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Chevy El Camino Trim - Inside Out And Outside In

A Little Interior And A Little Trim

Mike Harrington Mar 26, 2007
Sucs_0732_01_z 1971_chevy_el_camino Body 2/25

It's the last five percent that will kill you, and isn't that the truth. Before you reach for the phone and call the paddy wagon on us, let us explain what five percent we are talking about. Unless you are on a television show where they have some ridiculous deadline to build a car in a few days, for most of us it takes at least a year or two. So, we are nearing the end of the build on this El Camino, for all intents and purposes the Elco is 90 percent done. Paint, body, engine, chassis, it's all finished; now it's time for the trim, interior, glass and wiring.

Sucs_0732_02_z 1971_chevy_el_camino Interior_parts 3/25

Year One was the biggest help when it came to the final fit and finish of the El Camino's interior. As for the exterior, Original Parts Group was a great support in helping us replace the trim, badges and lenses that time had worn away.

Yup, the last five percent of the build has the potential to suck up most of your strength. Not because it is any more difficult than say...bodywork, usually most of us are chomping at the bit to bring it out of the garage and have the world see our efforts. Spring is around the corner, cruising season is coming soon and all this 1971 El Camino needs is glass, wiring, an interior, chrome and trim.

Harrison Ortis owner of Harrison's Restorations is nearly done with his former High School hot rod. He called PPG and ordered up some glass, and sent the bumpers to get re-chromed. He then turned to Year One for help with finishing the interior all done up in its beautiful OE styled glory. Lastly, a trip to Original Parts Group was made to finish off the exterior to replace the dinged up trim and missing badges. Harrison and I stayed up the last several nights in a row till dark-thirty in the morning working on the El Camino; let's take a look at how it all played out.

Sucs_0732_24_z 1971_chevy_el_camino Window_trim 25/25

Now dig this. The original window trim was re-polished and reused, the door handles were re-chromed along with the bumpers, and the new side view mirror looks like it was always there. All that's left is to put the body on the frame and wire it up. Now we are down to the last three percent of this build. We'll show all of that to you in future issues of Super Chevy magazine.


Year One
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