Installing New Hood Hinges On A 1968 Chevrolet Camaro - Unsprung

We take engine-bay appearance up a few notches with new offerings from Detroit Speed and Engineering

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Going fast and looking good aren't mutually exclusive. If they were, we would all be driving incredibly fast, primered Camaros with brake dust encrusted wheels or pushing around beautiful trailer queens. While we would all agree that performance is what makes this hobby fun, it's also true that super trick parts add to the mix. They give us a chance to make our rides stand out from the crowd.

One aesthetic area of a car that I've had a hard time dressing up is the hood hinges. No matter how tricky I got with powder paints, finishes and hardware, they always looked like they came off a horse-drawn buggy from the 1800s. Detroit Speed and Engineering saw this same dilemma and decided to offer up a solution, CNC-milled billet hood hinges. Aside from looking killer, we were told they also offer a few functional improvements over the spring-loaded stockers.

So, with hinges in hand, we set out to find a car and see if this new part from DSE was more than just another pretty face.


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