Real Deal Steel 1955-1957 Chevy Tri-Five Steel Bodies - New Tri-5 Chevy Bodies

If you can't find a clean car to build Real Deal Steel has just what you need.

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The Tri-5's hold a special place in our Super Chevy hearts. If you are a fan of the small grill of the '55 or the full face of the '56 or the fins on the '57 then you are going to love this. Real Deal Steel is now manufacturing complete bodies that can be purchased through a shop near you.

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Right now the only bodies available are the '57 hardtop and convertible, in either a complete body or a skeleton. The skeleton is basically the inner structure of the car because it is sold minus the outer quarters, outer rockers, doors and deck lid. The complete body is just that a completely assembled body with fitted doors and deck lid.

The bodies are assembled in the Real Deal Steel factory and feature 25 percent more spot-welds than the factory used. The bodies are then coated in a weld through primer and shipped out.

Bodies can be ordered now through a few different dealers, but Woody's Hot Rodz offers full roller packages that include either an Art Morrison Chassis or the all new Woody's Hot Rodz "Full Wood" Gasser straight axle chassis.


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