bracketry. Shocks are available in double- or single-adjustable versions and spring rates range from 400 to 700 pounds. The kit allows for ride height adjustment, weight balancing, and also removes 25 pounds. Kits start at $750 and can be used with stock control arms or a set of Custom Works tubular arms. For more information go to

Maximum Airflow

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Vintage Air A C Vents 5/13

Vintage Air's engineering team has created an all-new series of attractive A/C vents specifically designed for superior airflow in a compact 2.625-inch size. These new louvers were designed, flow-tested, and manufactured in-house by Vintage Air, to reduce the airflow restrictions common on many other aftermarket designs. The vents are machined from 6160 aluminum and are available in a clear or black anodized finish. Design styles from top left, clockwise: Spyder, Planar, Tridant, Penta. See the entire line at or call them at 800.862.6658 for more information.

Bold Rollers

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Concave Three Piece Wheels 6/13

VF Forged is proud to introduce their all-new Concave series of three-piece wheels. This bold VF201 style is a unique 10-spoke design, which is available in three different concave forgings, from shallow to deep. The wheels were developed to fit all muscle cars, performance, and exotic vehicles with big brakes and a staggered stance. Sizing options range from 18 to 24 inches in diameter and from 7 to 15 inches in width, with a multitude of finishes available. All wheels are custom-built to customer specifications. Call VF Forged at 877.965.1506 or visit for details.

DIY Blasting

1306 June 2013 Parts Bin Eastwood Abrasive Blasting Kit 7/13

Eastwood's small-job soda and abrasive blasting kits offer the benefits of a large blast system at a fraction of the cost. The DIY novice can quickly remove rust and coatings down to clean, bare metal in a fraction of the time it would take with other methods. The small-job blasting kits work with small, home compressors (7 cfm at 80 psi), and with Eastwood's soda or abrasive media. For more information call Eastwood at 800.343.9353 source code cp613 or visit them online at




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