1970 Chevy Nova Bodywork - Sheet (Metal) Happens!

CARS Inc. Makes Sheetmetal Happen For Our Nova

Mike Harrington Mar 29, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucs_0700_23_z 1970_chevy_nova Front_clip 2/29

In the April '07 issue of Super Chevy, we took the stock clip from this Nova and had it blasted, re-welded, and powdercoated. We then added Afco single adjustable shocks; Global West upper and lower control arms; springs; and, finally, ECI 13-inch rotors with calipers.

Sucs_0700_24_z 1970_chevy_nova Front_clip 3/29

We attached the front clip so we could test-fit all the new front sheetmetal.

Sucs_0700_25_z 1970_chevy_nova Cowl_hood 4/29

Along with new front fenders, we also ordered a 2-inch cowl hood from CARS Inc.

Sucs_0700_26_z 1970_chevy_nova Front_fender 5/29

Luckily, we still had one of the original inner wheelwell panels. Along with the sheetmetal, we ordered all the attaching hardware from CARS Inc.

Sucs_0700_27_z 1970_chevy_nova Side_view 6/29

Here we can see that this shell of a car is actually starting to look like a real vehicle again. We didn't have a set of 17-inch wheels laying around (on account of the new big brakes on the clip), so we had to settle for a jackstand for the photos. For the record, all the sheetmetal you see here has either been trimmed and tacked into place or mocked up for test-fit reasons. This Nova is far from done.

Sucs_0700_28_z 1970_chevy_nova Side_view 7/29

Now it's time to remove all the metal and the clip, put the body on a rotisserie, and get it blasted. When it comes back, we'll continue the panel replacement and cover more of it in future issues of Super Chevy. The plans and vision for this Nova are always in a constant state of evolution. After getting the chance to see the Smokey Yunick Camaro and the Penske Camaro, we plan to turn our Nova into a vintage-styled Trans-Am racer. Stay tuned for this Nova's progress.


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