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CHP Staff May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Think about it, 30-plus years on the same steering components can be brutal, and the endless abuse can leave your factory units feeling sloppy-making you a hazard to everyone around you. Unisteer, dedicated to producing the finest complete steering kits, now offers a performance rack and pinion for your '62-67 Chevy Nova II.

Each system comes complete and will bolt in with no welding, drilling, or modifications required to the frame. You can expect improved steering feel, handling, and response, and these units are sleek and slim to give you the greatest amount of ground clearance. And should you forgo the power steering kit for the manual steering system for your street/strip application, it'll knock an extra 40 pounds off the front end.

Additional options include your choice of a powdercoated or a triple-chrome finish. All kits come with the necessary column accessories; however, you'll need to purchase a new steering shaft, which is available separately.

Price: $950 & up
Unisteer Performance Products
Twinsburg, OH
800.338.9080 ·

Motorized Operations
Window Controls
With all of today's modern conveniences and technological advances, why are you still manually rolling down the windows? Electric-life offers complete systems for '63-72 Novas. They utilize scissor-style regulators, Rockwell motors, and wiring pigtails for a direct-fit, plug-and-play installation. Switches are are sold separately, available in billet aluminum, GM-style chrome, and even illuminated black for a stealthy look.
Price: $325/pair
Chicago, IL
800.548.2168 ·




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