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We Bust Out the Wrenches & Bust a Few Knuckles in Search of Bolt-On Horsepower

John Nelson Mar 28, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Centrifugal Supercharger
The bolt-on
Vortech Superchargers standard small-block carbureted kit with a V2 S-trim compressor running 5.5 pounds boost, along with a Mighty Demon 750-cfm blower carb. $3,500

The mule
A '69 Nova with a bone-stock 350 lower end, '70s-era open-chamber heads with 1.94/1.50-inch valves, an Edelbrock Performer intake, a Holley 650-cfm vacuum secondary carb, and a Turbo 350 transmission. Power measured at the rear wheels.

Our take
Even on this very tame engine, the Vortech blow-through setup increased power by almost 50 percent at the wheels; we calculate the gain at the flywheel to be right about 100 hp, which shows that even a small blower setup can produce big gains.

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Big-Block Cylinder Heads
The bolt-on
Edelbrock Performer RPM 454-R aluminum cylinder heads, which have 315cc long/300cc short rectangular intake ports, 118cc open combustion chambers, and 2.19/1.88-inch valves. $1,780/pair

The mule
A 502 H.O. Chevy short-block with factory iron rectangular-port heads, 8.75:1 compression, topped with an Edelbrock Performer RPM 2-R intake and 800-cfm AVS carburetor. Power measured at the flywheel.

Our take
According to Edelbrock, the runner configuration optimizes intake and exhaust flow, especially on the short side, while the combustion chambers are designed to maximize chamber efficiency. In this case, it all adds up to nice power gains on the dyno.


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