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Created To Cool
First-Gen Camaro Radiator
Now more than ever, with the simplicity of crate engines and custom big-inch powerplants, we are seeing a need for components to complement these swaps. And this is all good. Who doesn't like seeing big-blocks or even LS1 motors in a first-gen Camaro? The problem of how to cool it becomes a factor, though-especially when space gets eaten up by blowers and accessory drives.

AutoRad offers a combination radiator and core support cooling system for first-gen '67-69 Camaros. Each assembly includes the aluminum radiator, core support, and overflow tank. Master fabricator Jim Walker completely handcrafts the core support from 0.125-inch aluminum.

Not only does this unit easily bolt-in as a unitized system, it offers 40 percent more surface area over a stock radiator and 20 percent more surface area than most replacement units. It comes with a two-year warranty and you can even add the company's integrated dual fans and aluminum fan shroud.

Price: Starting at $1,200

Gainesville, GA

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Big Mouth
FAST LSX 92MM Intake Manifold
If you've grown tired of the factory LS-based intake manifolds, then take advantage of FAST's new LSX-based 92mm intake manifold. It's the only three-piece, Gen III composite manifold proven to deliver increased performance without compromising bottom-end torque or high-rpm power. It's an easy bolt-on designed for street or racing applications and to work with a 92mm throttle body. This kit also includes stainless steel hardware and O-ring gaskets.

Price: $1,300

Memphis, TN

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Strongest Link
'67-72 Pitman ARM
Classic Industries makes new steering and suspension items for your classic car. Take, for example, OER reproduction pitman arms for '67-72 Nova and Camaro models. These pieces are manufactured to exact specifications and designed for long-lasting dependability. The pitman arm comes with new crown nuts, cotter pins, and hardware.

Price: Starting at $50

Classic Industries
Huntington Beach, CA

New Shoes
Rushforth Wheels
Need to update your classic with a modern stance? New rims can drastically affect the style of your ride and can completely revise the exterior's aesthetics with improved handling through decreased sidewall rollover. Rushforth Wheels puts a heavy emphasis on design and function, as its wheels come in a two-piece billet forging. Currently available are 17s to 24s with a variety of bolt patterns, custom widths, offsets, and finishes.

Price: Starting at $490

Rushforth Wheels
Corona, CA

0809chp_06_z Chevy_muscle_car_performance_parts Mp_brakes_fittings 7/7

Survival Kit
MP Brakes Fittings
It's not the time involved in the actual build but the time spent running out for miscellaneous parts that can slow a project down. To eliminate this, MP Brakes offers a complete fitting kit that includes a wide range of flares, nuts, couplers, fittings, adaptors, and brass T-fittings.

Price: $60

MP Brakes
Mooresville, NC




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