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We Bust Out the Wrenches & Bust a Few Knuckles in Search of Bolt-On Horsepower

John Nelson Mar 28, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Performance Programmer
The bolt-on
A Granatelli Big-G Flash Tuner, which contains several performance tune configurations. It can also read and erase computer codes, modify top speed and rev limiters, alter shift timing and increase line pressure in automatic trans cars, and recalibrate the speedometer for multiple gear ratios and tire size changes. $375

The mule
The '01 Camaro SS, now with a Granatelli nitrous-tuned MAF. Power measured at the wheel.

Our take
The peak gains achieved with the performance tune are impressive, but check out the killer average improvement. This car makes more power everywhere, and you can feel it.

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Mass Airflow Sensor
The bolt-on
A Granatelli mass airflow sensor with nitrous tuning (aka nitrous meter) for use with dry nitrous systems. It works like a normal MAF during normally aspirated operation but adds 5 percent more fuel when it sees the juice. $300

The mule
An '01 Camaro SS six-speed with an SLP harmonic balancer and high-flow airbox lid, an Accufab 75mm throttle body, QTP long-tube headers with cats, GMMG chambered exhaust, and a high-pressure fuel pump.

Our take
This Camaro made good use of the increased airflow and performance calibration, and it worked well with nitrous.


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