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El Camino Bedrail Upgrade - Dueling Bedrails

May 3, 2012
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It's like a Chevelle. It's got the same suspension, same dash, same powerplants, sort of the same look, but it's got a bed. What are we talking about? The El Camino of course. Chevrolet's answer to the Ranchero, these vehicles did a great job of blending the performance of a car with the utility of a light-duty truck. The problem with that is El Caminos got used and abused beyond the normal wear and tear seen by the Chevelles. So regrettably, if this is your project of choice you will have to address things the guy building a Chevelle won't--like anything dealing with the bed.

The issue with Elcos for a long time was the lack of aftermarket support. Yes, anything that crossed over and fit the Chevelle was available, while the Elco-specific stuff has trickled in slowly. Now, Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) has finished reproducing one of the highest-wear trim items on the Elco--the bedrail moldings. Years of sliding stuff in and out of the bed usually dings, dents, and scratches these things beyond repair for the normal everyday guy. With the OPGI kits, you can re-trim your bed and make it look factory fresh without needing to know how to use a pick hammer, metal file, or polisher.

OPGI has complete bedrail kits that include all the necessary clips and hardware for the '64-67, '68-72, and '78-87 models. They even sell each piece individually so if you just have one damaged piece, you don't have to buy a bunch of stuff you don't need. We took a trip to the OPGI R&D facility and followed along with the installation of the bedrail kits on both a '69 and an '84 Elko.


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