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1970 Chevelle Quarter Panel Repair - Widening The House

In this part of our ’70 Chevelle project, we test-fit new quarter-panels and our wheelhouses have a growth spurt to make way for big rubber.

Patrick Hill May 6, 2011

While this project may seem fairly daunting for many readers because of how far gone this ’70 Chevelle convertible was, it does offer some great information and tips that can be handy for any restoration project. And to be perfectly honest, writing these stories so far has been a bit difficult. When it comes to our tech articles, Super Chevy always tries to make sure that everyonefrom the guy hammering away in his own garage to the more affluent reader who can write a check to a buildercan take something useful away from a story.

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In our last installment, we showed where custom metal work can be needed with an especially rusty car, and to help you understand exactly what goes into it. This go around, we’re getting into some more normal repairs, like fitting our new decklid, quarter-panels, and doors. Along with that, we’ve got to expand the wheelhouses to fit our much wider Boze wheels and Nitto rubber, so our 572 big-block will have plenty of grip.

The crew at Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists (CARS) has been cutting and welding on our Chevelle for a whole year now. While it might not look like much has been accomplished, significant progress has been made. When we started, the car’s overall structure was shaky at best, with the convertible top frame serving as a major structural member in support of the rapidly deteriorating body.

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Things are now much more solid. Our new Goodmark one-piece floor is in place, bolstering structural integrity tenfold over what it was. Where before the top couldn’t even be unlatched because it was under so much load and the doors wouldn’t open, now the doors open and close like new, and we actually could unlatch the top to fully inspect its condition.

Speaking of metal, the folks at Goodmark Industries have been keeping us well-supplied with fresh steel to transplant onto our rusty A-body. Goodmark offers a wide range of metal for various GM, Ford, and Mopar makes. If you’re in need of some repair panels for your car, check out its website at

OK, now let’s get to the fun partcutting, welding and more.


Goodmark Industries
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Dynacorn Classic Bodies
Camarillo, CA 93012
805 987-8818
Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists Inc.
Belews Creek, NC 27009



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